Transparent images with filthy lookin´ edges

Hey there,

hum, I converted my (almost) ready game. My texture rate is set on 2048 x 2048.
I always remark ugly edges in my transparent sprites esp. in my BG-textures
(I sometimes import prepared images, made via Photoshop). I created .png-files
with transparent BG, 72dpi, RGB, 32bit. Any ideas to iron that?

Greetings, Archie.


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This is usually because the background that the sprite was created on is showing through the alpha when you convert it using Photoshop. Try the "Premultiplied alpha" and "Edge filtering" options in the sprite editor for each sprite. If that doesn't work, then you're going to have to go into photoshop and re-export all your sprites, but making sure the background layer is white, even if it's at 0 alpha or invisible. Also, an image of the issue would help a lot, just in case this isn't actually what's up...


Would help if you posted an image.

The colors used in photoshop sometimes show up in the gamemaker editor. In my experience. Sometimes the transparent areas on a sprite can look like it's clean but it actually has left over colors from editing, especially if you've been working with opacities.

The best way IMO to find out is to use the color replacement tool and fill empty areas in with a bright color that's not used in the sprite. Then I delete the color so it doesn't show up in the game.
I find it extremely frustrating that image editors don't always make the alpha channel completely seperate from the colors, so that you can edit them separately if you wish.

In photoshop there's a plugin called solidify B, which you can use to quickly fill in the edge colors in the transparent and partially transparent regions. It is also possible to use an alpha mask to edit the alpha separately, so that you can be sure the colors are what you expect them to be. Although, I do recall the latter process having broke under some circumstances. I'm using a really old version of photoshop though, so perhaps those issues have been fixed.


There's a super handy tool called ColorQuantizer which allows for PNG optimization and control the alpha/transparency quite nicely. CQ allows you to split the opaque pixels from translucent pixels, if necessary, which can be really handy to control which parts should be adjusted for export or pre-multiplied or whatnot by copying these parts in an image editor. Or just to check if any unwanted transparency leftovers are present. And CQ sports various options to optimize alpha for a specific colour.

Also excellent indexed colour controls plus the option to load your own palettes.

It also happens to be the best visual PNG optimizer tool available (and it's free!).