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Mac OSX Transferring Project Files From Mac To Windows (And Vice Versa)?


Hi all,

I'm due for a new laptop and, despite being a longtime Mac user, am strongly considering switching over to a Windows device. I've got a GMS2 desktop license, and I'm wondering if transferring a project from a Mac device to a Windows device is relatively straightforward or a nightmarish ordeal to be avoided at all costs. From what I've gleaned from a few other posts, it seems like it's as simple as exporting the project and loading it onto a new machine, but I wanted to confirm this before buying anything.

My project up to now has been developed on a Mac. I would want the new Windows machine to be my primary device but it'd be cool to be able to move the project back and forth between Mac and Windows as needed. Again, not sure what sorts of difficulties might go along with that. (I would also need to figure out how to handle source control under this kind of situation but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.) Thanks!


It's straight-forward especially if you have source control in first.

The only catch is that you must make sure both your Windows and Mac systems are on the same version of the IDE.