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Windows Transferring from Room to Room issues

I have very very little experience with GML, so I’m using drag and drop. I have one object that, when the player collides with it, takes the player to the next room. This has worked fine up until my adding of a 4th room. Now, the code skips over the third room entirely. Interestingly, this issue only occurs when I drag the transition-to-next-room object into the third room. I have tried making the room-3-to-4 object from scratch, but the issue persists. I am on the trial version of GMS2 for now. I was wondering if the issue is that you cannot have more than 3 rooms in the trial version? Im kind of on a time crunch, so if i could get help ASAP that would be greatly appreciated.
I have no idea how the DnD works I would never dream of using it but I can't find anything that states that the number of rooms in the trial version are limited. https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/230407528-GameMaker-Studio-2-Trial-Limitations

I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve but if you find yourself using multiple, multiple rooms your probably doing something wrong. have you looked into surfaces and viewports. Using these tools you can effectively have an extremely large screen.

I love GMS2. It's a beautiful system. I would hate for you to use DnD for the trial and getting bored and giving up because you will miss out big time. I have all the time in the world for people that enjoy learning new things. Contact me if you are interested my time is free. I would be willing to remote session and talk you through and explain things. I say this rather than try to unpick you exact issue because it sounds like you may be headed in the wrong direction.


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There is no such limitation, so the problem is likely either with your code (something triggering too early and taking you to the next room) or your room setup (something colliding with the thing that takes you to the next room when it's not intended to).

We'd need to see your code to know.