HTML5 Traffic Department 2192 in GM:S (Step-by-Step Guide)



Hey everyone,

GM Version: 1.4.1757
Target Platform: Windows, HTML5 tested
Download: N/A
Links: Website, GitHub Repo (for GMX source)

I recently created a prototype of this classic DOS Game in GameMaker Studio (1.4.1757). I recorded it in 33 parts and posted all 7.5 hours on YouTube (here). It is HTML5 compliant, but should build for desktop platforms as well. Here is the playable prototype in HTML5 featured at the end of the part 33. The GameMaker segments don't kick off until about video 15 though because the first half is all about asset extraction and design. The website has a breakdown of each video. Every line of code that goes in to Game Maker is shown and discussed. There is a fair amount of C and Python in the earlier videos though -- this was not actually designed as a GM specific tutorial, but it does play a big role and I hope it could be useful for the Yoyo community.

Edit: I've posted the .GMX contents at GitHub

Intro Video:

YouTube playlist
Playable Prototype
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