Team Request Trading GML work for art


I am by no means a pixel artist, but I think I can code.
So what the title means is that I will put in as many hours of work on your project for how many hours you put into the pixel art that I request.
Or we could do by chunks of features / art.

I had a friend that I did this with before. We trading text documents of what needed to be done and then about a week later we came back and traded. If I felt like I need more stuff, I would ask and vise versa.

I am just looking for some mega-man style pixel art

Here is what I can do:
-Dialog systems:
-Online highscores with PHP
-Networking (TCP with UDP local match finding)::
-GM 1.4 or 2
-DLL integration (

Here are some games I have worked on:


PM me for more information!

Aaron Kendrick

That's an interesting idea... I would probs be willing to give it a shot, though I should not speak for my artists. Contact me on Discord if you would be interested in working on something big. I know I could use a hand with the heavy workload I have with coding for Project Amaranth.