Free Touhou mini fangame - Strongest vs Head (2020 edition)



The Strongest vs the Detached Head Under the Willows (2020 edition)

Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/10 (and probably above)
Genre: Arcade/vertical shooter/danmaku

Game Jolt (includes Soundtrack on page):
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Gameplay video:

2020 rerelease of my 2013 game (the site I originally uploaded the game to has since been shut down), often abbreviated "Strongest vs Head", part of the Touhou 2600 minigame series. No gameplay changes were made, but the deathbomb flashing screen has been replaced to have a much slower animation (to prevent triggering seizures), and the music has been replaced by my own arrangements.

Play as the strongest fairy, Cirno, and go against the midboss and main boss of the game in this danmaku shooter. Equipped with your normal shot, special attack, and spellcard, duel against Seija and Sekibanki and try to survive all their attacks, avoiding their bullets.

This is a short game that should take around 5 minutes to beat - if you have the skills to survive all of the 6 attack patterns your enemies throw at you. Ideal for playing during a break.

Press X to charge up your special attack and space to use your spellcard.