Windows Total Zugzwang: Arcade Chess


Total Zugzwang is the world's first Score-Attack Arcade Chess game!

Battle endless waves of chess pieces, allowed due to the dynamic, board-shifting "Total Zugzwang" mechanic.
Deal with both friendly and deadly status effects like Rogue, Swift and Protected pieces.

Learn new tactics and strategies to deal with the game-changing new mechanics and how they interact with all your favourite chess classics.

It's chess like you've never seen it before!

Please give it a try and share you're highscores, but most of all I would love to hear how the balance and learning curve feels.
I may have made the game, but this is still all new to me, tell me what strategies you figured out. You may find you're a Total Zugzwang Pioneer!
Did you find an easily abusable strategy? Do you think the ruthless Rogue Pieces are too difficult to deal with? Let me know!

Screenshot 2021-05-02 11-42-47.pngScreenshot 2021-05-02 12-08-03.png

Most important features to come:
  • Tutorial
  • Sound and Music
  • Online Leaderboards
Special Thanks to @FrostyCat for his excellent Minimax Algorithm and help.
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