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Hello everyone. I'm starting a project to create a top down open world RPG. I understand what a large project this is and I've taken some precautions that make the project more manageable. I have a fairly good idea of how the game will be but input from the team will be considered. This will be a paid job. Depending on the position it will either be commission, or your choice between being paid for meeting deadlines and being paid a portion of the profits from the game.

The Game

The game will play like a point and click RPG in the over world with a bit of a larger scale. One tile will cover miles rather than a few feet and your avatar represents a convoy. You click where to go, and the character moves there.

When you click on a town or other point of interest, you move to a pre-rendered or painted scene with dialogue. Once the dialogue is finished, you get a menu of possible actions. For example, a town would most likely have the option to look for quests, find shops, rest in a tavern, and a few other choices. When you are in the over world, you will occasionally see an ancient ruin or bandit camp. Entering these, or the occasional random encounter, will send you into battle mode.

Battle mode is where it get's a bit complicated. Battles are turn based. When you enter battle, the tile that you're on sets the stage. You are then put into a randomly generated map where the you now have control over each of your characters. Each character has a different amount of stamina. Each attack or skill uses a different amount of stamina. When moving, the equipment the characters are wearing determine the amount of stamina used per tile. This equipment can be found or crafted using the extensive crafting system.

I will not go too far into the crafting system at the moment, but the system I have in mind is very extensive. Metal will be able to be made into alloys with custom ratios. Potions will have a brewing, distilling, and aging process. Cooking will be dynamic as well. Each of these systems, and more, would be enhanced by an large list of items that would be generated from a base set of items using modifiers.

As I said before, this is a large project. What is here is only really a summary of what I have in mind. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully work with you.

The Plan
This game will be crowd funded. Most of these positions will not be open until after that unless you are willing to help set up a quick demo using a small budget. I'm fairly sure I can work most of those mechanics out myself for the demo, though.

As for right now, I'm looking at applications and have responded to a number of people already and I expect to reply to everyone via PM. Your consideration is based on previous work and how well your style fits with the image for the game I have.

The development of this game will follow a path similar to this:
  • Rough Demo - Almost none of this code will make it to even alpha, its just to give a better idea of what the mechanics might look like. This will be openly available to anyone to play so people will know what they're funding. Some examples from the chosen applicants will be provided to the potential investors to give paint a better picture for the game. This may also be a series of mock screen shots and other media made for the game.
  • Closed Alpha v1 - At this point only a few people will be playing it, not much functionality. Only the tile and sprite artist, the first programmer programmer, and I will be working on this for the most part. A filler song, and filler sounds will be free generic resources to give something to start building the sound code on and the GUI will be of my design at first. Almost none of the features will be playable as the code will be being carefully planned and the framework will be built. At this point, It will look like a generic RPG without combat, though the code will support expansion for the skills ,battle system, dialogue, and other systems. As for me personally, while I will be working with everyone personally to keep everyone on the same page, I will also be working to fulfill the crowd funding rewards.
  • Closed Alpha v2 - As we build more features into the game, the second programmer joins us. They will work on learning the framework at first. They then will work along side the primary programmer to flesh out the system into the final product. The initial focus, will be on the battle system. The world designer, story writer, and the character /background /concept artist join the ranks to begin creating the setting for the game.
  • Beta v1 - The game has either just been added to Steam Greenlight, or has been added since the late stages of closed alpha v2. Either way the game will be still being voted on most likely. Those who funded at a specific tier, however, will have a copy to play test. At this point in development, most of the functionality should be in place and content building and polish will be the main focus. The character and background artist, the GUI designer, the composer, the composer, and the audio engineer join the ranks to begin the final design process. While one programmer works with the content creators to implement their ideas into the game, the other programmer polishes the existing features. Both work on bug fixes.
  • Beta v2 - The game should be accepted on Steam Greenlight by now. One of the programmers will begin to integrate steam into the game. So it can be published as early access. The other programmer is still implementing content from the others. The story writer and world designer are now mostly focused on adding dialogue and lore to the world.
  • Beta v3 - Mostly bug fixes and polish. The final stages of development.
  • Release - The game is finished! We could discuss features that we couldn't develop with the resources we had, and discuss the development process. If applicable, we could discuss possible expansion packs to add to the game. Something that would add features or content that we didn't have the time or resources to develop. If nothing else needs to be done, crew would go its separate ways after promoting the game a bit.


2x Programmers

1x Character/Background/Concept Artist
1x GUI Designer
1x Tile and Sprite Artist

1x Composer
1x Audio Engineer

1x Story Writer (preferably to write lore throughout the world as well)
1x World Designer

For all applicants: Please have an example of your work ready to be seen.
For all non-commissioned : Please have 1 or 2 finished pieces of work to show. Preferably published in some way. It's not completely necessary, but it would help greatly.
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Arthur Varkvasov

My name is Arthur Varkvasov, I am a professional Game/Film/TV Composer.

There are my credits and many music of different genres:

Composer's reels.

For Games:

For Films:

For Motion Comics:

IMDb link:

Sincerely, Arthur

Guest User

I'd like to fill your Secondary Programmer and Audio Engineer slots, I'd also like to try out for GUI Artist. Unfortunately, I haven't got much to show you by way of examples, though, and as such I can't ask you to pay me. I'd like to try, without being paid.
I have about 5 years of GML programming experience, a little less in terms of audio manipulation. I'm still studying art.


I can program and like Kousenai I do not have much of a portfolio(but I did make a Fallout 4 mod.) I would like to try out as secondary programmer. Or, as world designer/story writer.

My Fallout 4 Mod:

I will get back to you in a few days about my world design capabilities, I am finishing up a project.

Here us the lore for a game I am working on:

I am currently working on a RPG set a dystopian city. The city will be dark and gloomy think a dark alley in Watch_Dogs or any of the Batman: Arkham games. Completely run by an oppressive military.

You are Citizen 375 one of the first thousand to be admitted into this experimental city, against your will of course. Then, walking with the other 999 citizens gas puts you all to sleep. Then, once you wake up you see the military in their traditional black uniforms and gas masks. Then general says,"Examples need to be made, come here Citizen 375." And you just run...
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Matty FiveThousand

would like to apply for GUI or anything i could possibly do graphic wise... im working on pixel sprites right now... getting to know the ins and outs about it
ive been building websites and web templates for over 7 years...