Asset - Scripts Top-Down Movement & Collision - Object Based Collision System with Single Script Implementation for GMS1 & 2

There's an in-browser playable demo that supports Keyboard and Controller input for testing purposes.

This asset has been out on the YoYo marketplace for a LONG time now, but I just recently created a new update that has better support for walls of all angles (rather than just 45 degree walls) as well as features like corner slipping. The script itself is fairly straight forward, but the example project is very robust with examples demonstrating the most basic implementation (press a direction and move) and advanced (analog inputs with momentum and friction).

That update isn't actually available on the Yoyo Marketplace due to the current marketplace issues, but it will be updated as soon as Yoyo gets their crap sorted. In the meantime, check it out over on Itch! If you are one of the almost 500 people who have already purchased the earlier version on the Yoyo Marketplace and want to check out the update, just send me a DM here and I'll either send you the YYZ or give you a download key for the version currently available over on Itch.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here!