Top Down Dual DnD & GML Tutorial Series inspired by Gauntlet


GM Version: GMS2
Target Platform: ALL
Download: N/A
Links: N/A

This is the GML start for a dual GML and DnD top down tutorial series, where we make a Gauntlet like game. The player will shoot enemies with his bow, and even throw bombs to destroy them. The enemies will have path finding algorithms, and we'll add visual effects to make a cool game you can show your friends.

In this episode we create the top down movement system for the player. We then add some walls and the collision code to allow the player to interact with them. This can easily be used for other instances so they can all collide when moving around your level.

I've previously shown how to do this in Drag and Drop, so this episode will allow GML users to catch up with DnD users, and I'll continue the series next episode adding sprites, and showing how to do it in both GML and DnD.

This type of top down prototype was what led to me working on my own game, Keepers of Pyrite. It's a couch coop 4 player top down action game, so sharing some knowledge on this genre, via a tutorial, seemed like a good fit. Hope it helps someone get closer to their goal.

The first episode for DnD is available over on the other thread -

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Episode 2 is now available as a dual GML and DND tutorial.

In this one we continue our top down journey towards Gauntlet as we setup the correct sprites for the players movement, and add a bow that follows the mouse movements.



Episode 3 is now available as a another dual GML and DND tutorial.

In this tutorial we create the projectile which shoots towards the mouse, and we give the bow a small animation when firing.