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During the university career as electronic engineer I fell in love with the programming and i found GameMaker:Studio. Since that I implemented characteristics that I need to create my projects and collaborate in games of this community

Now I am graduate and avalible to collaborate

  • GameMaker:Studio
    • MasterCollection
  • GameMaker:Studio 2
    • Desktop
    • Mobil
    • Web
  • Networking
  • Development of extensions for iOS, Mac, Android and HTML5
  • Complex structures
  • Electronic Implentation
  • Strong Math habilities


I have a lot of assets on Yoyogames Marketplace for iOS, Android, Mac & HTML5
See all my assets Click Here

Importaint Assets:

Related to Multiplayer Online Games
Firebase For iOS, Android & Web
Network2P All Plataforms
GooglePlayService RealTime For Android
GooglePlayService TurnBased For Android

Related to Mobil Games
Share Image iOS&Android
Gallery iOS&Android
Keep Screen On iOS&Android

Related to Electronic
USB Host For Android
Bluetooth For Android

Finished Games:

Can You Find the Panda? Video Android Facebook

Im interested on colaborate:

On one or more of next proyect features (Artist Is needly):
-Multiplayer Online Games
-Mobil Games
-HTML5 Games
-Desktop Games
-Eletronic Proyects
-Create new Assets

Contact Info (English or Spanish):

PM here or via:
Email: kaguva.games@gmail.com
Skype: kaguva.games@gmail.com
Hangout: kaguva.games@gmail.com
Facebook: Kaguva

Western Union

In Advance Thanks
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Very professional! We took a concept I made in an older version of gm studio and developed it for Android and ios. Kaguva is very knowledgeable and you'll have great confidence that he can implement just about anything your imagination can cook up .
The game we developed is called "can you find the panda? " on Google play


We just got this extension, and haven't fully integrated it yet, but so far it is looking really good! It has everything that we need for our game. We've been using our own server for multiplayer gameplay, but it required a lot more work to be ready for our full launch. Firebase has all those features and more. I'll update this review once we've fully integrated FB. Great developer! He's been supporting us the whole way. That being said, setup has been really simple so far. We made a test project and had it up and running in no time and all the data is easily viewed on firebase!

Esteban Devia

Hey Kaguva! I'm really interested in your Work. We would Like you to join us to work in our Project called "Connect 4 Rivale". I already sent you an E-mail with all the info.. I'm Looking Forward to Work with you.


Very professional and fast in making extension. I was in need of an analytic extension so I came to him, to my surprise he made it in just a few days, and delivered the product with a guide. Highly recommended!