Graphics [Tool] GMS2 Autotile Converter - Convert 5-tile tilesets into 16-tile or 47-tile GMS2 autotiles



Hello! I recently started using GameMaker Studio 2, and I quickly realized that it would be a pain to manually create autotiles. So, I decided to make my own tool to do the job! There are several other tools that work very similarly, such as Tile47Jo and autotile packing tools, but they both have their own problems and limitations. Tile47Jo is closed source, only generates 47-tile sheets, and has a few problems with how it generates some of the autotiles. Autotile Packing Tools only generates 16-tile autotiles.

Warning: This script is only usable with the pixel art program Aseprite!

GMS2 Autotile Converter is an Aseprite script written in Lua that has the following features:
  • Generate 16-tile or 47-tile autotile sheets that are correctly ordered for easy setup in GMS2.
  • Generate 16-tile or 47-tile preview maps, so you can see what the autotiles will look like without having to import into GMS2.
  • You can generate autotiles from a single tileset, or use the selection tool to select one tileset from a tilesheet of many.
  • Support for Aseprite's functions, including layers and storing tilesets in separate animation frames.
  • Fully open source so you can make whatever modifications you want.
If this sounds useful to you, I recommend reading the GitHub page which provides much more information about how to use this script and what it's capable of.

Download from GitHub - GMS2 Autotile Converter
Wow I'm very surprised this hasn't gotten any replies yet! I just recently switched from RPG Maker to GMS2 and am working on redrawing my tiles/assets for the game. This is the exact tool I needed and I'm so happy to have found it! I'm going to give it a shot today. Thank you :bunny: