Job Offer - Programmer To code a lasso tool for my painting app


Hi. Have you tried Shadowforge? If not, it can be downloaded here:

What I need is a lasso tool to copy the surface picked by the lasso tool into the third row on the docker. It can then be used again by right clicking on that space in the row (which is already coded). Please PM with portfolio and price.

In the process of you coding the lasso tool, not only will I get the tool that I have tried so many times to code, but I will learn newer things from it. Thank you for reading this and maybe we will work together in the future.

By the way, I am also accepting code that you have made in your own Game Maker Project. I will just copy it to my GM project and if things don't work, I hope you can help out. Bonus if it can resize the lassoed area from eight corners.