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    TMC Transition

    Room Transition System like in GM 6,7,8

    Outputs: All
    Type: Extension (scripts)
    Included: Scripts, Transition Scripts, Template Transitions, Controller,
    Marketplace: https://marketplace..../tmc-transition

    Insights on How To Use

    Room Transition system similar in use to the old style transition system using in Game Maker 6, 7 and 8

    The system is an engine that copies the room image you are at, and the room image you are going to and applies a transition between the two so your game looks awesome while changing rooms.

    IT'S EASY!!


    • Two (Too) simple basic functions!!!
    • Room Goto Function which you tell what transition to use
    • Is Doing Transition? function so you know the effect is active
    • over 50 transitions available
    • Video Wipe Images support so you can grab any wipe transition image off the web and have a million effect without coding
    • Allows you to write your own transitions
    • System works independently from your game,
    • Code included so if you have any conflict, you can tweak the code
    • You control the transition with code so you can do anything you want for transitions
    With the purchase of this asset, you may ask me to make the transition you need if it's missing, it will become part of the asset.

    Screen Shots:




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