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TMC Terrain Tile

Outputs: All

Type: Shader Scripts Tiles

Included: Shader, Scripts, Demo Sprites, Demo Objects and Demo Room

Tested On: Windows Normal, Windows YYC, Android Normal, Android YYC (On Moto E)




Terrain Tile is a shader based system that allows you to merge different tile layers seamlessly by using an alpha mask system similar in concept to a height map image texture.

The alpha mask defines your terrain and the shader selects tiles to place on the different alpha "layers". Each tiles are blended with the tile that neighbors its alpha range.

At run time, An alpha gradient image "brush" can be used to draw and "dig" on the terrain to allow live terrain deformation

You can define your terrain in any paint program or use the included terrain editing example.

Tiles reside on a single texture and can be a various sizes

Each tile can have a hrepeat and vrepeat factor to define the the density of the tile on the map... As such you can have a small image to define a huge room or tiny tiles to cover a large area

How To Part 1: Defining tile on an Image

  • Up to 32 tiles on one texture
  • Tile Definitions to set up each tile individually
  • Up to 32 tile definitions slots
  • Multiple tile definitions may refer to the same physical tile on the one texture page
  • Define the hrepeat and vrepeat for each tile
  • Allows for small terrain image to cover a large room
  • Draws your entire room in one smooth swoop
  • Supports sprite, background or surface images for tiles
  • Supports sprite, background or surface images for the alpha mask (terrain)
  • Supports drawing your terrain using draw_self(), draw_sprite, draw_surface, ext
  • Supports drawing your terrain using textured primitive or models or vertex buffers
  • The terrain can be grayscale or have color in it. the tiles will blend with the colors of your terrain...
  • ...Which allows you to draw on the ground permanent effects such as explosion damage, permanent track trails and other decals
  • Use is not limited to flat terrain... 3d models can be used
Simple examples given for ease of understanding

Screen Shots:

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