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For the first time ever I've tried to make an actual connecting tileset... But since this is my first time, I'm legit stumped on if I'm missing any other tiles to make it work 100%

That is what I've made so far, anything I'm missing here? or is this legit all I need to make it work? I might seem really stupid here, but trust me, I am :p
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I assume you're going for the walls-styled tileset, it has 47 distinct shapes in total (a simpler borders-styled one has 16), as illustrated:

There is one duplicate (255) on this layout. If you are not coding an autotiler to go with them, you can ignore the numbers on the tiles and just draw all the shapes to your landscape tileset. You can also ignore the order if you need, the image just presents them as single-landmass, minimum-packing image.