SOLVED Tileset not updating correctly


Hi Gurus.

I'm having some trouble with my tilesets. Tilesets have been created and applied to tile layers. That's not a problem.

However, if I then edit a tileset I can't re-apply the edited tileset to the layer. My steps:

1. Tileset has been created, applied to a layer and is in use.
2. Tileset sprite has been edited.
3. Sprite is re-imported.
4. Sprite is re-associated with the tileset.
5. Tileset is re-associated with the tile layer.

At this point nothing on the tile layer is visible. Turning visibility on/off makes no difference. The only way I've been able to re-apply the edited tiles is to delete the tile layer and recreate it.

All help appreciated! Thanks, Jaan.


It's a bug. This is from the beta notes, which is meant to fix it.

  • Building Projects: Tilesets now always update correctly when building your projects after importing a replacement source image - even if "Disable Source Sprite Export" is disabled also