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Windows tileset graphic bug (weird lines inbetween tiles)


i have a feeling its something to do with interpolation, whenever i zoom in and out or move around, causes tiles to have weird lines around them. any solutions?

Many thanks! can provide more info if needed ^^ (took screenshot while moving so its only showing few of those lines, but its all over)



Yeah, these lines are most likely interpolation. You probably want to disable it considering the art style of your graphics.
Preferences > Windows/macOS > Interpolate colours between pixels.

Alternatively, you can selectively manage interpolation by using gpu_set_texfilter. So you could disable it for your tiles but still apply it to other elements if needed.


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Those lines are caused by the way the graphics card interpolates the texels from the texture. Increase the texture border size in the tileset editor for the tileset from 2 to 3 or even 4 and see if that helps. To explain why this happens, have a read at this tech blog (it's for GMS1.4 but equally valid for GMS2): https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/3/seamless-tile-scaling-in-gamemaker

PS: This is actually explained a bit in the manual too (see the section on Properties): https://docs2.yoyogames.com/index.html?page=source/_build/2_interface/1_editors/tilesets.html


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You have a large amount of scaling there - increase the "output border X" and "output border Y" to get rid of it.

Alternatively, change the size of your application surface to be 1:1 with the size of the graphics, and then scale the app surface up to whatever you need......