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Question - IDE Tileset brush missing pixel in top corner



So I've been messing around with GMS2 and I was wondering why when you make a tileset brush. The top left corner blanks out? is there is way to fix this from happening? It just confuses me why this happens.



I figured it was that but I didn't want to lose my mind over it. Guess I'm just used to my own tiling program. You really shouldn't shun clientele, just politely direct them. This is still a product and a new one that heavily relies on sales.

Thanks for directing me


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You really shouldn't shun clientele, just politely direct them
Hey, sorry if that reply offended you! Wasn't meant like that, I can assure you... just trying to have some fun, but you are correct as a new member you may not quite get the humour. You see, it's ME that writes all that documentation, so when people don't use it, of course that makes me sad. :)

So, yeah, no offense meant, and I'd be happy to elaborate on anything that isn't clear in the docs or anywhere else.


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You really shouldn't shun clientele, just politely direct them.
Geeze.... if you think that was shunning, you should probably run for the nearest door now while you have the chance.

Kidding aside, @Nocturne really didn't say anything that shouldn't be done as a matter of course. If you're stuck, the manual should ALWAYS be your first port of call. It's jam packed full of not only useful, but vital information. If you don't understand what's in there - which will happen now and then I guess, then the forums are a great resource to help you get to grips with things.

But really, if your stuck on on anything, then it'll be much quicker for you to look at the manual....after all, you can search and read it for 5 minutes, or you can post here and may wait days for an answer.
The problem is the tile set in Game Maker always designates the first upper left tile as a blank space.
This is quite annoying if you are using pre-made sprite sheets but can be fixed by moving the tile on the sheet to the next open space.