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I've run into a problem with tiles that use borders, i.e., that have an outline. Say we have a tile with an outline around it; when many are put together, then, bolder lines are made within tiles (which is natural). I did there a V2, but it has the cons of not being complete when alone, or at its limits. Is there a natural way to resolve this?

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I have worked with tiles and most of all, in V1 of GM, I made a tile based platform engine. Depending on the tile system you want to do and for what type of game you make, there is a simple hack that makes things easy to handle. I once used tile layers which permits to add tiles over others. So, basically, you can create your tile's Background WITHOUT any borders BUT the same size AS with borders. Then, you create your borders seperately. That was just a piece of information that one could use.

NOW, the problem in your example is tiling your tiles one next to another. This requires you to do 1 of 2 things. Manually place your tiles and draw the borders for each sides of the square. OR 2, create a small engine/controller that will run at room creation that will detect the border tiles and draw the proper border OR tiles for that edge. There's no miraculous ways to do this. Now, in GMS 2 with the new tile mechanism, GMS2 handles way better those problems. But, it's been a while I did not program in GMS and GMS2 uses over 40 tiles in it's tile template so drawing every possible direction of your tile with borders seems like a legit way to use GMS2's integrated tile system. AND of course, position your tiles in the proper order as per GMS2's tile standards.

I don't know if this helps a bit but, it's an answer and my point of view. Pthers may have other solutions.


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Easiest way is to have the top and left outlines be of a lighter color than the bottom and right outlines, so they contrast when the tiles are tiled but still define the shape when they're alone: