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Windows Tilemaps



Hello, I have a huge tilemap, unfortunately, I have to add a completely new column to the tilemap, my question is, how can I add a new column to my tileset wideout completely destroying an entire room?


will tilemap_set_width not work for your needs? I havnt used it myself though. What does it do if you use it, does it clear first?


The only way to not change the values, and screw up your room, akaik, is to add a row to the bottom of your map instead. If that's not possible, I don't see how else you could do it, as the values will obviously change.


The only way I see is by writing a script (via seperate GMS project or an external software development platform, like processing) that runs through your room's raw file data, find the entries for tiles, and apply the tile # offset that you need.


AHh I see what the problem would be now :p I was just assuming it would auto-adjust
Well that would be handy. It's always a good idea with tileset creation to make it fairly wide to cater for any expansions, since if it's not needed, blank space will be truncated by GMS when compiling. Of course, using that space and making it too large for texture pages can be a problem too though.