I'm coding a platformer and would like a bit of advice. When it comes to the main level tiles I have no problem with.

My question is what happens to doors that are bigger than my tile size. What about danger tiles and interactive signs, ladders etc.

Is it best to just use objects or is there a better way. If I had an interactive tile for example for a door, I would have to fiddle with 4 - 6 or even more tiles to interact with the door.

This isn't really a coding question it's more of a that's the best way to do this and what are others doing type question.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


Well are you talking about doors that are in the background like where you can see the whole entire door when it's shut or are you talking about doors that are just on the side of the room like in Castlevania? Doors and Castlevania weren't interactive. The game just check to see if you were at the edge of the room. As for doors that are in the background, you could use tiles for them without too much difficulty but that's just up to you.