GMS 2 Tile Shadow Light System

I am making a RTS game with... ants, and I was thinking to add some shaders or something to the underground, so it has details and does not seem plain images. So I thought about lights, I like the light used in the game called Empire of the Undergrowth, but is a 3D game.

The underground world is composed by a tilemap layer, and a grid, so the ants know where they can walk. I was searching on the marketplace, and the assets I saw are for objects, not for tiles..
I thought 2 methods:
1. When an ant digs, make objects around it where there is dirt, with the shape of the tile below. So I can use object based lightning. But that will add a lot of objects to the game(but I could deactivate them if they are inside the camera).
2. Check for all cells on camera, and if there is a light source, replace de ground tile for a "lighted ground tile" if the light can reach, but I thinj this is not so pretty.​

It would be great if someone knows how to do this, and without losing a lot of performance, cause the game is for mobile devices too.


I saw this asset, that says that I can create a mesh from a tilemap, but, the tilemaps is being constantly changed, and I don't know if it will have a big performance impact, I will ask the publisher.
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