Tile Animations

Hello all! I've got some tiles animated in my game, and then they just seemed to randomly stop animating...?
Unfortunately, I'm not entirely certain when they stopped animating, so I'm struggling to problem solve.
Not sure why this is occurring. Any ideas on what to check might be causing issues with the tile animations?

EDIT: Deleting all of the animations and then simply reanimating them worked?? It's nice that I was able to reverse the problem, but does anyone know of a solid way to completely prevent it?
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You need to provide more details of how the tiles are implemented or animated. Can't do much to help you otherwise, are you using GM 1.4 or 2?


The only thing I can think of is if you changed/resized the sprite you're using for the tileset, that might mess with animations.

Could also be an IDE bug I guess; never had that specific one, but IDE bugs in general do seem sometimes to occur.
@roozilla Using GM2, and using the built in tile animator. Wish I could give more detail, but the issue seems random.

@Danei I don't think I touched the tiles or their sprites though, I finished them and then went off to go work on other things and eventually noticed that they were stationary again. To solve the issue all I did was delete the previous animations and then redo them. So perhaps it was just a weird bug with the system.


Storing your game in a cloud service? Losing half of a sprite’s frames used to happen a lot when I used OneDrive until I read YoYo does not recommend this.