Android / Amazon Fire THUNDER RUNNER (endless runner)



Hey everyone,
Thunder Runner is an endless runner and my first small game available for Android!
Thanks for checking it out! :)

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Game Description:
Your energy is slowly going down and the evil robots are on your back.
Collect thunder coins and destroy the robots to gain enough power to be the fastest Thunder Runner alive!

- Intuitive touch controls
- Online Leaderboard

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Neat game, simple enough to understand quickly yet due to the generation and gameplay, it doesn't get repetitive quickly.
A few things I just want to mention:
  1. I love the camera effects when you reach the max energy, it's so satisfying to me.
  2. The leaderboard was a nice addition to the game.
  3. I encountered some pause glitch. I think I paused just as I died, so it remained paused, but still acted as if the game wasn't paused, leading to me playing a round with the text "PAUSE" on the screen. This was easily fixed by hitting the pause button, but I just wanted to let you know.
I don't know if you plan to update it or anything, but I'd love to see it save some random statistics(ie: how many runs, how much energy you've collected, how many robots you've destroyed, how much you've run in total, etc).

Aside from all that, I think the game is great and I'll be sure to recommend it to my friends.


Thanks for playing and your feedback!
Oh okay, thanks for the hint I'll check it out.
This is a great suggestion. I'll keep this in mind!


I just worked on a new update for Thunder Runner.
Now there are a bunch of characters to unlock, statistics and other stuff!

Thanks for checking it out!


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Oh this is good! Nice work.
I'm glad you got statistics in, and I love how each character has their own style, or way of running, nice job animating those guys. That last character better be worth my time playing haha, 2000 robots is a good bit.

Thanks for the update, seitnerk!


This does look great! I like the menu transitions and thunder/lightning effects. Good luck with it :)