Through The Fragmentation

Red Phantom

Do you like suspense and mysteries?
Do you like a great and fascinating atmosphere?
Then you'll love Through The Fragmentation by Mate Pribelszky.

You won't regret playing this game, download here:


Here's what people have said about the game
"I knew this will be good ,but OH BOY! It's better than i expected. Can't wait for the full game."
"I'm obsessed with this game!"
"The game is incredibly promising and I CANNOT wait for the full release"
"Amazing game tho!"
"That was amazing..."
"Cracking stuff - Can't wait for the full game"
"I loved this little adventure! It's relaxing but also kind of frantic. There is nothing threatening you directly, but the place it overwhelmingly oppressive at the same time. Finding the right tools and items takes time and detailed observation ... it's not easy. At the same time, it is not hard in the traditional sense, you don't lose or die. It's a gem, and I strongly recommend it."
"I really enjoyed this!
What an awesome exploration adventure! Very stylistic too."
"Yo......this looks cool"
" I can confidently say that "Through the fragmentation" is an amazing way of telling an insanely intriguing story. The setting for the game is simply stunning, every single piece of asset complements very well with the rest of the enviroment. Visually, it's just as staggering as everything else. The color palette fits very nicely with the actual vibe the game is supposed to give off, one of dread and constant anxiety, and it does indeed succeed at that, as whenever I was out of the complex I felt a slight sense of relief, almost like I was the one finally getting fresh air."

What is the game?
You're an agent among bird people who live in this seemingly usual world - and you need to find a strange, hidden fragmentation...

Here is my gameplay video. I recommend you don't watch most of this because it might spoil the fun for you, it will be even better if you experience it yourself for the first time trust me.
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