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Through the ages (working name) is strategy game inspired by Civilization. You will start in a cave and you will build a civilization that no one will forget. Create your own civilization without any restrictions. No pre-made civilizations. Create your own and conquer the world.

How to achieve it?
Every city you build is famous for something. Buildings, science, power, fortune or glory. Choose one thing that you want to be most famous for. Get fame points, level your fame in city, unlock more things and famous people and become more famous.

Become builder
Build cities, huge buildings, unlock more building styles, unlock more buildings, find famous builders and create the biggest civilization.

Become scientist
Research new things and build huge research centers and maybe travel to space.

Conquer the world
Build huge army and have the best soldiers.

Become rich
Find every resource and find the best way how to get them and how to use them.

Build beautiful cities
Build great cities that are beautiful, support painters, musicians, etc. Buld galleries, museums. Place decorative elements everywhere. Build huge palaces, castels and villas. There is no place for slums.​

Research system
Research is blind. You can research tools but you do not know what you will invent. You will get research points from everything. Building, gathering material, sailing, anything. Just assign people and they will research by living.
Some researches will unlock more things and anothers will give bonuses.

Building system
Building system will be complicated and I want to improve it over time. In every city is main building. Then you can build houses and buildings around. Then you can click to any building and build more things or upgrade building.
Every gathering building has level. By gathering building will improve and you will get more money, more resources and resources are more quality.

Game is RTS and in early stage of development will not be combat. In later stage will be maybe simple combat with premade cities or bandits attacking caravans or cities sometimes. The game should focus on building not fighting. First playable starting location will be temperate zone.

Most recent video

Even I need to push my self to continue developing so much I hope this week I will post first screenshots and gameplay demo (if it is fun) during this year. Then I would like to add more content to game and music.
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I just want to share few things. I am trying to implement a lot of things because I have time and mood for it now. Today I worked on building menu. It is maybe something simple and not interesting, but now I can just add things very simply and it is working.


Anyway. You can see there is only one unit. Because I want to implement unit maker. So you will be able to make your own units. You can choose clothes, weapon, skills and many other things. It needs more design, but I hope it will work. Before releasing gameplay demo (if the game is even fun) I want to add civilization editor. In civilization editor you can choose name of civilization, leader, flag and much more things to make your civilization unique.
Now I want to focus on UI and replace things where is just text and then start adding basic buildings. Next update with screenshots will be soon.


I made some progress on my game. I tried to put everything in to one screenshot. Video or demo would be better, but as you can see I need to focus on graphic. Maybe you are wondering how assigning people works. Player can assign people from main building to other building and after that you can assign people from building to gathering site. You can see there are icons of people over sites. If you choose building people that are not assign to that building are little bit transparent, so you can easily see where people from specific building are assign. On the right are fames and on the left is research. On the top is name of choosed city (player can change name of any city) and under that is choosed building with level and experience points.
After building get enough experience points player can upgrade it. For example more workers, faster gathering, focusing on something, lower costs and more.



Thanks. I am happy that you like graphics. I would like to make basic graphic for buildings, create decent map and release demo. I had to do cleaning in codes and scripts for better orientation and now I can simply copy and easily edit buildings with same properties. It is simple, but time consuming. The hard part will be to set up all formulas, speed of game and prices. I think I will do that after releasing demo on which I can test it.

I uploaded gameplay video.

I was wonderign how to push players to build cities in specific way. Only idea is that gathering speed will depend on distance from city (main building and later warhouse) and on distance from gathering site. It is basically system of rts games. People will be more happy when they will be near city center etc.
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