Windows Three Mice In a Trenchcoat [POST-JAM version]


Hello everyone! This is the extended version of our GMC Jam entry.

We weren't able to complete the game in four days or at least not as we had envisioned, but taking an extra day, I managed to wrap most of it up.

The concept is simple. You are a mouse with one goal, and that is to end the reign of an evil pug king by defeating him and stealing his crown while most of his guards are at a dance party. You must travel through a multi-story castle in search of the king, avoiding traps and enemies along the way. The king has ordered his guards to catch and imprison any mouse they see, so you must always be on alert and try to slip by them unnoticed. Any mice you rescue along the way will help you on your mission to restore freedom to the kingdom.

This was a collaboration with @TheSnidr (engine code), @Bart (models) and Spud (music).
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I got to play it for all of two seconds before Windows decided I no longer had permission to. The gameplay video looks great, though.
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I wrote a long post about working on this game, day by day, here. Check it out if you're interested in that sort of thing!