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Alex Lyons

Because why not?

I'm actually kinda curious to see what the story has in store. I think Unleashed and Colors are a good model to go by. As, they're a good mix of serious and carefree. They give off a "the world's in trouble, but let's have a blast saving it" vibe. It's obvious Infinite's gonna turn on Eggman and that he'll be the final boss. I don't even need to place bets. As for the gameplay: I'm gonna split my thoughts with the three playstyles.

Modern Sonic:

This is, without a doubt, the playstyle I'm most looking forward to. Sonic Team has proven they can make a good modern Sonic level if they put their minds to it. Just look at City Escape and Rooftop Run from Sonic Generations! They really haven't been revealing too much for Modern Sonic, which is sad considering he's the main character. The Sunset Heights level looks pretty good, and what I'm seeing from his Green Hill level isn't too shabby either. I think a good Modern Sonic level consists of mostly 3D (with the ability to move around freely), with an occasional jump to 2D for about a minute or so. I mean, 2D boost gameplay is okay when it doesn't interrupt the pacing.

I'm still a little skeptical about changing the boost from being ring-powered to wisp-powered. I felt that it gave collecting rings more of an incentive and forced the player to use their boost wisely.

I just hope he has a kickass vocal theme.

Oh, and I do like the idea of Episode Shadow, but the gameplay footage they released of that leaves a lot to be desired. Shadow better have some 3D love too!

Classic Sonic:
I really miss the days where there was no "Modern Sonic", or "Classic Sonic", or "Boom Sonic"; where there was just Sonic! I'll admit it, I was skeptical to see him back when we literally just had him in Sonic Generations. His levels were fine in that game (minus Planet Wisp... ugh...), but Sonic Mania completely blew it all out of the water. The gameplay footage of his levels in Forces is... okay? I'm not entirely blown away yet. It's painfully obvious Sonic Team just wanted him in for more nostalgia pandering, because we clearly need more of that.

I'm not too impressed with the music for these levels either. Don't get me wrong! The compositions themselves are just fine, but they're trying waaay too hard with the Genesis twang. In my opinion, Genesis music only sounds good in 2D games, and it just seems out of place in these 3D environments. Where's Tee Lopes when you need him?

Avatar/Tag Team:

This is where I insert a joke about DeviantArt. This is where you laugh at said joke. I like the idea of customizing my own hero. It leaves a lot of room to be creative. Does this mean we can finally create Sonichu? I sure hope so!

But, as for the gameplay that was shown. It's meh. By the looks of it, all the player does is walk forward, occasional jump and dodge stuff, spam the attack button, collect a buttload of rings, and mission accomplished. Hopefully there's some kind of incentive to use your wispons wisely and to use critical thinking on which wispon do I bring to what level. There's potential with this playstyle, but they haven't shown that yet.

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You sir are correct eggman is the last boss of the game and if you can finish the game on hard difficulty you will recieve a fr ee ee iiii yes that is right free sonic the hedgehog action figure if you beat the game in three hours or less with video proof you could be that one in one hundred chance to win the prize the competition is in five days.

On a serious note there is no competition but you have fun enjoying this game because that is the purpose of games to have fun and kill time and stress so if anything you win the loss of stress and boredom.


The Village Idiot
The game starts and ends with the character creator, everything else is baggage for what could have been the masterpiece of 2017.