Idea Thinking of making a game that combines Panzer General, Fire Emblem and Into the Rift

So this game is a homage and inspired by the various games above

-Art style and Battle Gameplay is similar to Panzer General and Fire Emblem/Advance Wars

-Historical Campaigns and Special Missions featuring historical and alt-history events (WW2, Operation Sea Lion, Mongols, Romans, Vietnam War, Syrian Civil War etc)

-You play as a succession of Time-Travel/Universe-jumping SuperCommandos/Commanders. Depending on how yo do it affects the starting stats of the next one (like mentor and apprentice)

-The campaign map is similar to the turn-base approach of Total War and technology research of XCOM/Hearts of Iron. Certain units can promote into certain other units and can be given special items to boost their performance or give them new skills

-After finishing the tutorial or skipping it you get to choose between a few semi-random starts. Different time periods and locations

-The time-traveler can join most civilizations and change history for the better. Multiple timelines/Alternate Universe time-travel

-Special and Side-story battles can be unlocked and play with. More campaign starts are unlocked by playing