Released They come at Night [Android, free]



They come at Night is a action horror survival tower defense.

Survive night after night in a world that has been overthrown by evil creatures. Choosing your favorite wepaons, specials and defenses will influence the gameplay and put the emphasis on the action or the tower defense elements.

The dark atmosphere and the nightmarish story distinguishes 'They come at Night' from most mainstream games.

They come at Night​

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I'm actually at day 4, and here are my impressions so far:

The game is good. The style is consistent, the gameplay engaging, achievements fun to earn, graphical efects nice to look at. There are only few flaws:

1. Meele combat. It's ok if it's a design choice, but this type of combat seems to be strongly discouraged by having almost no dependence on player's skill and forcing him to take damage. I'm actually building my character around regen, and i'm slowly curving out to efficiency. Also, the player is punished for having height advantage, which is really weird to me. I'd rather make it so the player attacks by performing downward swipe on the screen, so he can time it's attack as he wants and possibly take as little damage as possible. It would still be risky, but managable. You could even do, that different types of swipe cause different attack patterns, each with it's upsides and downsides.

2. Shooting button. I'd recomend increasing the hitbox while leaving the sprite the same, because it can be irritating when you think you've hit it, but it didn't react. Especially in game where time matters.

3. Pacing. In my personal taste, new content is revealed a bit too slowly. It's a really minor thing, because if you made it too fast, the player would become overwhelmed with information really fast, so your place in spectrum is way better, it's far from boring.

I've had more, but i forgot while typing. Good luck in further development!


Further issue that i can adress is, that some sprites have almost transparent background but are still easy to see. Hope points are a great example of this. I guess it's for making easier colissions.

Easy solution:

Set the sprite to some beefy colored shape, then on draw event make it to draw that coiny sprite you're using, but without that pesky background. Big hitbox will still be there, but the look of it will be much nicer.


DyingSilence, thank you for this valuable Feedback.

1. I wanted the controls as simple as possible this is why I made the decision in favour of automatic melee combat.
Attacking by swipe sounds very interesting. Would be a different game though.

2. Good hint, this is something I will implement in the next update.

3. Pacing was also not easy for me to decide. The temptation was there to introduce the defenses and distance weapons earlier. Lets see how patient the players are. ;)

4. Will take a look at this but the background should be fully transparent for every sprite. For collisions I have set a square bounding box which is independent from the sprite.

Again thanks for taking the time to write your opinion.