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 Theater of Mons, 2d fighting game (Prototype build)



My first time uploading a game, Theater of Mons is planned to be a 2-D fighting game where players control teams of monsters that evolve as they fight and survive. The aim of Theater of Mons is to be accessible to newer players while still feeling open ended for veteran players.

When a monster is KO'd or a round ends the surviving monsters may level up!
pressing one of the three buttons will pick a stat to upgrade.
Attack Fast: Upgrades the fang stat which increases the damage that monsters basic attacks due, special moves are not effected by this stat.
Attack Heavy: Upgrades the heart stat which increases that monsters health by a little and reduces damage taken while blocking.
Specialmove 1(or 2): Upgrades the brain stat which increases the rate the super meter fills while also reducing the cost of the Special Charge.

As of V0.12 there are only 2 monsters playable at the start that could later evolve into 1 of 2 forms.
There are only two game modes, vs mode for 2 players and a training mode being the only single player content currently.
This game was designed to be played with 2 controllers and should support most of them, there is an option to remap buttons if you need it.

(I'm new here so I'm not sure if this link works)
Windows Link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6bevknyogcuf8lr/Theater of Mons V0.12.zip?dl=0


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