Alpha The Zarougin (Pre-alpha/alpha) 8/23/2019 (dev update)



Being worked on.
UPDATED ON: 8/23/2018 at 7:40 PM
Download the game here: -

Some ingame pictures.

The menu fire randomly stops working when reloading the game; I don't know why this is the case, and it continues to stump me on fixing it.
Music sucks; I'm doing my best to improve upon them.
Various improvements, changes, and replacements for some mechanics of the game.
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Wow dude nice game. You should definitely continue developing it. I played through the first few levels and it looks really good.


Don't worry about being 4 years in and not finished, at least you've got something out there.
I had some pretty nasty screen tearing. But other than that everything was good.
It took me soooooo loooong to figure out how to shoot! In the end I thought "fine, I'm going to push every key, starting at number 1.... oh there's my gun." doh!
Keep grinding away mate, looking good so far.


Updated the game! Newest build download-able here: -
The Zarougin Alpha build
> Added an additional sprite to The Corrupted when staggered.
> Added a blood effect to the enemies in the first levels. || -> REMOVE THIS)) Added extra graphical indication that you're damaging certain enemies
> When going into fullscreen, the game will not upscale. This can be disabled.
> Added grenades. Enemies drop them seperatly from ammo boxes.
> You can Alt-F4 out of the game now.
> Added an elevator; modified a few levels to use elevators and the hover pads.
> Added in a basic cover system. Pressing space next to a crate will allow you to dodge some enemy fire.
>> Enemies might take up cover as well.
> Can now skip dialoge boxes. (By pressing space)
> Added a new cutscene in level 5

--Other changes--
> Changed up some levels with new objects to change up gameplay.
>> Also added a bit of extra detail and added/removed some geometry.
> Optimized motion blur a bit.
> Optimized the blood a little bit, might still cause severe slowdown if too much is on screen at once.
> Changed how the HP regen system works.
> Changed the title menu text from "Zarougin" to "The Zarougin".
> Changed the music that plays during the game; still working on a better version.
> Fixed some typos.
> Reduced some visual effects in some levels for optimization and the abiltity to see what you're actually doing.
> An alternative animation for the RPG-7 when you run out of ammo and attempt to reload.
> Some enemy AI tweaks.
> Enemies with weapons no longer melee you

> Nothing so far.

(Fixed) Enemy weapons now do proper damage. <Thanks Paskaler for pointing out a coding error that I probably wouldn't of noticed for a while.>
(Fixed) friendly npc weapons now do proper damage.
(Fixed) Can no longer pause in the main menu.
(Fixed) Some player weapons now work properly.
(Fixed) Shield no longer regenerates while the game is paused.
(Fixed) There's supposed to be fire in the main menu; Now there is! Long story short; improper particle system handling.
(Fixed) The RPG-7 now shows it has no rocket in the barrel when you're out of ammo.
(BUG) When completing the demo and letting the game restart, the menu fire doesn't appear.
(BUG) When the elevator is going down, the characters riding on it would bounce up and down on it as it went down. But when going up, there's no glitching. Although, when it stops, the player MIGHT get stuck. I managed to add in a "is the player stuck" check. But they can still jump off.
(TYPO) When General Harold is talking about cover, he says "wall" instead of "crates".
>> Blood also doesn't move when the elevator moves. The blood not moving is intentional. It auto disables itself after a while for optimization.

--Additions/changes that might be placed in the next update--
> Levels are going to be overhauled; graphically and gameplay wise.
> Menu music.
> Melee animations to the player and enemy weapons.

--Other stuff--
Apparently, there's bullet time code in random pieces here and there. Might do something with it.


Currently re-balancing the game and adding in new mechanics and graphical effects, such as:
Modified levels; You're able to travel all the way back to the start of each level if needed.
2D shadows.
Revamped boss fight.
Pause menu and improved shop.
And more!

More in future.


A development build of the game, as I'm working on various aspects of the game, like optimization, variation in the levels, improved level structure, overhaul of the weapon system, enemy variety and AI fix up, etc. -

Build notes
> Added weapon reload animations. (A bit glitchy)
> Added in grenades.
> Added in a basic leveling up system.
>> Weapons you have will also level up with you.
> Added per-object shading.
> Added in weapon meleeing.
>> The animations for it is pretty broken though, so those are disabled.
> Added in fire gysers.
> Added floating mines.
>> Using place-holder explosion effects, taken from the grenade effects.
> Added enemies dropping their weapons (I'm currently wondering if I should keep this in or remove it due to balancing stuff).
> Added a prompt to the 'Quit game' button to avoid quitting the game by accident.

--Other changes--
> Revamped the main menu
>> Graphical settings become unchangable when setting the "Use custom graphics settings" to "false".
> Debris from destructable walls go in the opposite direction of any explosion in contact with it.
>> Debris also now collide with each other. Kinda.
> Enemies now drop grenades.
> NPC weapons view range has been extended.
>> NPC weapons now shoot slower for balance.
> Raised the pricing of the shotguns.
> Lowered the pricing of the Sub-machineguns.
> Leveling up and money drops have been lowered for progression reasons.
> The levels have been changed minorly.
> You can no longer take out your weapon/put it away while the game is paused.
> Minor changes to the main menu.
> Motion blur has been disabled on certain objects.
> Changed how the HP regen system works... again.
> Optimized blood, motion blur, and other stuff.
> Small tweaks to visual effects.
> Enemies no longer have noise spam when shot by a shotgun.
> A couple of assault rifles have been nerfed.
> Lowered the amount of ammo gained from ammo boxes. (Because of the frequency of when enemies drop them)
> Various other changes.
> Disabled the "Weapon upgrading" tab in the weapon shop due to the adding of weapon pickups. (This is to test how balanced this is)
> Selling weapons picked up from enemies are devalued. (Not applied yet)
> Giant enemies can no longer be staggered.
> Updated player armor sprites. (Although, you'll need to cheat if you want to use the armors)
> Shadows generated from objects now correspond with the alpha value of those objects.

> Removed a type of motion blur that caused a severe amount of lag when moving fast.
> Removed being able to skip dialogue blocks due to game crashes.
> Removed some dialouge from a level.

(Fixed) Elevator buttons no longer spaz out when activated.
(Fixed) Cover used by the player no longer destroy an extreme amount of bullets fired at them.
(Fixed) Minor fixes to very small changes.
(Fixed) The textbox now displays the correct names in certain cutscenes.
(Fixed) The player back weapon now has motion blur (It was somehow not being applied to it)
(Fixed) Certain main menu buttons no longer have a weird delay to them when clicking them.
(Fixed) The main menu fire is no longer darker than it should be.
(BUG) The main menu fire randomly disappears when reloading the game.
(BUG) Reload animations are a little broken.
(BUG) Elevators have a chance to cancel out fall damage.
(BUG) You might get stuck in the elevator when it's done moving upwards.
(BUG) Floating mines don't cause damage to the player for some reason.

--Additions/changes that might be placed in the next update--
> A proper level up system
> Menu music. (Attempting a certain style)
> Melee animations to the player and enemy weapons. (Partially done)
> An alternative animation system.

--Other stuff--


One of your enemies reminds me of the Dilbert boss
That's a new one. People usually compare those guys to clowns. Which is an accurate one, I'd say.
Working on a boss, so here's a draft viewing of it.
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