Released "The Yellow Ladder" now on Steam!!

You've recently been hired as a temporary groundskeeper by an unsuspecting employer. The building on the premises you're to maintenance has been designed to appear as inconspicuous from the outside —but you know better. Although you don't have clearance to enter this mysterious facility in your limited duties as "groundskeeper," your mission will be to force your way in by any means available...
Welcome, one and all to this first in a series franchise of mission-based action games, and Solemn Acres Studios' flagship title, "The Yellow Ladder!" Fight through enemies with hammers, crowbars, gas-powered brush cutters and more. Navigate a vast network of leveled environments via elevators and catwalks. Find and hack all susceptible server towers to achieve "shutdown" of a massive computer, and escape (if you can). But who are you...? And exactly who is your "real employer?" What are the stakes, and what are the secrets? The only hope in even attempting to answer these questions means you'll have to climb "The Yellow Ladder."