Released The Willow



This was a one-month challenge to myself to try and make my own take on a horror game in preparation for Halloween. The game itself is your standard exploration horror game.
Search through a creepy house and uncover the story and secrets. But it is a fully 3D environment with custom models and textures all made this month for the project.

The opening text changes based on how the game was exited/what ending you received. There are four ways to 'end' the game outside of quitting.

The time crunch was very real for this and it's definitely not the most polished thing. The mouse locking is something I'll definitely redo if I ever revisit this.



I really like the style. Been working with 3D in GM for years myself, but never actually tried to make a low-res one. Looks really cool.


That looks great! It reminds me a bit of the original Alone in the Dark (Infogrames) title released in the early-90's.