Forum Game The Vending Machine


The forum's immigrant
I did not stole this game, honestly...

You put something in the machine and take something out in exchange. Simple as it is.

I go first... I shoved a doll into the machine


The forum's immigrant
I got myself a communist from the machine.

I shove a baseball bat inside.


The Village Idiot
I call Health and Safety on my phone, the vending machine is removed for cleaning and Yokcos is arrested by a police officer for Indecent Exposure under Public Order Act 1986.

An old man walks by and says "In my day, we used to place coins in vending machines.".


The forum's immigrant
Guys, This isnt Calvinball. Lets stick with the game.

I got a coffe mug out of the machine,

I shove a giant fish inside.


I remove a vinyl disc containing the entire soundtrack of Mibibli's Quest

I also place into the vending machine one (1) Calvinball