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This is a explosion in space ( which was recently done), created by a optical illusion using rays ( done with pictures originally created in Ultimate Paint 1.9f on a Windows 95 machine, imported to GIMP 2.8.18 for the final effects on a Windows XP machine ) - not including the ,"watermark" copyright.
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Used to try simple sprite stuff when I used earlier versions of GM but I’m hoping to do something with my actual art now that I’ve got a tablet. Self taught most of my life, however only recently really trying to improve and get my stuff out there.



This was made for a good friend of mine who loves his dog and is a major fan of Sasquatch and Star Wars. I gave him this as a Christmas gift since he surprised me with a present out of the blue. Took me about 13 hours from start to finish. <3


Me and my bro did a comic for our game Killer Clowns last year, it was my first finished comic to go with my first finished video game. My bro and i did the dialogue and story, i did the art. Took me a year and a few months to draw, color and ink the entire thing. I'm pretty happy with it, though looking back it has its flaws for sure lol. The process taught me alot and my art improved greatly throughout. Here's a couple of my favorite pages, if you're interested in checking out the comic in its entirety I've uploaded it to our website at