Windows The Tower Defense Factory [FREE RELEASE]



Hello everyone,

This is the first time I've properly released a game, it came out a couple of years ago, and has had some revisions since then, I've decided to show it on here to hopefully get some feedback on it while I work on my second game.

Title: The Tower Defense Factory
Platform: Windows
Version: 1.6.0
Last Updated: 28th May 2018
Price: Free, optional donations
Link to game + download:

  • 4 Player, locally, via LAN, or via the Internet
  • Competitive and Co-operative maps
  • Level Editor, with automatic file transfer in networked games
  • Randomly generated maps
  • 4 turret types
  • Up-gradable Turrets
  • 30 enemies to face
  • 3 superpowers
  • 12 pre-made levels
  • Xbox 360 Controller Support

The game is available for free, optional donation is always appreciated if you feel the game is worth it and wish to support future games.

Would love to get some feedback and any bugs you find!


It was in development from 2014-2016, then patched a few times as was horribly broken when I first released it. :D

Hopefully less horribly broken now.


I like the line-drawn graphics, weapon sounds, effects, and the health bars. It might be interesting to see the enemies occasionally take a more random path toward the base.

good job!


Thanks, this was the first proper game I made, so it was probably a bit simpler than I would make it now, but have been toying around with updating it or making a sequel with some extra features, as my racing game I'm working on is designed similarly to this, so I can copy over features between the two.

Having random paths would definitely add variety and perhaps force players to spread their turrets out more, as right now in the maps with defined building areas, you can just put your turrets along the path.

If you play a map with no defined building areas, the AI will calculate a path around your placed turrets, so that adds a bit more variety and strategy to it, but you make a good point that they should have an alternative path.