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Thursday 26th Aug, 2020 12:00 UTC

Monday 30th Aug, 2020 12:00 UTC

Temporary License for the Jam
Just click the link, make sure you are logged-in to YYG and you'll have a temp export license for the jam!

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game. Free temporary export licenses will be available for all users for the duration of the jam.
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on Aug 26th and 12:00 UTC on Aug 30th, and posted in the games topic.
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.
  • The credits should make clear where the assets come from and which were made before the Jam; The creators of the entry must have rights to all of the assets; unlicensed use of resources is not allowed. (This rule is enforced, failure to follow this rule will result in not being eligible for a medal and final score being affected)
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on Aug 30th.
  • All entries should work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but most voters will be using Windows and therefore your entry should work primarily on windows in order to secure a decent amount of feedback.
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates.
That's all you need to know, but more information will be available in the Games Topic when it opens and in the rules discussion topic.

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -

You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

Suggestions - please read!

Some things to note when you're developing your entry:​

  • Make sure to explain the controls and mechanics of the game. If you can't introduce mechanics in the game itself, make a README.txt file with explanations instead - Jam Player will detect it automatically
    Note: you can't call it "READ ME", it must contain "README" without spaces. If the file is essential to understanding the game, call it "README PLEASE".
  • PLEASE, optimize the file size of your game. This is a four day game jam, you don't need 500MB of .wav audio files bulking out your project. Make sure you set your music files to "compressed" in the sound editor in GameMaker, and we'll all be happy.
  • Make your Games Topic post pretty! Some reviewers may simply pick the most interesting games from this topic instead of playing every single entry. Spare some time in your jam schedule to make your post here look attractive.
  • The two consistently most reliable file hosts for uploading your game are and Google Drive. But PLEASE remember to set your game to PUBLIC before the deadline. We have had plenty of cases in the past where people miss out on early votes because they forget to make their game public!


Master of Pixel-Fu
The Insufferable
by Pixel-Team




Day 1, 7:55am
Ok, I've decided on a title. This is a first go at it. I'm going to be using a restricted palette, the Dawnbringer 32 palette. Here also is a sprite of the main character in his idle pose. He's going to need a run animation, a sneak animation, a flute playing animation, a death animation, a jump up and jump fall animation. (For now these are must haves) I'm going to make a Minotaur that will walk on patrols, and you can put him to sleep with the flute...

Day 1, 8:57am
So I'm going to have it where you have to step on switches to make the platforms rearrange themselves into different configurations so you can access the exit. I wanted to show cogwheels turning inside the walls as if you are in a giant machine. The sprite is only 8 frames long. I'm going to use it when blocks are moving to different positions...

Day 1, 9:47am
I'm working on the running sprite for the main character. Unlike a traditional run cycle, where each leg is half the total frames from its opposite leg, I'm making the frames a little closer together this time, giving him a sort of gallop, since he's a satyr, and has goat legs. It's friggin SICK!

Day 1, 11:57am
Got a good sneaking sprite happening. These are a little rough around the edges, but I'm on a time schedule. If I can get the jump and death sprites by end of day, then it's on like Donkey Kong...

Day 1, 5:50pm
I have a basic level set up with a few tiles. The player can run and jump, and he can stand on the switches and make the boxes change configuration. I'm going to handle double jumping, and possibly standing on the movable boxes. I got the stand, run, sneak, and jump sprites. Still need playing flute and death, but I got burned out doing sprites, so I started coding. I also have the startings of a couple music tunes. All in all, I'm happy with what I got accomplished, although I got a long way to go.

Day 1, 9:38pm
I got 3 portraits going that will be used for dialog in the game. One for Pan, one for Persephone, and one for Zeus. I'd like to do one for Hermes and one for Hades, but it's looking like those two will happen tomorrow. I'm going to call it a day. I got a lot done.

Day 2, 7:37am
I got the sprite animation of Pan playing the flute, and some game mechanics where you hold the button to play the flute, then press directions on the dpad to make music notes come out. Gonna be some kind of magic. I need to stop working and really think about how I want that magic to work.

Day 2, 9:56am
So I've decided I'm going to use a rat that you can control if you play the flute in close proximity to. He can run up walls and hit switches for you. Of course, this means I need him to be able to do a variety of things, like jump and cling into walls, get killed, etc. When he gets killed or you're done controlling him, you regain control of Pan. I hope I didn't bite off too much here, but these ideas are too cool to pass up.

Day 2, 6:41pm
I got the rat charming mechanic working, so you can play the flute and then control the rat. The rat can jump and climb walls, and even run into little rat holes and come out of other rat holes. Got some sounds made, and a little more progress on music. I switched over to sprites again, as I need some characters to stand at the opening and closing scenes to do some dialog. Got a nice background graphic of Mount Olympus, and some outdoor tiles (not many) for the opening and closing scenes. I also got a nice looking Zeus full body NPC sprite that towers over Pan. I need a standing and laying down version of Persephone, and a standing version of Hermes, as well as a Portrait of Hermes. I'm going to push through these tonight. I don't know if I have enough time to even show Hades, even though he's the one who took Persephone into Tartarus. He's a low priority for now.

Day2, 9:54pm
I must have a deathwish. I did a Minotaur walk, and idle animation. If I'm going to pull this off, I'll need an attack, and an agony animation for him. I'm definitely putting myself at risk of not being able to finish at this point, but heck, I got 2 more days. It's time to get the game made with some levels, or I'm sunk... That's a wrap for day 2.

Day 3, 10:24am
I got the dialog reader up and running, and got an opening and closing sequence done, and the end credits. These are mainly prefabs that require a little setup. Now I actually need to make some gameplay. I need to make a few special level hazards: Spikes, Flame statues, Crumbling stepping stones, etc. I definitely got ambitious with this one. I only hope I can pull it off.

Day 3, 1:35pm
I finally got a puzzle room done! I like to start out by making a test room for all the hazards. Kind of like the Danger Room on the X-Men. Once I nail down a mechanic I can start putting it into levels. Anyhow, it's all downhill from here. Allegedly.

Day 3, 6pm
I got the rescue sequence done. I also have two good puzzle rooms, the opening sequence, and closing sequence.

Day 3, 8:55pm
I got the end credits, and Readme file done. I got a bunch more audio in, and got a ram's head statue that shoots fireballs at you, fire pits, spikes, and the key unlocking doors sequence. Still a ways to go, and I don't know if I can fit the Minotaur in time, because gameplay is the priority, but I'm going to give it the college try. I'm calling it a day, and I'm pleased with how much I got done. Did about 15 hours solid today.
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Raccoon Jam Host
by Evanski


Stream 1
In a sort of controversial move, I've elected to use the 3D engine I've been working on before the jam...for the jam.
So far its basically just as if all the heavy lifting has been done for me, how ever, their is still no game here
Thats what I'll be working on during the jam, so to imply by the rules, yes most of the work is made during the jam
however I feel people are going to give me flack for using an engine made before the jam for the jam.
Oh well, I can only hope my game is good enough to prove its had hard work put into it.

8:55AM EST
Should I give it a name?
I should give it a name.
Alright here is the name.

Credits started.
Caffeine & Meme fulled.
Player can die.
code is layed out in an easy to stop and swap way.
Just hope the framerate can withstand all the pain!

1:14 Pm
after I silenced all the screaming from arrays
enemies can now die.
not looking forward to coding ai

ended up making my own font, and using font_add_sprite
so anyway, it works, and im not crying YOU'RE CRYING

so procrastinating enemy ai
I of course have made the BFG

8:31 PM
Starting to feel like a game
Got mana, health, Ui and weapons all set up
Guess I'll have to finally get into enemy ai

Think I'll call it a day, and think up an ai system that I can just plug my enemies into and it will work, basically how my weapon system is
Note to self, learn structs these would be so helpful rn

Note to self, create ai framework to use in all future projects because I HATE CODING THIS

So Set up git repo in case the act of god destroys things
My goal for today is to at the very lest get enemy ai done

Enemies can now chase down, and attack the player

I dont think im going to make it,
Got locked doors in, need keys tho

keys are in
game now gives messages for picking up items or trying to open a locked door
Enemies are basically reskins but with conditions
added sound effects
added a new enemy

Added mana pickups
Made each weapon have its own mana pool

10:41 PM
All enemy sprites are in the game!
End door
end room fade
weapons implemented

woo boy I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

1:00 AM
all enemy AI is finished..besides the final boss

Lets take stalk and see what needs to be done and what we would like to have

needs done:
Final boss AI
BFG multi explosion
Menu system

end level counter
more decor and textures
The secret boss
Easter eggs
more sound effects

get everything we need done, and either polish or add more stuff and polish
depending on time left

almost their

needs done:
Final boss AI
Menu system

end level counter
more decor and textures
The secret boss
Easter eggs
more sound effects
BFG multi explosion

or at least good enough for the jam
whoo, taking a break before even touching this again
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Former Jam Host
GMC Elder

Rolldyce Kingdoms by GameDevDan

Download (Itch, ~10MB)

There's a new board game in town and all the local kings, queens, lords and ladies want to try their hand.

Roll the dice and place your "subjects" on the board to take over rows, columns and kingdoms. There are six opponents of varying difficulty levels to face, so get stuck in!

Devlog 1
Had an idea bubbling up in my brain for the last week or so for a board game. I had scribbled down some rules before the jam... and now I see the theme is MYTHOLOGIES which matches the idea perfectly...
So now I reckon I'm going to try and make a virtual version and enter it in the jam! What better way to test a board game than having all of youse lot play it on here first? ;)

Devlog 2
My game is actually pretty light on graphical/audio resources - such that they're basically already done (?!) I'm glad I've kept the scope small this time because I don't have that much time this weekend.
All of my graphics were made myself and I'm really happy with how they've come out. However: Music is prelicensed stuff from Joel Steudler, and sound effects are from every indie's favourite friend:

Devlog 3
As of mid-Saturday UK time the game is playable from start to finish, but not as polished or fun as I want it to be. Still a lot of tweaks to be made. However I have uploaded an unfinished build here as I am super busy the next couple of days and I want to make sure I have something entered!

Devlog 4
This wasn't much of a devlog was it? Spent all of Sunday morning UK time polishing this, now I'm done :) total of ~12.5 hours work in GameMaker, probably about 8-10 hours in graphics programs, looking for sounds etc.​
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knight.png Spielcomm: Origins knight.png
by Bart

< Download Spielcomm: Origins >

Spielcomm_ Origins 30_08_2021 1_23_30.png

Times aren't what they used to be for the annual Spielcomm games fair.
This year's edition is 200% online!! How did we end up here? This cannot be how it was meant to be!
So we need to go back! Back to the mythical origins of how Spielcomm came into existence!

26/08/2021 - Jam Day 1

14:30 UTC+2

A good afternoon! Here we are again for another GMC Jam!
The theme is MYTHOLOGIES, which simply couldn't be better in my opinion.
It's August, the time of the year of Spielcomm. So that's what I'll make for this jam: a new Spielcomm game.
I had already been thinking of some first ideas, keeping in mind the theme (which I didn't expect).
So I'm going to do some brainstorming to see how I can come up with something that uses the theme in a good way.
Off we go!

18:15 UTC+2

I did a bit of everything in the past couple of hours.
First I tried to find make some epic background music in LMMS, followed by some research on Cologne's Roman past. Roman mythology seems to be the way to go for me.
I also quickly coded a mail inbox with some messages and modeled a basic room.
So I did a lot, but aside from that, there's not really an idea yet.

The room you'll start out in after turning off your computer

Time for a break now...

19:30 UTC+2

I read up a bit on Roman mythology and I can't come up with a sensible way to integrate what I read into a game. Should I add a single deity, multiple? Should they all influence gameplay? I can probably get quite a bit done but I still only have 4 days.
I think I'm going to try to come up with my own mythology :D
Or I could choose the 4 gods that relate to the 4 elements:

Mars - Fire
Jupiter - Wind
Mercurius - Water
Venus - Earth

Perhaps it's best to stick to my original idea: battle hordes of mercenaries in an arena to then win the hand of the emperor's daughter. That was the idea that was taking shape in my mind before the theme turned out to be mythologies.
After that I can add deities and some 'mythical' influences.
Yeah, I'll do that. Gameplay comes first!

0:30 UTC+2

Turns out I did some more modeling.
I've been working on the area in which the Spielcomm games (eh, "battles") will take place: the Arena.
This took more time than I expected it would, but this is absolutely necessary decoration.
I did the textures with GIMP though currently it clearly shows that they're not seamless. I might have to do something about that.

The arena where the battles will take place
As you can see, Spielcomm wasn't always this gamer-friendly

27/08/2021 - Jam Day 2

15:30 UTC+2

A good - late - afternoon! While I continued working on the game early this morning I haven't got a lot done today, mainly due to "life things".
I did get some basic knight characters done. They'll welcome you at the entrance and will be the enemies that you fight inside the arena.

I really need to start coding all the basic things now and make sure that you can fight these guys.
I'm going to export their body parts separately and link different physics shapes to each of them.
The pike that they're holding will be attached using a prismatic joint so they generate a bit of forward thrust when hitting.
And that is going to be the basis for the gameplay! I do think something good can come out of that.

21:45 UTC+2

I really haven't got anything done today, aside from a couple of additions to the world model.
Time to add some basic gameplay things.

00:00 UTC+2

After the start of a tiny experiment with Box2D I'm ending the work. I didn't get a lot done.

The topdown representation of a knight using 3 instances:
the helmet, the pike and the shield

Tomorrow I'm continuing with this. I want to get some nice gameplay out of this.

28/08/2021 - Jam Day 3

11:45 UTC+2

A good morning! (perhaps "noon" is more appropriate 😅)
The weather is beautiful outside. That means it's time to sit outside behind the computer and do game dev!
Next up is adding some convincing gameplay mechanics to the knights.
As mentioned before I want to use Box2D joints for this. A thrust using the pike.
The knights should also have some armor. Ideally, I'll add those using a weld joint so that they can break.
The third thing I want to add is an attack where a knight rotates his head and then chases you at a high speed.
When all that works I'm going to see if I can add some mythical/"godly" interventions.
All nice ideas but best thing to do first is to get started!

13:15 UTC+2

Very basic knight movement using Box2D is more or less working now: walk, pike thrust, spin attack (my favorite one!)

The knight enemy is essentially "mechanical" with all those fixtures and joints connecting the parts

15:00 UTC+2

I finally added some of the necessary boilerplate code: camera, player movement using physics, basic shader with diffuse lighting, ...
It also looks like I managed to invert the y coordinate again... I'm not going to fix it. I'll simply drop those instances outside of the room. Problem fixed (for now).
I still have an issue with the export of the normals, something that happened in the previous GMC jam, too.
Blender has three different normals: the vertex, loop (or edge) and face/polygon normal.
They're all different and somehow I haven't been able to get a correct value exported for the loop normals.

I'm meeting up with a friend this afternoon and it'll probably be late.
So that means I can only continue working on this tomorrow.

I'm not too sure how far I'll get this time. We'll have to see.

Here's a screenshot of the room in GameMaker. I probably won't do textures again, no time for those. I'll fix that will a couple of different colored walls.

Spielcomm_ Origins 28_08_2021 15_05_27.png

29/08/2021 - Jam Day 4

11:00 UTC+2

As expected it got a bit late last night. I'm currently waiting for my train back home and I can probably continue work on the game in about an hour.
Looking at what I have right now and realizing I'm not in great shape for any moderately difficult coding today I'm thinking of a plan B.

17:30 UTC+2

I'm finally making a bit of progress!
The room you start in is now more or less done and the arena room/world has been imported as well.
I still have a serious issue with the normals, though... They make everything look absolutely terrible.
I'm going to continue with the gameplay though. In less than 24 hours there has to be a playable game!

18:15 UTC+2

And now there also some progress with the gameplay. The knight is moving around!

The first Spielcomm knight "in full swing"

22:30 UTC+2

I added the physics masks and copied a couple of scripts from the Amaze Me jam project that I worked on.
(They're that couple of scripts to import the physics masks that I export from Blender for most of the jams)
So that made things quite a bit easier, though I should rewrite the scripts a bit later to make them a bit more user friendly.
I'd like to add those 3D "physics" at one point as well. How convenient would that be?!
Anyway, with that this jam entry now has fairly realistic physics without any effort (thank you once again, Box2D!)
I also added a basic battle controller that creates the knights. They don't do much at the moment than go wild, basically.
I created quite a bit of music for this game, too. Today I made two "themes" in LMMS:
A soothing/mystical background loop that plays before the battle starts and a pretty decent battle music.
And lastly I added a short story to the title screen. It may be a bit dumb, but I think it works.

So in the end I did get quite a bit of work done today! (I'd consider this my first actual jam day of this jam)
I'm a bit surprised that I managed to find a bit of motivation to work on this.
Tomorrow I'll continue. It'll be interesting to see what I can still do in those last hours before the deadline!

The knights in the arena, I'd love to have an emperor on stage and a cheering crowd, too

01:30 UTC+2

I just couldn't resist adding some more...
I improved various tiny things, and also... There is now a mythical creature!
The inspiration would be the Wise One from Golden Sun I guess.
This character isn't all that benevolent, though, quite the contrary.
He'll act as the godlike creature that is summoned by the Emperor and it are his knights that you'll fight.

Now I'm done for today!

30/08/2021 - Jam Day 5
(or should it be 4, hmm?)

09:30 UTC+2

A good morning!
I'm getting some improvised breakfast and then I'm continuing work on this.
Still a bit more than 4 hours left!

On the list, among others, are (in order of priority):

* Knight: state machine, chase player, ...
* Player: weapon, some kind of attack(s), ...
* Game controller: create knights, move the deity around, unexpected events, ...
* Emperor summoning the creature
* ...

This is too much to finish. But hey, I'm off now to work on this!

11:45 UTC+2

I got a lot done.
I expect this to be in a somewhat playable state by the time the jam deadline is there.
The god now moves around the arena, knights come after you using their spin attack,
the emperor has been added, itch project page has been created, README.txt is ready, ...
Time to equip the player with a sword and/or other things.
Right now it's a matter of getting that basic gameplay loop up and running.
And test play and polish as much as I can until the jam deadline.
I'm already very happy with what I've been able to add in the last 24 hours!

14:00 UTC+2

Barely on time! The game zip is up. And I'm finishing the devlog here.
No more time for other things. Though quite a few things did get added in these last hours.
I really didn't make enough time for this one.
I hope you'll enjoy this short entry nonetheless!


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Firehammer Games
Welcome to Hades vs. Satan!!!! Go get it on itch.

You are already aware....this is a jam game, and therefore like about everybody, not all the content I wanted to put in is there. However, it is fully functional, and only has a single bug as far as I know.

You are Hades(who is not actually evil contrary to popular opinion). You are also tired of Satan(who is actually evil) doing all the wrong. It's up to you to go to hell and ferret Satan out. Your own leader Zeus is also against you in this however, and will have to be dealt with.

Default controls use A and D to move left and right, W to jump, and the Space Bar to shoot(just hold it down). You can use the options menu to change those. Click on the button for the one to change, and then hit the new button you want for the action. Gamepads are also supported, including older DirectInput devices as well as XBOX gamepads.

Make your way through 3 levels of hell. Defeat Zeus, so you can make it to confront Satan(there is very little ending though).

Hades' arsenal includes fireballs....and more fireballs. Collect his emblems found throughout hell to upgrade yourself, allowing you to shoot faster and survive a single hit. Complete a set of 10 emblems for this upgrade.

The UI in the upper right shows your score(and yes it resets if you die). The upper left shows how many emblems you currently have(you can only get 10 and then it resets). An arrow will show just below that value if you are currently upgraded as well.

Feel free to provide feedback, and thanks for playing. I'm not currently planning on making this a full project, and if I do, I will likely do it in a different art style(I suck at pixel art as you can see).

Images in the spoiler...don't have time to make more than those.
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〜Flower Prince〜
Cantavanda's entry, solo developer.

Game title: "I will win the GMC Jam 41 II: I will win the GMC Jam 42: Otter: Prologue -mythologies-"

The soundtrack took a long time to make.

Encryption key: WCAZxDsBAZw9sAe_dJj0Q8sIrEXtwXrNuxdiUP-teeQ

Please tell me if you will stream this game, I'd love to see the reactions.

Since it's made using GM8, Windows 10 might do a little difficult to play the exe, but it's easy to fix, my Windows 10 did it automatically and pretty fast. It might also be seen as a virus since it's an exe, but don't worry, it's safe.

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Escape from Tartarus!

Download link!
Screenshots: There will be no screenshots, you will understand why in time.

I will promise you all, that this game will be unlike any other entry in this jam.

Day 1 morning: As the day begins I have my idea and I am beginning my work! Writing a story, prepping sound files, and for some reason this song is stuck in my head

So confidence is at an all time high.

Day 1 Afternoon: Morale remain high, song now stuck in my head is

I might actually open GMS soon! I spent the morning writing out the mechanics in detail, getting the story down, and preparing about 40 different sound effects. Also a good bit of time diving through wikipedia on mythology.

Day 1 night: did very little in gms, more tinkering with what resources I'll need and game planning. Should be able to make lots of coding progress tomorrow! No songs stuck in my head now though.

Day 2 morning: Got the audio controller for the story part mostly working, now working on the combat!

For some reason this song is in my head

Morale is... confused.

Day 2 afternoon: No song stuck in head atm. I complained to my friends that I had kpop stuck in my head because of them and all they said was "join us".

But! Got a lot of coding done in last several hours. Got the core combat system running in one long span of coding. Was really scary because I couldn't really test it until it was all done, so was a big relief when it ran with only minor problems right out of the gate. Going to have to hunt/make more audio though. The little cut scenes are a bit bland without more BG noise, and if I have time I might redo about %80 of the audio I put in. But have a lot of other stuff to focus on first.

day 2 night: I... underscoped? I finished everything I had planned and can't think of any major feature additions that will help and not just make it clunkier. So I'll just polish and add QOL stuff! Guess I actually will have time to replace a lot of the audio I'm not happy with!

wonder if anyone has read this and figured out what the secret of this dev log is yet.

Was too busy to post! But got a lot done.

I cut out a section I realized was taking too long and was done in an overly complicated manner and simplified it.

Took a bit of information that was repeated too often and put inside of a command so it's only when player wants it

Made game much easier.

Made game easier again

Wrote Readme

Redid tutorial

Rewrote/redid a lot of audio/dialogue.

Putting off eating for as long as possible

This video has been very calming

Rewrote my devlog because it turned into a mess

No time for devlog, the end nears. This song is in my head:

I'm redoing all the audio in the game practically at the last minute, then going to make another adjustment to difficulty, fix rng so players won't get screwed over, and overall just try to polish as much as I can.

As the end approaches, it doesn't feel like I had all day to polish. Panic sets in, did I upload the right version? Did I test out everything I changed?

But it's honestly the game I'm most proud of making. If you're reading this, I genuinely hope you enjoy my game. It was a pleasure to make.
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A game about jesus with guns fighting satan to resurrect.

Now with Online Highscores!

I'm drawing most of the sprites from work on my phone. It works pretty well, such as this animated pentagram
satanic symbol.gif

I spent 24hours in a row programming during saturday. Barely clinging to life...

Music by Wontolla, UltimaTricksta and Renewille.
All art and programming by me.
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So how do you make a game interesting when you can only code move left / right / shoot????? And make it entertaining or interesting in some way........... I think I got something.

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 8.07.52 AM.png


s_title copy.png
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"Blade of Redemption"
by Ezra (@SoapSud39)
Drive Link

(11-ish AM PST, 26 August)


I totally didn't not realize that the jam was in two days until two days ago (even though I have been following the discussion thread). As I promised myself, I will consider making a game since "mythologies" seems like a good theme to work with. I would like to have made this post after coming up with some concept (art), but now I'm six hours late and I have zoom class in twenty minutes and I don't want to have to keep scrolling for hours just to reach my own post (16 is pretty far, but fortunately not the furthest, probably).

My game this time might might just include dragons. Or maybe not. Find out next time.

Now I am finally around to updating my post. I'm a bit unmotivated this time around, so my devlogs probably won't be as frequent as my past devlogs. But maybe that'll change once I get a ways into the project.

This morning I woke up (nice!), made this post, and then had zoom class. Zoom class was kind of boring, but I usually play games during class so it's fine. But I couldn't come up with any good ideas for a good while.

I thought about making a game about an alchemist who is trying to create a chimera in order to prove the superiority of alchemy over genetic biology (or something like that). But I didn't know how to make it work out + determined that the scope would be too large. I'm trying not to burn out this weekend, so I'll avoid doing way too much. I already did that two or three jams ago.

The (real) idea this time is to make a game about a girl who "pulls" the sword out of the stone (Excalibur? idk) and for reasons must go on an adventure to defeat various monsters. There's no way I'm animating anything (waayyyy too much work, on characters anyway), so I'm going to try making a turn-based battle game. That way I can also force myself to start developing a turn-based battle system, which I've been planning for another project, that which I've been putting off for a while now. I'm also planning to experiment with character levelling and stat increases, so that'll be fun.

The plan:
I'm probably not finishing sprites by today, since I've barely started and have some unrelated matters keeping me busy tonight, but I should be done by tomorrow (hopefully, the first half of tomorrow). I'll spend a day or two working on coding. Hopefully it won't be too much effort, but I am trying new things, so we'll find out (I'll find out, anyway). As usual, I'm leaving sound effects and music to the latter part of the weekend. Unless I can get someone to write music for me. I'll work that out later.

Here's an image of some lines:
sword in stone.jpg
These will be sprites, after I clean it and add color. I didn't get around to making concept sketches.
I probably won't be working on anymore until later at night. I'll probably post another devlog around midnight or later.

I started drawing again around 9:30, for an hour, and then took a break. Then picked up again and now I've about finished player lines. Well, all of her except the legs (shoes are a pain to draw). I may consider adding more player sprites if any poses come to mind, but I think I have all I need.

idle hold sword.jpg
Here's her "idle" pose. The image that shows up on the character info menu. (idle in quotes because she's not actually animated)
I remembered that I forgot to mention earlier that my character is yet unnamed. I also forgot to draw her hair tie thing in the first image.

Next up: enemy sprites. These will also be stills. And then I'll color everything. Then I have some battle effects and UI sprites in mind. And some items.
I think I'll have three main bosses and six or nine mobs. Maybe four bosses. I'll decide whether the fourth boss is too much scope-wise when I get there.

Hopefully I'll be done with lines within two hours, and then I'll start coloring, which might take another few hours.
My hand hurts. I'm gonna get arthritis one of these days.

I took a break for way too long. And then I've been drawing for about the past two hours. I think I've overdone the boss drawings. But they're not animated, so it's okay. They turned out really cool too.

My hand hurts, so I'm going to take a bit of a break after finishing up typing this. I'm pumped full of caffeine, so I'll be up until at least 5 or 6 😬. Then it's off to a good morning's rest.

For now, boss info:
Boss 1: Manticore (Persian origin)
Boss 2: Chimera (Greek origin)
Boss 3: Dragon (Chinese origin)

You fight the bosses in this order because it's the order of the amount of effort I put into their respective drawings. Well, I might've put slightly more into the chimera than the dragon, but the dragon looks stronger. So there you go.
I can't show boss images because I'd like to wait for you to see them when playing, but I do have some juicy info I withheld last update.
character classes.jpg
Character classes!

You can choose a class at the beginning of the game, which will change attribute values and weapon type (affects sprite).
1. Chevalier: wields shortsword, emphasis on SPD and CRIT rate
2. Knight: wields arming sword, emphasis on ATK, otherwise balanced
3: Paladin: wields greatsword, emphasis on DEF and HP

Attribute mechanic:
Depending on the character class, the player starts out with a set attribute distribution. Then, when levelling up, the player will gain a point in a random attribute and a point in a class attribute (e.g. SPD or CRIT rate for chevalier). The player may also chance upon an attribute tome when exploring or defeating enemies which will raise attribute points.
Different enemy types will also have different attribute distributions (so combat won't be too boring).

After a quick break to rest my fingers, it'll be back to drawing. The mobs shouldn't be too complicated, so it shouldn't take more than an hour to draw six or nine. Then, I'll probably head off to bed if I don't feel like coloring.
My hand hurts. And I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now.

I took a break, then brainstormed some mobs, then drew a few. I have lines for about three of nine mobs, and I think I can finish the rest within an hour (after I wake up, of course).

Maybe I'll be up by 12, maybe I won't. We'll find out. At that time, I'll post another quick update and then decide whether I want to get back to work or waste some time instead.
Turns out I'd be up by 12. My mind is still boggled from sleeping too late, so I'll do other things than draw for now. Like make lunch. Or ingest more caffeine. Or play games.

When I eventually get back to work, I'll have to finish drawing the mobs, then all the random miscellaneous sprites that I've definitely already thought of, then color everything. Hoping to finish before 6 or 8, but finishing by midnight also works. In that case I'll just have to code everything in one-and-a-half days. But the artwork really shouldn't take 12 or 8 hours to do.

I'll update again once I've made some progress drawing.

I also forgot to mention that the mobs don't really have anything to do with any particular mythologies (except maybe the hellhound (various western mythologies)), but that's probably fine.
Lunch took a while to make. Probably because I made extra for dinner.

I finished drawing my nine non-boss enemies. The weaker ones are a bit low-effort, but they got a bit more complex for the stronger ones. I totally didn't trace over a pokemon sprite for one of them and add a gun and call it a day.

I wrote down some attribute distributions for the enemies. Of course the bosses are a lot stroger than all the other enemies. But one of the mobs has the same amount of HP as the dragon boss haha ha.

How attributes and combat work (for my use later on):
Each battle consists of two characters: the player and one enemy (I decided multiple enemies would be too much effort). Health is refreshed every battle. Or maybe every expedition (3 or 5 battles, idk). I'll figure that out later.
During combat the character can choose between ATTACK, DEFEND, FOCUS, and RUN.
- ATTACK - deals damage to the enemy based on the ATK attribute
- DEFEND - utilizes full DEF attribute to block a potential oncoming attack
- FOCUS - the next attack will be a CRIT (critical hit)
- RUN - escape the enemy

RUN ends the battle immediately. DEFEND and FOCUS take priority. If both characters use one of those, the player goes first. If both characters use ATTACK, the character with the higher SPD attribute attacks first. There is a chance to deal a CRIT, which doubles damage output on an ATTACK. The player can raise their CRIT rate attribute. All enemies have a 5% CRIT rate unless FOCUS was used previously. ATTACK will deal damage equal to the ATK attribute, times two if the ATTACK is a CRIT, minus 50% of the enemy's DEF attribute, for a minimum of 1 DMG. If DEFEND is used, ATTACK will deal minus 100% of the enemy's DEF attribute, for a minimum of 0 DMG.

For each level, enemies will have their base attributes plus 0.5 times their base attributes per additional level past 1. So if an enemy has a base ATK of 3, they will have an ATK attribute of 6 at level 3 (3 + (0.5 * (2 * 3)) ). At level 10 they will have an ATK attribute of 16.5 (3 + (0.5 * (9 * 3)) ). For display purposes, all values will be multiplied by 100, so the level 10 enemy ill have 1650 ATK (though the only stats the player will see will be player stats). I'll have to test how well this works later.

Enemy AI: On any given turn, the enemy has a 70% chance to ATTACK and a 30% chance to FOCUS. If the player has used FOCUS but has not yet used ATTACK, the enemy has a 60% chance to DEFEND, a 30% chance to ATTACK, and 10% chance to FOCUS.

I'm taking a break until 3, and then it's onto coloring everything. Then I need to make miscellaneous sprites. Hopefully I'll be done with sprites by 6 or 7.
My hand hurts.

I finally finished coloring all the player + enemy sprites. I'm glad they don't move, or I would be spending all weekend coloring.

The player character and bosses look gr10 in color.

Next step is to think of / list and draw all miscellaneous sprites I will need, and then export all the images.

But first, I shall have dinner. Then it's back to work.

I actually can't wait to finish this game. The sprites look so cool.

Did I write something about being unmotivated yesterday? Well, now I am motivated.
I took a break then drew some battle effects sprites and a couple of UI icons. I'm gonna go for a simple UI design, so probably won't make anymore sprites for that. I do still need to draw a world map (of sorts), but other than that I think I'm done with sprites (???).

I exported everything (a pain on Photoshop CS6, as usual) and then took another break.

Now it's onto the GMS2 project.

Hopefully I know what I'm doing by 11 or 12.

After the last update, I imported my sprites and then put some character data (stats, etc.) into some arrays. Then I struggled to remember how to code. I took a lengthy-ish break (about an hour-and-a-half??) and then went back to work.

My code's kinda gross and I'm tired. I might collapse soon so I'm going to call it a night here.

To elaborate, I've got a working turn-based combat system. The stat values all work properly and the sequencing works as I imagined it. It doesn't look very pretty (yet), but I'll try to fix that tomorrow. I've also been using keyboard number keys instead of click-y buttons (as I had planned), so I'll have to do that tomorrow. I've definitely done buttons before, so I should be fine on that (??).

Fortunately, this project's not as complicated as the one I did for jam 41, which is good because I hadn't coded since then and kinda forgot how to use GMS2. And I'm tired. I should be able to finish coding a reasonably decent gameplay loop by tomorrow evening (really hoping I'm estimating right this time, because I don't feel like typing anymore code this weekend, but I still have to make the rest of the game). And then I'm hoping I won't overcomplicate how I do buttons and the overworld map.

Then I need to do something about a cutscene and then music and music and music. I was thinking regional battle themes and boss themes, but we'll see how I feel about writing music.

I'm gonna sleep now. Then probably wake up around 12 and then make lunch/dinner (again). Then back to work, hopefully less tired.
I woke up before 12 again (!). I have to make lunch though, so I'll be getting back to work later.

I forgot to mention in my last update that I also spent a lot of time tweeking numbers and calculations (mostly calculations before I realized my original idea was fine and I just needed to change numbers). It feels alright for now, but I'll have to see when play-testing how well my damage calculations work out. As compensation for bad calculations, the player won't lose anything if they lose a battle.

I also forgot to update my title. I came up with it yesterday. It's called "Blade of Redemption" because uhh plot (find out).
Maybe you're wondering why I didn't update my devlog all day yesterday, or maybe you're not (if I had to guess, I'd say you're not).

I guess I slept too late the previous two days so I was really out of it yesterday. I spent all day working on code nonetheless, but I didn't feel like sparing my concentration to update this post.

Yesterday I added a lot to the game, including refining the turn-based process, making things a lot prettier, putting in some visual effects (I did some of those this morning too), adding an "overworld map" (it's just a sort of level selection), tweaking numbers again, and adding a player info menu. Probably some other small things too, but I don't quite remember off the top of my head. I feel like half the time I didn't quite know what I was doing, but muscle memory and my massive brain pulled through. My code looks like trash, but at least my game doesn't.

I think I worked on it pretty much the entire day from 12:30ish until 10:30ish. I didn't really take breaks (just for dinner and to take a shower), so it was honestly probably at half-efficiency most of the time. I'm feeling much refreshed today though after getting a good(?) night's rest. I woke up at 9 for online church service and then added some small things after. I'm feeling pretty good so I'll be able to get a lot done (I need to, because there's a lot to be done, and today's my last day, excluding Monday 12-5AM PST).

Next steps: make a win screen, make a quick cutscene, make a menu. Then music and sound effects if I have time later.
I still haven't updated to 2.3, so it'll be jank cutscenes again (the code, anyway).

One regret is that my combat interface doesn't look as epic as I'd hoped, but that'll be too much effort to plan, much more to execute, so can't be helped.
The game's also not exactly as fun as I'd hoped. It's definitely not as engaging as my past two jam games, so I'm not expecting a top-3 finisher this time around. Hoping for top-10, but that might be pushing it. At least I'm hoping for best art (but that's not a category, so......(I think Pat's or Ninety's art will probably be more impressive anyway)) or best devlog (not actually indicative of my potentially great programming skills).

Additional note: I finally came up with a player character name!
More specifically, my friend did. In response to me saying "This is terrible" (about my game), she said "She's called Terri (with two R's), because this is terrible."
So the character's name is Terri.
I thought I was done around 6, but then I found a pretty significant bug. Took like 15 minutes to realize what line of code I was missing, and then playtested and had dinner.

I've once again realized that I spend way too much time making things look good-ish. I don't think any more polish is going to make the game look any better. The code could though.....

I added a win screen, a main menu, a beginning scene, and save/load. As promised. And I did it by 6(ish). Leaving enough time to write some music any maybe maybe make some sound effects. Maybe just like 2 or 3 sound effects. I playtested quite a bit. The gameplay loop allows for infinite gameplay, since if you beat it I just up the enemy levels. Not that anyone would want to play this game infinitely.... I'm surprised with how well balancing came out. At some points, enemies are pretty easy, and sometimes the player loses. Just that the bosses are pretty much impossible to beat for their level, unless you get really good luck on critical hits. They're manageable after leveling up some more though. I think it's because I made their base difficulty higher and scale everything based on level. I'm gonna keep it the way it is though, because I like how it feels right now (for the most part).

Now I'm going to write some music (and, idk, maybe maybe repurpose some old music). I usually find this part less terrible than the other parts of the project. I don't know why. Hopefully, I'll be finished writing whatever I need to write in three hours or less. And then it'll be adding them to the game. Then I will consider doing sound effects and then call it a game.
Okay I'm done.

My creative juices ran out before I even got started on music. I wanted to do boss battle themes, but my normal battle theme was meh and I couldn't think of any other melodies for battle themes and I'm tired of this project, so I just have one battle theme for the whole game.

So I ended up with only three soundtracks and no sound effects (because I never want to touch this project again).

It wasn't hard to code in, so that's pretty nice. I've exported and added a Drive link. Maybe I'll get a friend to playtest it later and we'll find a bug, and then maybe I'll update the file, but hopefully not because (again) I never want to touch this project again.

Signing off for now. Gonna go play games or something. Glad I don't have class tomorrow. I'll let Evanski and whoever else plays my game decide whether it's decent.
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Invaders of Egypt
egypt log smallo.png


developer: me!

**I am making all resources (sprites, music). 100% of everything in this game was made during the jam, I chose not to use any prior resources.

Egyptian mythology is under attack by its rivals, play as the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra, defending your moon and sun from attackers. As you defeat enemies you earn XP, you can spend this XP to upgrade your player. Control both eyes simultaneously to defeat ENDLESS waves of enemies and set your XP highscore!

-6 kinds of upgrades for both players you control (12 total) with 3 levels of each
-each upgrade changes your characters appearance to reflect the upgrade
-sick egyptian trap soundtrack
-5 different kinds of enemies, symbols from Greek, Mayan, Chinese, Japanese, and Norse mythology.
-all 5 enemies travel along different paths. Some have other effects as well
-10 starting waves, and endless generated waves after 10
-difficulty increases with every wave - how long can you survive?
-top 5 highscore save/load system
-highscore tracks your XP for placement in the top 5, as well as your Kills, and Waves completed!


Final Dev Log:
->finished infinite wave system after wave 10
->make shoot sfx
->make explosion sfx
-> add sfx to game
-> finish second loopable song for game
-> add song to game
-> final balancing
->now playtesting then uploading final build

Made a theme song, gonna call the genre "fake 8 bit egyptian trap"


came up with an idea using the eye of Horus and the eye of Ra, pretty good baseline of where I want the game to be. Have game name "Invaders of Egypt"

created the player sprites and individual pieces, starting the actual game now

got the camera/view size i want figured out and working, starting on the character controls

Got the player movement done and working, starting on the bullets and upgradesbullet1.gif

-> add enemies and movement (check)
-> add killing enemy and adding score (check)
-> have enemy damage player / sun moon (check)
-> add waves (check)
-> more waves (check)

made a background hud
fixed some things
added fades between rooms
added all the rooms i need
currently finishing the shop hud and upgrade system

shop is 90% done
upgrades are working
transitions are fixed between rooms
fixed all issues with spawning waves
updated the logo but can't change the picture here

-> make menu buttons (check)
-> add score gui (check)

->add help screen and make background (check)
->add buttons to help screen (check)
->add game over screen and add losing (check)
->add life gui (check)
-> add info in help (check)

->finish shop (check)
-> added leaderboard (check)
->create space to add player names (check)

->players can now write their name and be added to the leaderboard (check)
->show your xp score, waves, kills, in game over screen (check)
->reset variables when you lose (check)
->link leaderboard back to menu (check)

-> add descriptions on upgrade page (check)
-> added final upgrade (check)
-> reset upgrades, maxhp after game end (check)
-> add a 3:2:1 go! (check)
->add wave completed text (check)
-> added simple save/load system (check)

->add a new enemy (check)
->fix a bunch of things (check)
->enemy hp raises with waves (check)
->stronger bullets deal more damage (check)
->add explosion animation for enemies (check)
->added screenshake for explosions and losing health (check)
->added blue and red screen flashes when you lose health (check)
-> made array for upgrade costs and balanced accordingly (check)
-> added charge bar for special attack (check)
-> created effect for special attack (check)
-> added special and upgrades (check)
-> smash head against desk because something isnt working (check)

->finally fixed issue i was having (check)
-> added yin yang enemy (check)
-> added enemy from japanese mythology (check)
-> added a mayan enemy from mythology (check)
-> now focusing on adding waves up to 10 or 20, one or two more enemies, and a final boss. Then endless waves at the end

made a song for the menu

-> add on/off options for sfx and music in menu (check)
->added 10 base waves
->set up audio groups
-> added menu theme song


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Submitted as an incomplete title.
Feel free to enjoy the "QWASDE" card control (meant to test tweaning) draw the remaining few cards into the hand with "Spacebar" and reset the game with "R".
I may continue this project for fun at a later date, but sadly it's missing it's core gameplay. Glorified tech demo :)

Lore Quest
by Braydee Johnson
Download on

I've got work, then hoping I can get started later this afternoon. I've missed jamming, so I'd love to get involved. I'll be brainstorming over the next several hours.
Sadly my time limit has been reached, I had far less time to work than I previously had hoped, and scope was far too big, the game is unfinished and largely unplayable. I met many of my early goals, but the scope was a tad larger than I could handle with the time I had. Post mortem to follow.
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The M

The fall of Lankapuri


-- Day 1 --
I want to do some kind of dungeon exploration game where you pick up items, defeat enemies and bypass crafty traps. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is the Minotaur Labyrinth, but that's been done a million times -- surely there has to be more mythological labyrinths out there? Well, according to Wikipedia's entry on labyrinths in mythology there's a demon king in Hinduism who "has dominion over labyrinths". While I can't find any other good sources on the subject, the fact that he's a 10-faced, semi-immortal, demon warrior, felled by the avatar of a god, means he's epic final boss material! That's enough for me.

As for gameplay, I'm going to do some weird mix-up of randomly generated handcrafted dungeons and Undertale-esque combat. Also, you'll play with and as the mouse cursor.

I have no idea what will happen...

-- Day 2 --
Figuring out how to draw the graphics was a challenge. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't been using tiles, which are super-awkward to draw because they offer very little control (this is GM:S 1.4; you can't just get the layer and draw it at will). In the end I set up a view on the tiles I wanted to render, then had an extra surface to copy them to after they had been drawn and finally drew all objects manually in the controller's draw script. This is the result:

I'm doing a limited pixels, monochrome palette, but with a few twists. Since Rama, the hero, is depicted as blue-skinned, golden-panted and halo-clad, that's what I'm doing too. It makes him stand out a bit more. I'm a little torn on whether the mouse controls really is a good idea, but I'll stick with them for now to see where it'll take me.

Also, I've settled on a font that can actually be read this time!

I updated the UI to display your health. Since it's a jam I figured I'd be extra kind so each heart has 3 stages before it's depleted (meaning you can take 9 hits before it's game over). The mouse controls and view shenanigans continue to be more of a nuisance than anything, but at least it's a cool effect. I managed to "trap" the mouse on the screen and wrap it when you do a scene transition. It works pretty well I think. I still haven't implemented any items or combat or lock picking but at least there is a foundation to build a game on.

-- Day 3 --
This post will be written in post because I don't have much time today. I've set up an inventory system and will spend the night preparing the combat system. I want a variety of items but I have limited inventory space and I'm not sure how to make them interesting (without requiring too much work, or forcing them to be permanent where I want consumables).

-- Day 4 --
This time I've got plenty to show because the combat system is up and running! You dodge enemy attacks while trying to charge up a counter attack which lets you select an item from your inventory to use. You start the game with a bow, which will let you shoot back and kill the enemy once equipped in battle, but you'll also find a sword in the dungeon which is stronger but has shorter range. There are also traps, where you have to dodge a series of attacks before it disarms itself.

I have a few enemy patterns down and will probably make a few more. Though, before that I have to create a lock picking mini game, which is the final cornerstone of gameplay that is missing.
And here it is! So far I've only one lockpicking scene, but it works for both chests and gates. I've also updated items so that they can be used outside of combat, but I accidentally made them affect the entire castle and not just the current screen. Whoops!

Isn't it just awesome when the mythology you picked also just so happens to have the perfect mini-boss encounter as part of the narrative? The cursed, headless demon Kabandha appeared to block Rama's path in the Ramayana, and he sure will do the same thing here. Also, his power lied in his arms which the hero had to chop off, so guess what the player'll be doing during this battle?

Now I've reached the point where the game is mostly complete, but I'm running out of time. I still need to create the final boss battle, add all the audio and set up a win/lose state. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything I can cut, unless I want to skip the boss, but that would be super-anticlimactic! I guess we'll see if I can squeeze in some time tomorrow for the final touches.

Let's make a boss! Glad I'm not animating stuff, because ten faces are awkward as heck! (Yes, there are only nine, but some versions say he had one chopped off, so I can have my symmetry thank you.)

I think I made him justice with this boss battle. It's got seven patterns and is really intense! All that's left is to finish it up with an ending, fail state and then music.


Not sure if this should be written under the Day 5 header, because it's well past midnight now. The game is finished, barring audio. It can be played from start to finish and most bugs are gone. I'm going to go to bed now and hope that I can take some time off work tomorrow morning to do the remaining bits.

-- Day 5 --
Music, sound, come to me! I'm doing some simultaneous audio editing + bug hunting for the final spit and polish. The music isn't as sophisticated as I'd have liked (only a single track, rather than multiple for different contexts) but it's faster this way. I've added a checkpoint system so that dying won't be a big deal: it's a jam, and I want you to finish the game, not rage-quit if you get a game over and have to restart. I don't know how hard the game is (I can easily beat it myself without getting hit, but that's not a good metric) so I'm hedging my bets and have added a few extra potions too. I just hope the final boss is decently paced, and I am fighting the urge to raise its hp to make the battle last a bit longer (I think that'd be a mistake).

I'm really happy about how the game turned out and I think the only thing I'd have changed if I had more time is to add a few patterns to enemies and locks to avoid repetition. I usually strive to learn something new with each jam and while I felt like I was playing it safe with the programming, it has been a blast to learn about the mythology as well as trying out a completely different art style and gameplay than anything I've attempted before!
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By PugWizard101 link (HTML5 and Windows)



One day wasted, and I have decided to change the idea. You will have parts of maps which you can move to interact with the real world
Got the main mechanics down, and are working on levels
Got saves working
Finished up the first cutscene
Finished second cutscene and started on boss
Finished the first boss
Finished second batch of levels and boss
Finished third set of levels and final boss, as well as cutscenes
Finished music and sound effects, now I just need to polish.
Added a mute button so you don't have to listen to my bad music design
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Son of the Sun God (Working Title)

DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)


How hard can it be to drive the sun through the sky?
- Implemented very basic elements of movement, it might be kind of fun, or it might be super annoying
- Drawing inspiration specifically from the tragic tale of Phaethon, which directly references some of the mechanics I want to implement before I even knew about the story lol
- Haven't gotten as far as I hoped to today, kind of getting my butt kicked with trying to learn GMS 2 along with the normal problems I run into.
- The idea is to go for an art style based on ancient Greek art, particularly black/red figure painting.
- I'm struggling with getting the movement to feel right, there's a number of things that are just "off" and I need to revisit all that.
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A 2D bullet-hell game with Greek Mythological Weapons

By CardinalCoder64

- Spent a long day programming different weapons (6 total: Apollo's Bow, Hermes's Caduceus, Aegis Shield, Medusa's Head, Poseidon's Trident, and Zeus's Thunderbolt).
- Right now I'm just using basic shapes as sprite placeholders, will update graphics later.
- Think it's about time to call it a night, meds are making me sleepy (9:16 PM where I'm at). Will work on programming enemies tomorrow probably.

- Programmed some AI, setting up enemy paths and bullet patterns.
- Made the title screen plus a background.
- Set up scrolling camera.
- Implemented bullet damage and player/enemy hp and updated GUI accordingly.
- Got the first wave of enemies down.
- Tomorrow will be about finishing up the levels as well as setting up difficulties and polish.

- Established different difficulties
- Placed enemies in all associated rooms
- Made start/end sequences
- I'm falling asleep while writing this so I think it's time to call it a night

- Added sounds and music
- Added sprites for enemies and player
- Finished the game just in time for the deadline!
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DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE ~ 5mb download size


A modern myth by Mightyjor!

After the Elder gods have destroyed all the life and love in the universe, the little god Cthildha is left with nothing to do in an empty universe. Learn the story of how the universe was put back together by a little god and her desire to create!

- Fun and uplifting story with full voice narration!
- No violence, profanity, nudity, or copyrighted assets (Cthulhu is in the public domain). The only offensive thing may or may not be my wife's "British" accent. We knew what it sounded like when we recorded it, so at this point it was just an artistic choice.
- Create planets that are randomly generated with over 38 quadrillion different possibilities!
- Slingshot your way around the universe using the gravity of the planets you create.
- All art, music, sound effects, story, code and design by Mightyjor, created during the jam period.


I decided today that I want to make something. I don't have any expectations of it being good or even that fun, but I think it will be something.

In just about an hour of development, I've made a system that randomly generates planets, names, and a gravity system to traverse the universe. It was all surprisingly easy.

Names - just had to add together a bunch of little word fragments in a script. If it detects a string that's an empty space, it will add some cool second word like Area or VII.
Planets - Created black outlines on white circles that choose a random color (will probably replace this with some kind of palette down the road.) Then I created 6 different textures on the planets and did a black outline with white on them too. The colors are changed just by using image_blend.
Physics - character flies around the world by setting the built in gravity_direction towards whatever planet is nearest, then uses a formula to increase the gravity depending on the size of the planet.

My wife had the idea about adding the constellations. I thought it was a fun way to tie everything back to mythology since all constellations are named after Greek and Roman God's mostly. Originally the idea was that Apollo would fly around on his chariot doing the exploration, but I think I like this better. Maybe I'll add a mode where you can do real constellations. Not sure yet.

Made a lot of great progress so far. Here's a list so far:

Story - wrote a story that I would like the game to follow and I think I'm going to modify it quite a bit. Instead of naming constellations, you play as Cthildha, daughter of Cthulu. He's already destroyed the universe and you follow Cthildha on her journey of learning that its better to create than to destroy. I'm really happy with the way the story reads. I might even want to make this a children's book or something someday.

Art - I made a few different art assets for the textures and started taking advantage of the alpha modes so that the textures look much nicer. I also added a full color palette in code so it doesn't look like MS paint anymore.

Particles - I added in a lot of particles so the game looks a lot more pretty. I designed a cute little Cthulu monster that flies around the map. I love her so much.

Gameplay - I added in the feature to create planets and got rid of all the existing ones. I made it so you collect Sparks from the planets that let you create more planets, so it plays more like an Idle game now. Collect sparks so that you can create more planets and collect more sparks! Lots of fun.

Really happy with how this is going! Tomorrow I'll put in some gameplay and have my wife read the story so I can add in her audio clips. Here is a look at how the game is right now:


Once upon a time, long after the destruction of the universe by the Elder Gods, Cthildha was floating aimlessly through space.
"I wish I had something to destroy!" she thought to herself. Her father had already destroyed all life and love in existence.
But as the young god sulked about the void of eternity, she came across a curious spark.
When she touched the spark, a new idea took hold in her mind.
"If I CREATE something," she thought, "then I'll have something to destroy!"
Cthildha admired her new planet for a only a moment. As she was about to destroy it, something inside her heart stayed her hand.
"The destruction of just one creation will be too small!" she thought, giving words to the impression. "I must create more so I can destroy MORE!"
Cthildha went about collecting more sparks in the universe so that she could create even more planets.
She noticed that the planets produced MORE sparks of creativity all on there own, which allowed her to create even more planets. If she continued collecting and creating, she would have so much to destroy!
"Daddy will be so proud of me when he sees all the planets I've destroyed!" she thought to herself.
Cthildha decided that it would be better to destroy bigger planets instead of just more of them. So she spent even more sparks of creation to create even bigger planets.
But something curious started to happen. As the sparks absorbed into her, she felt a new longing, not for destruction as she once had, but for creation.
"I must create more!" she thought to herself. "Daddy will be oh so proud when he sees all the things there are to destroy!" But even as she thought the words, she longed to see these creations preserved, to see them grow and flourish and expand into the universe.
Soon the planets started to grow life forms on them. It started with plants, then with animals, and eventually human beings that began to worship her.
"I should destroy these," she thought to herself as she wandered away. And as her creations grew, so did her love for them. She did not wish for them to be destroyed. She wished for them to be seen and admired.
And so Cthildha went on, creating planet after planet, admiring her creations as she did, allowing them to remain in the universe where they expanded upon themselves. Soon the universe was populated again by creation.
In the night when her father would come to see Cthildha, she would hide her creations so they would not be destroyed. And during the day she would unhide them and continue expanding her universe.
And so we see that the most powerful thing in the universe is creation, the spark that ignites the fires of love and life. We can thank Cthildha every night when the sun sets that she is protecting us from the gaze of the Elder Gods so that during the day we can create and love our creations the way Cthildha loves us.


Game is almost done! recorded the audio and implemented it into the game. I also beautified a lot of the art so the game is pretty and made something of an interactive menu, though the game is more of a short experience than a full on game. Hopefully it will be a nice enough story to keep you engaged for the 5-7 minutes of gameplay. I guess now all that's left is to add some music to the game, sounds effects, and make some more particles.
View attachment 42554

Game is done!

Music - recorded something simple of me just jamming on the guitar for a few minutes, added some cool atmospheric effects and it is perfect.
SFX - these are super easy to create with Mixcraft. It has a simulated sound effect keyboard so I use that mostly, though there are a few I made with percussion beats, virtual instruments, etc.
Art - made this cool guy to show that you need to listen with headphones. I love him.

Alright, just going to go to bed now. Life is great. Goodnight everyone!


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by Terminator_Pony

A battle-sim inspired by Irish mythology - a war goddess who manifests as a crow. "She is known to cause fear and confusion among soldiers to move the tide of battle to her favoured side." - Wikipedia


Wasn't planning on entering this time... but I glanced at the topic and the idea-mill got turning. (no turning back now) Not sure how complete it will be, but here we go. Got some base graphics done, and basic gameplay ideas.
Got all of the core mechanics+particles implemented today. Basically a tinkering sandbox: choose a side in battle and boost or destroy moral. Changing flight patterns changes who you aid in battle. All it needs at the moment is instructions.

Trying to keep it as complete as possible so I can just upload if I get too busy this weekend.

Wow.. this was an experience. Improved on a lot of things over the past day, but every change seemed to momentarily break things. Some were logic oversights, some where rounding inaccuracies. All fun in their own right. Typically it was a subtle behavioral shift in one or both sides of the armies. Such as here, where they all got into a semi-polite line:

Then, as I put the finishing touches, the IDE crashed. Along with my computer. Then this:
I was able to recreate the assets and drag over most of their properties via the file system. For some things like the room background color, I used a color check tool against one of my screenshots. (see, promo shots ARE useful!)

Hoping it runs smooth and someone gets some enjoyment out of it. I enjoyed making it up to a certain point ;)
It's on a single 256 texture page. If 128 was an option I probably would've tried to force it. :p
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Description (loosely): Build up a base while defending against many enemies as you mine and search the nearby passing asteroids for the fabled Arthrillian Artifact of Beeble.

(Hopefully it will be some kind of a game-ish thing.)

Devlog #1
Got quite a bit done so far -- things have been progressing smoothly. I think I overscoped again, but oh well. I wouldn't be me if I didn't overscope, eh?
Here's a screenie -- there's more there than how it looks, actually... (and this is an old screenie.)

I'll post a new one tomorrow. Gotta sleep now. Brain is slowing down too much.

Devlog #2
Lots more done! A little too grindy at first, but then it's fun to watch after you get things going. Gotta work on balance. Here's a screenie...

All build items work, including a little bug I need to squash. Still gotta add in the counts for the gui numbers. Gotta add enemies ("many enemies") from sprites to AI to spawn waves -- or however I'm gonna do it. Nothing is done with enemies yet. Got plans for tooltips for when you hover over build items. Also would like some sort of stat hover text (or something) for the existing base platforms.

Speaking of platforms, I need to figure out what the base and aux platforms do. Thinking about adding a "power" stat, but I dunno. Also still have to code the gun platform.

Plus a million other things I need to code. Why do I do this to myself? lol

Devlog #3
New screenie....

Got things balanced pretty good, but it might be too easy. Better to be too easy than too hard, i guess. Got one "many enemies" in. Started the tooltips on the build menu. Colored the gui text at the top. Been playtesting way more than I should be, but that's probably a good thing. Was getting tired and thinking too slow so I found some sounds and music to put in tomorrow. Also wrote up a credits text in notepad.

There's a few more features I need to implement. Hope to get it all done tomorrow. We'll see....

Devlog #4

Barely was able to "finish" --- and still not finished. Hopefully it plays all the way thru without errors. I didn't get to test it thoroughly before the upload. Don't really have a new screenie to show, so that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy the game, for what it is!
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The Will o Wisp
By Bearly Co-oping
Members: HeadlessOne, Kyoubear & Lama from space.

old Link if it asks you for a key its #hOz_ORrQmvlYJ4FUZjnHvoiOgQ3LbhH1-RZZsdtq8wA (i'll upload to itch once they let me in but had to get in before the cut off


Here is a quick little snippit of gameplay.

devlog 3:
...i wasn't confident i could win the jam on programming skill alone so i have decided to employ DARK SNAIL MAGIC!!!!... checkmate.
Fixed up alot of graphical stuff so its starting to look pretty swanky now, even put some sounds in there which i normally never never get to so that's a bonus. Unfortunatly My teammates computer let the smoke out (thankfully because were using GIT we didnt loose anything) but with the lock down he isn't going to beable to fix it any time soon poor guy.

devlog 2:
Got pretty much all the functionality out of the way, now were just Slowly getting rid of the Temp graphics and building a metric butt-tonne of levels.
first screenshot, LOTS of temporary sprites atm, but most of the functionality is all there, buttons, timed buttons and the ability to possess objects and move them around the space. etc, will update as we go.
View attachment 42514
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Mr Magnus

Viking King
Download now. Please. I'm so tired. I've worked really hard on this, kind of, sort of, almost.

Exactly ten puzzles that are either too hard or too easy, accompanied by what started off as pretty humorous narration that just devolved in to complaints of a tired Magnús. Aside from the code and the narration everything here is taken off either a stock image site (some of which I paid for) or freesounds / freemusicarchive. This is the video game equivalent of cutting pictures out of a magazine and glue them together in to a collage.

I started developing this game around 22 on the 29th of June, and uploaded it seven hours later at 5:00 on the 30th. Why I do this to myself, I do not know.


Pretend devlog that I wrote in like, five minutes at 5 in the morning.
22:00 - Decide that I hate myself and start work on a second entry while I listen to Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin.
Go scavanging the deep caves that is unsplash open source stock image library.

22:30: See a cute stock image from iStock and actually buy it using hard earned money.

23:00 - Narrate a fun intro and a few other voice clips to use. Make a main menu. Briefly consider maybe starting on gameplay. How hard can it really be to make a puzzle game?

00:00 30.08.2021
Making puzzles for a puzzle game is very hard. Why didn't any of you stop me? Why didn't I stop me? Why is Mr. Willoughby such a huge arse? Does any of this have any meaning?

Dog had the runs. Had to take him out. Slowly feel madness ensnaring me. Send help. Find a time machine and send help, stat.

These narrations started off pretty funny. Now they are just variations of how tired I am.

I know you don't read these devlogs. I don't read these devlogs. I've found some music to go with my game. Had to play it at 2% volume because I am not a sound engineer and all my voice over
work is so dreadfully poorly mixed that it's impossible to hear it *and* the ambient music at the same time. So instead of actually being competent and trying to remix the voice over to a more suitable level I just
turn the volume of the music way down. Bodging, it's an artform.

On my last levels. I am also on my last legs. I have class in, what, eight hours? I'm sure I'll get plenty of sleep.... or something..... aside from the fact I have to wake up to finish this book before class..... yay.

Last level. It is finished. I forget the solutions to my own puzzles the moment I finish them. I am sleep incarnate. Is this even mythology? Does this count? Why are we here? Just to suffer? I wonder if this was at all worth it.



Due to school and work, I've had so little time to work on this that even the title is nonsense.


I'm sad that I didn't have time to make something really cool for the 42nd Jam, or time to come up with something that actually uses the really dope theme for that matter. But I made something, darn it!


Edit- LOL! I already found a way to crash it. XD I'm going to bed.
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🌊Typhon's Return⚡
By Royaku and Herostone67
Vulcain Games


link for the game :

(all the ressources was made by us for the 42° Gmc jam)

Devlog : 👨‍💻 (writed by royaku)
Herostone arrive in my city (in france) the theme was already announced, so we brainstorm with abig game with this plot :
zeus announce to hermes that Chronos is waking up and need to give the god power to perceus so he can go to the tartar (the bad hell part in greek mythology) and kill Chronos because zeus is too lazy to do the work, so we need to control hermes to bring the Poseidon's Trident and Zeus's lightning to earth, then we control persee who need to kill a lot of monsters to pay Charon, the ferryman, fight a boss and then we go in hell to fight more monsters and then after another boss we go in the Tartar and kill stronger monsters and fight the final boss Chronos...
An then we work all the day to try to make a working dash system, without any succed
(my mother wanted us to get out of the computer sometime so we don't work a lot)
We give up because we would not have enough time and use all the day making other coding things
but anyway I had familly things, poor herostone lol
We said that anyway we would probably not finish the games but we will try to with a smaller concept anyway
the new idea is to take only the first level concept with hermes wut we will add other things like ennemies, but NO DASH
and then we change the final boss and take typhon, the storm giant, he is the size of a mountain so make him in the ski would be logic
we work on other things and work a LOOOOT until 11 pm (23h) and we decide to wake up early the next day because it's the last one and we need to finish it.
so we wake up at 7 am (well my friend do, because I was to sleepy so I wake up more at 7:30 am lol )
he finish to dev ennemies and typhon, i make all the screens and we make other things...

we can't wait to finish so we can eat kebab 🤤

🎮Our Discord Server🎮
Photo de profil de vulcain_games
📸Instagram : 🖼

we learn a lot with our first jam (and maybe real finished game), it was very cool thanks you a lot yoyogames for your amazing software​
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