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Turn It Off And On Again


Thursday May 23rd, 2019 at 12:00 UTC


Monday May 27th, 2019 at 12:00 UTC

please pm @Alice for help during the jam, as @GameDevDan is away.

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on May 23rd and 12:00 UTC on May 27th, and posted here in the games topic.
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on May 27th.
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but only the Windows build will be judged.
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -
You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

As at the start of the jam the following people were looking for teams but be aware, they may already have teammates at this point:
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by @Alice and @Siolfor the Jackal

Day one-ish
Hour 00:20 of the first Jam day (Alice)
So, the theme is TURN IT OFF AND ON AGAIN. It was so unexpected that I and Siolfor immediately decided to use that circuit-switching puzzle game idea we discussed the other day. There were some others (like something that essentially boiled down to Flappy Birds clone) but this puzzle seemed the most interesting to both of us.

The general concept boils down to setting up the game map so that the resulting system ends up turning off the Gizmo (starting in the errored state), then turning in on again (reset to the working state).

The Gizmo, along with other gameplay elements, is attached to an electrical circuit of sorts - after the system is launched, the circuit the Gizmo is a part of should at some point be broken (e.g. by turning off a switch attached to that circuit) then linked back again. All this would be setup by some simplified The Incredible Machine style puzzle, where a bunch of switch particles float around and interact with the switches (no one would have guessed that).

As much as I like the idea, I feel like coding the circuit recognition algorithm is going to be a pain.

Hour 08:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
I managed to build some rudimentary level editor thing. It went somewhat smoothly; even the circuits building didn't cause me that much problem, despite operating on cell boundaries rather than cell themselves. Of course, it doesn't yet save anything and it misses some functionality, but it's still a good base for later testing.

Also, Siolfor woke up, so we could decide on further actions. I have yet to figure out what sort of graphics style we are going for (I know what style we aren't; the placeholders I made, that is), so I suggested starting with the soundtracks. Like, themed after four Western elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air), since I figured we could make maps based around that. And maybe also something else...?

Myself, I decided to take a short break, before tackling the circuit recognition thing.

Hour 12:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
Circuit recognition is a pain.

Well, at least I think I managed to come up with some algorithm that wouldn't be too expensive and am on my way to implement it. It's more that just traversing the circuit graph and culling the dead ends, because there might be two loops connected with a single link or a single node which are actually separate circuits (blame Kirchhoff for that).

What counts as a single circuit "group" for me is a set of nodes and links such that for any two nodes I can build a loop going through both of them which never goes through any node more than once (it's a stronger condition than not going throught any *link* more than once, as that would treat loops connected with a single node as a part of the same circuit).
Well, at least I'm not trying to solve the circuit, with all kinds of resistances and voltages and currents thrown in. As long as there's a working power source within a given closed circuit, it works for me. ^^'

Also, in order not to make too many structures, I came up with some crazy loop stacking scheme. This is the kind of thing I'd rather not increase the big O complexity unnecessarily.

I'd better take some sleep now; coding in this drowsy state is just a waste of time...

Hour 19:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
Back to the action and ready... implement that complex circuit grouping algorithm...
...without GML-supported structures and inline functions.

Well, this is going to be fu...n.

(at least Siolfor finished the Earth track; pretty sweet, that ^^)

Hour 22:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
I think I got something implemented? It kinda sorta works, but there are still some odd bugs popping up here and there. Hopefully I'll manage to iron them out.
(the whole thing computes for about 100ms on my machine for the map covered in cables; considering the circuits are usually going to be much smaller and it's not calculated every frame, it's not a bad time)

Hour 23:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
Oh, for Kirchhoff's sake!

Turns out my crazy loop stacking scheme doesn't handle some corner case properly (a very specific example of two loops joined with a single node). What's worse, I know why it doesn't work, but I can't think of a simple way to rework the algorithm so that it'd handle this case properly.

Circuit recognition is such a pain...

Hour 24:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
I am not me when I'm hungry. Thank goodness I just had that lunch.

I'm thinking about seriously reworking the algorithm, because with the one I had I just go around in circles. What helps a lot is that I don't even need to find the links that are part of specific circuits - as long as two neighbouring nodes belong to the same circuit and are connected, the link between them is already what I need.

Hour 26:30 of the first Jam day (Alice)
Got the alternative algorithm implemented. It's much simpler and seems to work perfectly fine, and it performs well even for full-map circuits (about 3-4ms time; talk about the improvement). Now to add some interactions with circuit-affecting devices...

Hour 28:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
Added the changing elements state functionality to editor, like rotating the switch particle launchers or changing initial states of the switches. Also, the basic power sources work now (providing power to whatever circuit they're part of) and switches too (breaking the circuits at specific nodes when in OFF state).

This image demonstrates the circuit recognition working, including the power source (which provides current to the circuit it's a part of and the switches in enabled state (letting the current pass) or disabled state (stopping the current). The loop in the top-right corner is an example of these disjoint circuits, connected with just a single node. These sure were tricky to handle properly...

Hopefully I'll get the core gameplay mechanics done soon...

Hour 29:00 of the first Jam day (Alice)
Maybe I should start logging under the next Jam day now...?

--- EDIT ---
Here we go: by Alice and Siolfor the
Hopefully it's not too late. ~Alice
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l by orSQUADstra l

Sounds used were downloaded from

"You must take this machine for now. It is vital that you take it and stop the -----, no matter what. I did all I can, but it's all up to you now. They all think I'm crazy, perhaps they'll think the same of you. It won't be easy, and you'll be on your own, but I trust you'll succeed in returning the ------ to its place. The future of the world is counting on you.

Dr. ------"

Note: The game at this point doesn't contain any story. If I'll continue development on it after the jam, there will be!

See more in the devlog spoilers

I wanted to start with drawing the character animations first, since that's usually the hardest part for me graphics-wise. Though not the best, I think it turned out good enough.

I have a concept on what I'd like to do with this theme, however I'll hopefully finalize my idea tomorrow.

So, as it is, the basic movement and animations are done, as well as some of the sounds the game will be using.

Here's a little gif of what I managed to get together in Day 1:
So, I finished up more character animations, added some new movements, updated the UI, and started working on a level - though it's still very early, doesn't really have anything yet.
I also fixed a smaller bug in the rewind, however it's still a bit glitchy here and there, also fixed the rewinding sound. Hopefully I'll be able to start working on actual puzzles tomorrow.

All in all, here's the end product of Day 2:
So, today I worked more on the design on the map and also started reimagining how I want the rewind ability to work. Not much to show here, maybe tomorrow
It's slowly getting together! However, there isn't much time left so I just hope I can finish this one level :D Fixed the player getting stuck if the sliding stops at a wall, added bullets, muzzle flash and a dust effect when a bullet hits the ground.

Here's what I have right now:
Finally finished! Only included a tutorial and the first level because I didn't progress fast enough to do more. However, I added collectibles, because everyone loves collectibles, right?

Download link added!

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By Relic

Download Here

Spent an hour brainstorming ideas - see my squiggles here.

Decided on a game about moths - using lights to guide them. Planned out the light and moth behaviour here

Ended this short day (Jam starts at 8 pm local) combining a tutorial on lighting which included shadows with a lighting system I had from another game so that now multiple lights/shadows interact well enough.

Spent the day developing the light grid, moth movement, player movement and switching lights on and off. Found some art assets that fit the mechanics just fine. Gone for a non-conventional way of showing health (more like sanity here) - encroaching moth images on the gui.

A slow day with the kids and my mother around. A couple of hours spent tweaking levels and animations. Added a tutorial level to kick things off. Big day tomorrow.

Big day - finished fine tuning 6 levels. Wanted more variation on mechanics that would be introduced over the course of more levels but it will have to do. Story was added - that's huge for me as I am usually mechanics all the way. The core experience is there with decent art and sound. Full disclosure - I did not make most of these, I just feel I chose well! Work and kids won't allow any more time so it's uploaded now with 24 hours left.

Had one hour before deadline so took a screenshot and made a title image for this post. Huzzuh!
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Fun Park
by Bart

Download Fun Park

Your father needs you to take over his amusement park.
But make sure to adhere to his high standards and keep visitors satisfied.

Planned Attractions/Levels
  • The Carrousel
  • The "Lambada"
  • The Ferris Wheel
  • The "Poco Loco"
  • The "Punisher"
The gameplay element is still lacking in all of these. All of them will rotate when turned on and will stop when turned off.
Obviously this idea needs more depth to it.


14:00 - All right. My idea is in line with the theme. Going to experiment with physics this time and see how far it gets:

16:00 - I'm going to try to do this in 3D. Very basic, though.
Meanwhile, the first models are in progress:

23:00 - So the above turned out to be all for today, together with a basic yet working room setup. Continuing tomorrow.


10:00 - Off to a good start today. The 2D rendered images are in place:
(Subtle hint to the theme in the above animation)

15:00 - Been working on visitor boarding. Surprisingly difficult when the only thing you can do is turn it off and on again. This actually works quite well as a mechanic (for a ferris wheel, at least):

17:00 - Meanwhile, working on "The Punisher":

22:00 - End of today's work. Got quite a bit done. Finished the day with useful tweaks to the room inheritance and a very basic world map navigation:

23:00 - I should really start working on the 3D visualization. That may be the first thing on my list tomorrow. May be, that is.


10:00 - Not in great shape to program today. Yet those are often the best days.
We'll see what gets done.

11:00 - 3D wasn't working. Quite a dumb bug that appeared to be:
// This
// Obviously had to be this

13:00 - Finally got the 3D projection working correctly!
This really took too long. But it's working now:


9:30 - A good morning again! Had a bit of an off-day yesterday.
Today I started out well and spent half an hour on further planning and 'design':

11:00 - Making good progress today. Added a basic GUI that is controllable via the mouse:

14:00 - Further details on the world map. Honestly, it could be more consistent with the rest of the graphics. We'll see how far it gets.
Time to make some background music now! I'll be using LMMS, which I haven't used that much. Going for 2 themes, one classic 'carrousel' tune and one 'beat' tune.

18:30 - Got the beat 'tune'/loop in and an existing bgm I made before.
And some other stuff got done, too. Still, this turned out to be quite a lot...


9:00 - The last hours of the jam and I still have a lot of things to add and fix. Starting now.

11:00 - The code is getting messy quickly now just to get in a few more things.
Maybe I should've gone for that callcenter idea that I had in the beginning.

13:30 - It's in!
I should've spent a lot more time on the actual mechanic. Again...
Well, it has audio, 3D models and a few other things.
It was fun again. Time for other things now.
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Save The Lights
by KPJ
Super excited! First jam (I'm twelve years old) Good luck to everyone!

Save The Lights is a short rapid click and reflex game, made for the 33rd GMC Game Jam. Try to refill all of the lights on screen before they run out of power and turn off. You have 3 lives. Try to survive each level for the given time, while avoiding nasty little black creatures, "viruses", that unexpectedly show up on screen. Good luck.

Download Link:
Screenshots (see download link)

(I live in an EST Time Zone) Thrusday, Day 1: I had to go to school today, but I started brainstorming right when I got home, at around 4:00. Loved, the theme. Came up with an interesting and unique idea, and wrote down a checklist on my whiteboard, before getting programming right away! My idea is pretty simple. There are a bunch of lights on screen. Each light has a number inside it, and that number decreases, very fast. You have to restore the energy of the lights (or "turn them on") by clicking on them before it reaches 0. If a light reaches 0, it turns off, and you lose a life. The hard part is, is that there are many lights on screen, and you have to keep track of them, and make sure they don't turn off. With not much time on the first day, I completed a simple light with a decreasing number inside, and the clicking mechanism.

Friday, Day 2: Again, had to go to school early, however woke up early to plan out what I would do when I got back from school. Then, went to school, came back at around 4:00 again. Today, I mainly worked on the UI, displaying the score, lives remaining, and time remaining. I also added a dimming effect (so that as a light runs out of energy, the colour dims) and multicoloured lights.
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Shield Shuffle
Description: See how far you can go by matching your shields to the portal to get though make sure to pickup the fuel!
Left Click moves the ship back and forth.
Right click turns the shield off and on. The shield status shows the next color. The shield much be off before getting the next color and must be off to get the fuel.​

Day1: I have an idea about having a ship where you turn off and on the shield and adjust them.
Day2: Got some basic art and such and the basic level built
Day3: Most of the mechanics work. I need to get the code to govern that their is a good shuffle to make done. and hopefully have time to tweak the art.
Day3: I am glad I decided to go with a simple entry this time. I think everything is working and I have got the bugs out. I had a weird issue where manually drawing the sprites and it wasn't respecting the sprite origin I set. Took forever to figure that is what it was doing so I could adjust for it. About all that is left is to do some sort of sound.
Day4: Got the sound in and got a bug fixed that make everything a bit more colorful.
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[whatever I title this]
By CROSS (GV and maybe some friends depending if they wanna join me)​

Interesting theme. I do have something to do for a bit irl so it'll take me a bit to start. I'll use the time to brainstorm something anyway.

Already got the background music for when I start coding tho.

10pm - still unsure of what to do. one of the ideas I had is too story heavy. another one is too avant-garde. the third one I'm not sure what to do with. I'll just start programming some generic game and maybe work the theme in instead.

around midnight - after some time I got a platformer with a very basic hovering mechanic. still no idea how to make it about rebooting or turning something off and on again.

day 2, 14:30 - slept way too long. feeling a bit meh. still not sure what to do with the theme.
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by wkaudio and KaraLynn.Cosplay


The sequel everybody has been waiting for is here!
When Kid Elephant finally gets his hands on Cactus People 7, he wants to stay up all night and play! Unfortunately for him, his mom has other plans.

Thu @ 12:00PM: I saw the theme, I had no idea what to do for a while. But I think I had a fun idea! I made a little theme song and am about to start programming.

Thu @ 7:40PM: I am remembering I am no artist, my graphics will be crap but cute, what more could someone ask for? ;) Programming going well!

Thu @ 9:40PM: Googling elephant puns

Thu @ 11:59PM: Still googling elephant puns

Fri @ 11:54AM: Done googling elephant puns. Luckily for me, my friend will be making some hand-drawn graphics for the game! I'm not good at programming

Fri @ 12:35PM: BUGS!

Fri @ 1:55PM: Googling elephant puns

Fri @ 6:40PM: Added Scary Mom Elephant character

Fri @ 7:20PM: Removed Scary Mom Elephant character because QA said she was "not scary", "not a mom", "not an elephant", and "just that picture of Nosferatu from that Spongebob episode"

Sat @ 11:35AM: Fixed a bug in which the player could win

Sat @ 1:23PM: We're almost done!

Sat @ 4:20PM: Blazed it, added screenshots to post. I'd say we're 80% done, which means 6% done because of all the bugs I'll have to squash

Sat @ 9:06PM: We're 100% playable!

Sun @ 2:32AM: Googling cute elephants

Sun @ 11:47AM: I think we are at the point where we can call it "finished". We're using our extra time to improve graphics a little and add some extra features! :D

Sun @ 1:32PM: Attempted adding online highscores, cried

Sun @ 3:29PM: Gave up on online highscores, attempting local highscores

Sun @ 4:25PM: We're calling it here! It was a lot of fun to work on. Download link added!

(Times PST)
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The M

Grid Pause

Day 1 - Entering the grid
# I have an idea of what to make and I think it will be reasonable. I'll be busy both Friday and Saturday so I'll have to make the most of the game now and on Sunday. The game will be some kind of shoot em up where you can turn off movement for all enemies and projectiles currently on screen. The catch is that bullets can still hurt you and enemies won't die until they're turned on again so they will block your shots while new enemies appear and attack you.

Day 2 - Exiting the grid

# Nordic Game Conference has been in full swing during the week and today I had decided to pay it a visit. There were cool new games, nice people and interesting lectures but it also meant no progress on the jam game...

Day 3 - Off the grid
# Some friends with tight schedules were free today and we'd booked the whole day for board games. Lots of fun but again, no progress on the jam game...

Day 4 - Rule the grid

# Time to start developing the game at last! At this point I've barely made anything so it'll be a long day. I plan to make the game as simple as I can so that I can progress swiftly but I'm also trying to make it look at least a little interesting. We'll see how it goes!

# I've added a freeze mechanic and a bunch of enemy types. The problem is that spamming freezes is incredibly powerful and makes the game way too easy. I'll probably add a cool down to prevent you from spamming it. I'm also considering raising the difficulty to make you use pause more frequently.

# Most of the stuff is in place but the game lacks a win condition as well as audio. You can run out of health but nothing happens and while I've made the game scale up in difficulty it's not that exciting yet. I think adding a highscore system will make it more fun. Guess I'll be late for work tomorrow. :D

Day 5 - Break the grid
# I'm giving myself 2 hours to wrap this project up. We'll see how it goes...

# Flashy point banners have the extra benefit of working as "explosions", meaning I don't have to add FX for killing enemies. This might be the first game I've made in a jam that has 0 particle effects. I have trails instead though :)

# Highscore is live and global. I wonder if anyone will reach 100k points?

# I pulled some audio I had lying around. I'm fairly certain it's all free to use noncommercially but it's annoying that I don't know who's the author of the music. I'll have to see if I can look them up later.

# Time's up, but the game's alright. It went pretty well given my limited time available (I really wanted a boss though). Good luck everyone!
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Dallas Riley & Riley O'Neail

Very first game jam for either of us.
The choice of not having any instructions of goal was a design decision I had made since the beginning. Instead taking inspiration from super Mario bros, in making the first level into a tutorial it self.
I had to work for over 30 hours at my full time job during the course of this jam, and my partner is violently ill.
BUT, our game turned out very nicely. Every single asset was created from scratch, during this game jam. From the sprites, backgrounds, sound effects, music (which actually each track was created on a Gameboy and then uploaded via a hacked game cart), every line of code, even the idea of the game. I learned a lot more than I had thought I was going to, but the time constraint definitely took a toll on both of us. I will for sure be joining in next game jam with a ton of more time.

Dev log - day 1
0000 - It seemed very likely that the theme was going to be "Turn it on and off again", so we brainstormed some ideas for games the night before, went to work for the night shift and in the morning I checked the forum pleasantly surprised to see the theme.
0900 - About an hour drive home, spent the whole time settling on a game idea via text with my partner.
1000 - Started all the project setup stuff while my friend was creating sprites.
1100 - Setup the unique mechanic for our game to set it apart from the others/tie in with the theme.
1130 - Import and implement a bunch of sprites my partner made in the meantime.
Breaktime; macaroni and cheese casserole for lunch and hang out with my daughter. <3
1300 - Friend sends me more art and we discuss more game design aspects. First enemy implemented.
1500 - The game is already looking really great and works well. No noticeable bugs (yet).
Done for the day.
2200 - Couldn't stay away, I had too many ideas flowing through my mind and just had to add them before calling it a night. 3 levels fully designed and playable already.
Dev log - day 2
1000 - Just got off of a 12 hour shift but I want to get stuff done before I lose motivation. Fixing some aspect ratio issues and hitbox problems.
1500 - Just finished making all of the enemies in the game. Off to work again for another 18 hour shift. I should be able to get some more game stuff done while I'm there though, it's a very relaxed job.
2200 - Had a bit more time to add some aesthetic changes. The game is fully playable already and looks great. So day 3 will be refining everything.
Dev log - Day 3
1000 - The artist of the team is extremely sick and cannot do anything today unfortunately. Starting to work on sound fx and some small bugs.
1700 - partner was able to pull off sending me a few looping chip tunes.
2030 - I'm going insane and I literally can't code any longer. The game is "done". I forgot the word "image" for a solid 5 minutes, even after writing it 6000 times. Huge relief for finishing my first jam with a decent game.
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Cat & var present: Powerout: The Adventures of a Broken Robot

link (will update with pictures and description later)

Cat and @var 's Usual Devlog

0:28 - Saw the theme. Thought of a few ideas. Couldn't get to sleep so thought some more.

0:59 - Made food. It was largely all right, although i overcooked some of it.

4:38 - Spent about 10 minutes trying to log in. Did so. Made devlog. Exciting stuff.

12:14 - So I've done like half an hour of coding and then var took over.

??:?? - probably some stuff i forgot

33:28 - We have good progress! You can move and do stuff! Wow!!!

45:45 - Well, the sun is coming up and I kinda forgot to sleep, so I'm going to go do that now. On the bright side, I got a few things done, and a few others started.

52:30 - Back to work!
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Pixel Poison (formally "Careless Warfare")
Ax - @Ax8472
Natty (would like to remain anon)
Aurora (also likes to hide in shadows)

Devlog 1:
Okay so I've never once participated in any kind of "game jam", but I talked two sorry friends into teaming up with me, who will no doubt regret it later on.

It feels good to take a break from my main game at the moment, which is a long-term game. I kinda feel like I'm fairly proficient at Game Maker Studio / GMS2, well at least good enough to enter a snazzy competition like this. I do wonder if there is any kind of prize for winning though, because I'd absolutely love a gold sticker or maybe a badge. Or maybe Yoyo should make some little plastic trophies to say "GMS-Game Jam Winner, 1985" or something.

We've got an idea that I feel is fairly unique, and I've got some ideas on how we can build on it in a fun way that mixes it up. Initially "Turn it off and on" harked back to my days working fixing and builiding computers, so I wanted to stay away from that, and the team agreed that IT Tech-RPG could wait for another day (roll a five to reseat the USB-Port!!!). But office humour is fun and so we decided to look at a more puzzle-like game, featuring a maze and some current humour (according to Aurora, I'm out of touch with current day shenanegans myself, but I AM over thirty years old so that would explain).

Anyway I'm gonna look at starting to build tonight so I'll hopefully have some more to show tomorrow!!!

Devlog 2:
Right so we're doing stuff now. I've updated the link to actually allow downloads of the current build. Which is really embarassing because it's so basic it's practically nothing. I've made some basic shapes in order to move what will be the player, and a small maze of objects to test collisions. And I made some terrible office carpets!

The aim of the game is for a lady to liberate the office nerds who have never kissed a girl, to have their first kiss (which makes them die and fly to heaven). All the while, infatuated fellas are chasing you down for your attention. Hopefully you'll have to solve puzzles in order to get to the nerds and "liberate" them before you get caught by the other excited office hounds.

Tomorrow I'm on full parental duties but I'll be resuming on Satuday and Sunday.

Laters, taters!

Devlog 3:

So, Friday was tough. Had the kid whilst mummy was at work. Being a parent is 100% less cool then participating in a gamejam!!! But I did manage to make a snazzy logo (see update above!!!)

It's Saturday and I've had a breakfast that I feal will put me to sleep. BUT NO, I WILL FIGHT ON FOR GAMEJAM GLORY! I WILL WIN THAT GOLDEN STICKER!!! And if there's no prize, I'll make one, but only if I win. Anyhow I've updated some basic stuff, such as working UI, camera movement and some basic office walls. Got some good ideas to place in the office too, whilst you're running around it, such as things causing queues, broken equipment etc. Trying to add some proper office humour too but we'll see.

My team seem to be AWOL today, but I *did* kinda pressure them into helping me out. I'm sure they'll rally to Gondor's aid before the day is out.


(rubbish game has been update, you can download it to take a look, but I wouldn't recommend it yet)

Devlog 4:

Earthdate 25/05/19 15:38

Some polish has been added and basic features with a little polish. I've added the Nerds to save, some extra office walls and collision parenting, the elevator where each level will begin, some UI stuff too. I even turned the collision blocks into desks, and added chairs.

I've also added the mechanic to the nerds. Currently they're the placeholder of blue cubes, but I don't draw very well, so the desks, chairs and everything else will hopefully have final sprites (if my team mates ever turn up, if not I'll have to change the game to Office Block Saviour :( ).

Added screenshots and link to download.

Devlog 5:

So it's Saturday night for me. I'm halfway through the time I have for the gamejam and I've been completely blanked by my team mates. Two assuded me they were 100% behind me and I've been sat here for 11 hours and 18 minutes, coding my behind off, and neither have come to help. Sad times but maybe I'm a rubbish team mate, what a roller coaster this has turned out to be.

As a result I've been doing everything on my own. The sprites are terrible and I don't know how complete this will be when finished. was hoping for something enjoyable at least but it may turn out to be a concept and nothing more. We'll see.

Implemented a shadow system, and made a sprite for my baddie. I'm gonna hopefully finish the pathfinding system before bed, and think about how I can somehow manage to draw some people (the one thing I have never been able to do).


Devlog 6:

It's Sunday morning, my last day for devving the game. I'm pretty much on my own by this point and I'm honestly stuggling to find the enthusiasm to continue with what I'm doing. But like Van Halen said, you gotta "finish what you started" (though I'm sure Eddie's band didn't agree to show up for gigs and not mention anything when they made other plans).

I'll have a play with the game and see what I can do with it. Sprites are gonna be the hardest but I may have to settle for more "abstract" sprites for people (Thomas Was Alone - style).

Devlog 7:

I got a few sprites from a team member which was great. They were sprites that I'd be able to do myself (albeit not as good), and I'm still without sprites for my characters. It's simply not gonna happen. My first experience of any kind of Game Jam has been an absolute roller coaster emotionally, but I'm in it till the end.

Many of the feature I wanted within the game are simply not going to be implemented, due to lack of time. But I will make something usable, even if it's laughably bad. I'll have to sell the bad parts as features. Somehow.

Been hard at work and I think I'm ready to design a kind of level structure to it now, and then (thankfully using the super-simple GMS2 room editor, which saves so much time) I'll be able to just paint new levels as I go along.

Anyway, polishing to do and whatnot, and gotta take some time out for the rest of the sprites, which I weren't expecting to do (I know, I whine, but I gotta be on the ball with time management on this one). I'll update to the latest build for whoever want a go, and post a screenshot below. <3

DEVLOG 8!!! :



Okay so a few folk have said this thing finishes at 12:00 GMT. But the thread says 12:00 UTC, which would indicate that I have another well-needed hour left. As there is a conflict, I've uploaded my project, just so I have an entry.


It's finished. Well it's far from finished. But I'd the best I could do with minimal help from the others.

I never managed to implement the control scheme for the pad, or add music, and but hopefully someone out there will have some kinda of giggle with it. Had to change the name too.

Right, never doing this again! Hahaha. off to bed. Knocking on 30 hours sat in this desk. Laters!


Damn it. I remembered whilst I sat to chill, that I left devmode on, and some of it is unplayable. What an idiot.

I've updated it and reuploaded for anyone who wants a nosey. Obviously I can't submit it because I'm past the time limit, but at least it's there and finished. Next time I'll choose my team a little more wisely.


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Greenshield the Brave
by Mercerenies



(All times are in CDT. Day 1 is Thursday, May 23, 2019.)

Day 1

3:13pm - This is my main character. That is all. No more context right now.

4:28pm - Nothing much to show right now. Just working on basic physics. As far as movement goes, it's going to be a pretty straightforward platformer.

9:36pm - Just basic platformer stuff here. I've got a character and some walls. If he hits the walls he stops moving. He can walk, dash, jump, double jump, and dash jump. Next thing I want to do is try slopes.

9:39pm - By the way, all of those "special" moves are going to be unlockables. At the start, you're an incredibly boring platform character who can only walk and jump. You have to get the (mandatory) upgrades to double jump and dash. I've got a few other upgrades planned, but still working out the details.

10:21pm - These... meh, they're still a bit glitchy. I'll need to touch them up if I want to end up using them in the final game. But I have other stuff that needs doing right now.

11:26pm - Messed around with the controls. I personally prefer using WASD with my left hand to move the player. But if I move that to arrow keys with the right hand, then I can use ZXC for player abilities (honestly, I may end up just needing Z, but still; I need at least one key for an ability). So I think I'm going with arrow keys.

11:44pm - A couple of new things in this screenshot. Checkpoints are exactly what they sound like. If you die, you go back to the last checkpoint you hit. The firewall blocks are blocks that you can turn on and off once you obtain the firewall ability.

Day 2

12:17am - I'm about shot. I'm going to go ahead and head toward bed for the night.

11:14am - Eleven hours of sleep later, and it's back to work. Just a warm-up right now. Nothing fancy, just deadly murderous spikes.

12:36pm - More spiky things. I'm in a spiky mood. :D The static spikes just sit there and kill you if you impale yourself. The round one falls on top of you. And the square one slides along the floor and walls in a cycle. All three deal instant death on contact.

1:59pm - I have the upgrades designed now. The unlockable upgrades (all of which are required to beat the game) are: Jumping, Double Jumping, Dashing, and Firewalls. There may or may not be more, depending on if I need / come up with any more.

2:31pm - Nothing too fancy this time. Just a simple GUI that tells you about the upgrades when you get them.

3:35pm - More platformer-y stuff. One new upgrade (not pictured here) is "admin mode", which is pretty basic and just disables the "admin-only" walls permanently. Then there's timer blocks, which only stay on for N seconds after you hit the hourglass. Also, jump blocks, which turn on / off every time you jump.

9:33pm - *designs level*. This is brilliant! Best thing I've ever made. *plays level* **** this is **** who the **** makes **** like this?

Day 3

12:26am - Three hours later, the game world is designed. The game still needs a lot of polish: a UI, a story, music, SFX, etc. But the level itself is done. And with that I'm exhausted and want to go sleep for 13.1 hours. Goodnight.

11:21am - I'm back.

12:17pm - Check out the minimap. The bugs are (of course) screens which still have a bug to collect. The little blue outline is a screen that has an upgrade in it. I considered showing which screens have checkpoints as well but decided it's cluttered enough already.

12:51pm - The game now shows the controls next to the minimap. It updates dynamically when you get an upgrade, so you're not overwhelmed with a bunch of unusable controls at game start.

1:51pm - Just finished spending way too much time putting a handful of really obscure easter eggs in the game.

3:11pm - Okay, yes, it's a dumb title. But it's catchy and I'm going with it.

4:01pm - Take notes, kids. This is what quality storytelling is.

4:05pm - So yeah, intro sequence is done. Still need to do an end-of-game sequence, music, and tilesets.

5:03pm - One case of carpal tunnel later, and the game is now tiled.

5:22pm - Credits and post-game sequence completed.

8:34pm - Background image made. I wanted it to not be very distracting but still be not boring. I'm hoping I succeeded.

9:03pm - For the poor masochistic fool who actually manages to complete this game, it will now tell you how long it took and how many times you died.

9:32pm - Welp. This is my score. Beat the game in 24 minutes with 123 deaths.

9:36pm - It's done. Enjoy. Download link is above.

10:41pm - One little section on the bottom of the screen was bothering me. It wasn't a total softlock, but it was hard enough to get out of that it was very frustrating and could be mistaken for a softlock. So now there's a pile of spikes in that area. Problem solved.
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Josh Chen

Eleven Seconds Left
By Josh

This is my first Jam. I'm in high school. Let's experiment, have fun, and see what happens!


Like most people, I started out with a 1024 x 768 black, empty room. Great start!


The end is near! I didn't really have enough time to fulfill my dreams for this game but oh well. The idea of the game is that you are in a "warzone" of sorts, and you must defuse them with the tools you have, and then re-arm them to attack your opponent.
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By Shadow_Lancer


Day One

* Entry 1: I want to do something with physics... maybe with odd controls.
* Entry 2: Okay... I got distracted making a player character...

Day Two
* Entry 1: Starting to look like an actual game now?! sort of with a bunch of place holder stuffs.
* Entry 2: I did some more work on the game, but not anywhere near as much as I had planned so far.

Day Three
* Entry 1: Really doubled down to try and get as much done as possible... even though there still really isn't much "Game".

Day Four
* Entry 1: Added a couple of "enemies", some music and a few sound effects, think I might have to call it there =).
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Once Upon in Albimore
A precursor to another project called "Strange Events in Albimore". This will be the first experiment with a more narrative driven project and as I was working on this little game jam submission, I discovered a neat little way of linking it into the main story.

The entire development process was filmed and will be put up on my
educational platform once that is up and running I'm going to finish up the polish on some animations, delays for dramatic effect, cut-scenes and transitions. As well as replace the placeholder audio effects with dedicated ones and write new music. Currently I'm using the music from the Strange events in Albimore project. Quite a few sfx were recorded with literally, things that were on my desk at the time.

I was actually a day late for this. Woke up on Saturday and checked twitter on my phone. One of you fine folks had posted the theme for the Jam and this was already a day into it. As soon as I saw it I had an idea and decided to enter even if a day late. And boy did I need that extra day. I've got a modest polish and revision list set up during development, which I would have definitely been able to clear for this presentation had I entered from the get go. Ended up sacrificing this nights sleep to make up for some of it. Anyhow, the great thing is that I'll be able to reuse a lot of stuff in the main game.

Basic Controls (instructions to be implemented):
WASD to move
Space to rush or skip dialogue boxes.

Download link:
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Game: Who Needs To Live Anyways?
Premise: A weak girl with the ability to "turn off" her own life and become a spirit. She cannot be harmed as a spirit, though she also cannot move and harm others herself.
Link: To be added
Dev Log: To be added



By TinyGamesLab

General Information:
The idea is that you have to go through the level with the lights off. Whenever you turn it on you cannot move, while some enemies may still move.

It was a great project and actually my first platformer in ages! I had a 3 week old daughter at home that was only sleeping at my lap, so I did most of the game single handed (literally) and while sleep deprived. Upside is that I had a lot of "free" hours to work on it.

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Something Scary

I light puzzler where you go to your friends house, only to find yourself in a nightmare of shadowy monsters and mazes. Escape the house by flipping light switches to change between the two versions of the world. Watch out for the monsters that come out when the lights are off! Hide under tables to avoid them.

A cute, yet tense and anxious, game. Most of this was derived from my childhood fear of dark places, moving shadows, and bumps in the night.

It's done! Just click the link and hit the "Download" button in the top-right.
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Reflector Sector by woodsmoke
DOWNLOAD (Takes a while for the download to start. For an alternative download link or the APK file (for mobile devices) visit my page)

Turning off and on is all you'll be doing here!
Your white ball only bounces off white blocks.
Switch the blocks off/on to smash monster eggs.
Watch out for momma monster!
Press M to turn the music on/off.
There are 3 levels.

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Tricky Farming!
by Paul & Sergio

A little game about helping a farmer who's not very good at farming.

DOWNLOAD (Google Drive)
LOG #1 (May 23 - 25):

Some pictures of our top secret plans

We've been workshopping ideas over the past few days, and settled on a premise that involves farming, kinda puzzle like. The idea is to control how well your crops grow via stuff like the sun, rain, etc...

We have built a basic level mocking tool before programming to game to be sure we know how we want things to work, and I think we're at a good place to start the game itself. Planning on focusing on just making a working system, and then making a real level editor.

- - -

LOG #2 (May 25):

f l a m e

Decent progress on the backbone of the game. We've taken the approach of every object in the game only behaving based of a predetermined set of actions, so if one object needs to affect another, it'll just trigger the action instead of manually doing stuff like "other.x = 0" and all that.

Feeling a bit tired now so unsure how much more will get done tonight, but at the very least I'll be up bright and early to get cracking. Still gotta make that level editor after all! Then, it's onto music and SFX.

- - -

LOG #3 (May 26):

I keep making small adjustments to the WIP graphics, even though they're going to be replaced later anyways... for every jam, this is always my biggest vice :x

Man, I woke up WAY earlier than I thought I would. Coffee kinda day... I feel comfortable at this point talking about what the actual idea is. The core concept of the game is that you have plots of crops that you need to grow and harvest. By controlling aspects of the environment (namely, Sun, Rain, and Wind), you are the decider of if and how these crops will grow. Once you've collected enough crops, you complete the level and move onto the next.

We still have subtle uncertainties about the game, but I would have feared that a completely ironed out idea would mean that the idea is either too easy or too predictable. There's something exciting about not knowing exactly what the game will be until it's finished.

I'm almost finished with the mechanics of the levels, so after that I'll be able to whip up a quick level editor and Sergio and I will be able to start churning those out. I have to find some time today to take care of audio as well...

- - -

LOG #4 (May 26):

Finally got the editor finished, only about an entire day later than expected :' )

Editor is working, and the mechanics are all implemented. There will most definitely be numbers tweaked but overall I think the backbone of the game is done. Now onto the fun stuff -- levels, music, title screen, etc... yay!

Wish I could give a better update right now but I'm quite tired

- - -

LOG #5 (May 27):

it's very early in the morning. Definitely some things we didn't manage to get into the game that we wanted but, at least it works. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Oh, here's a little hint: if you get stuck, just press CTRL-down. It skips to the next level (there's only 5, though, so don't blaze thru them too fast...)
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On and Off, Back and Forth


This is just a simple game of table tennis. Nothing to it.

Of course, you can make a few customizations by turning on the optional features. For example, here are a few optional features enabled.

To enable features, just hit letters on your keyboard. There are 26 features, so each letter key has a feature associated with it.
Computer IT
Developer Name: Me only :)
Description: You are the owner of a computer shop, it is your job to keep the computers up and running. In doing so you gain money however, computers break over time and you need to repair them :)

Screen Shot (attached),

Dev Log:
This was my 2nd idea :)
First game my fiancée played more than 2 seconds, I conside this a win regarless :)



Ghost Light

The Story So Far...
You've entered Castle Graystone and finally uncovered the sacred key, but now the spirit of the castle give chase, eternally at the edge of your shadow. Try as you might to dash through the harrowing halls of this ancient castle, your fate is sealed without a light to guide you. Twists and turns, deadly pits and spikes mean nothing to the ghastly ghoul nipping at your heels, but as long as you shine your light, Castle Graystone's revenant can do nothing more than fade away. Will you escape? or will you become another ghostly resident of these shadowed halls?

Cool Stuff
- Dodge obstacles in addition to a relentless ghost
- Use your light to reveal the terrain and pause the action
- 6 pseudorandom levels built from designed stage chunks
- Old school sprites, music, and sound effects

Arrow Keys - Move and Jump
Space - Turn light on and off



- Zack Banack for his ASCII to Level layout script
- HeartBeast for his platformer tutorials
- The people who ask questions on these forums and the people who answer them
- My brother for helping me come up with the idea, working out some coding issues, and for getting me interested in GameMaker in the first place
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