Released The Struggle of Combat - Randomly generated side-scrolling shooter


Thanks for playing!

Dropbox link stopped working at some point and i accidentally put link to wrong version.
Looks like you played version that was not intended to be played 😅

Weird behavior: for all button in the menu, you need to click twice before having desired result. Once for making the button white and one time to activate it.
Problems with menu buttons and crash have been fixed in latest version.
When dead, you cannot click on click struggling with the mouse. You need to do it from the keyboard. That was unexpected for me.
Thanks for pointing this out. I totally forgot :D
Grenade launcher: Would be great to see what is the cooldown time.
Shop to purchase: How much money do I have ? no clear how can i select an object.
Some of the object description are too long and not clear -> I don't understand what the object does.
You can see weapon details if you click on arrow on left. I just hid details by default so UI would look cleaner.
Gold is shown in upper left corner below level. Yes, some of descriptions are quite long, but i dont know how to make them shorter.
Perhaps some grammar expert could help with those. :D
Nice game, gave a good feeling. I especially liked the short range fight (right click) that help to kill a lot of enemy. Would totally love to play with a sword or whatever short range.
Design and animation are nice enough for me. I feel that it was easier to run against most of the enemie. There is no perk to kill most of them.
For weapon it was not clear what was better, should i drop the rocket launcher or keep the laser. I don't know
There are upgrades for melee attacks if you enjoy melee style. You can run away from enemies, but skipping too many enemies might leave you under leveled.
All weapons have their strengths and weaknesses. You can carry two weapons at same time and swap them with 'Q'.

Anyway i try to put link to new version of demo soon as possible.
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Updated demo available:

-Fixed death menu not working with mouse
-Wolves no longer attempt to jump over high walls (except when using jump attack)
-Fixed traps instantly activating when close to wall (trap curse)
-Added more movemement styles for hallucinations to make them more convincing


-Fixed rats sometimes climbing out of level (they might still climb wall, but they should return)
-Bosses now have chance to drop cursed key (chance increases with each kill)
Metro passes can now be unlocked out of order, but you will still need passes from previous levels to use metro.
-Added descriptions for teleporters
-Fixed old achievement messages appearing on different playthrought
-Shortened decimals in weapon descriptions


Gameplay footage from first and last zone with increased difficulty.

-Cursed key sprites updated (item drops)
-Updated metro descriptions
-Fixed mouse leaving window (ended up buying YellowAfterLife's extension, thanks for feedback Japster :))
-Added new reload sounds
-Fixed lasso not drawn properly on burning enemies
-Added shadows for factory and forest backgrounds
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After doing lot of testing i notices that i rarely felt like using some of high firerate weapons.
Since you could not use melee attacks between shots like with other weapons they ended up feeling really weak.
So i ended up buffing some of them:

Laser: Base damage increased by 10%, maximum damage increased from 2 to 2.5 (now amplifies slightly slower, but should be much better against bosses)
Flamethrower: Afterburn damage is doubled when close to maximum burn timer
Watergun: Now has 1 bounce by default
Flygun: Speed and damage of flies now increases overtime (maximum 2 x damage)


Other changes:
-Hunter boss now shoots trap arrows (only visual change)
-Fixed ninja sometimes getting stuck to wall while using grappling hook
-Fixed special glow and drop location for weapons
-Homing bullets now have minimum turnings speed for slow projectiles
-Ammo gained from ammo packs is now capped at 1000
-More bug fixes

Anyway im trying to finish this game by the end of this month.
If you are interested of testing full version let me know.



-Added completion progress bar to logbook
-Timer is now stopped in prison (Timer can be turned on from graphics options)
-Timer no longer stops in arenas
-Fixed timer resetting upon death
-Fixed achievement text sometimes apprearing under items
-Cursor is now changed to finger when hovering over shop items and difficulty switches
-Shockbaton damage to first target is no longer doubled by Cursed Blade (Shock damage to nearby enemies remains unchanged)
This item combo was dealing 3 x melee damage which was enough to 1 shot enemies in early stages. (now deals 2.5 x melee damage)
-Fixed some sound effects


Finally created page! :banana:

Still some work to be done before full release, but updated demo is now available on itch.

-Fixed explosions appearing behind shop table and prison cells
-Reflected explosives no longer deal self damage (except bombs)
-Fixed melee animation speed when using suspicious mushroom
-Fixed enemies missing melee attacks when on top of player


Hey played your game, Its fun! Has a learning curve to it and I found some of the Bosses to be quite challenging. Either way keep it up, want to see more.


Made some changes to character selection and logbook. Tried to match style with pause menu, not sure if this looks good at all. :D

Character selection:
character selection.png

-Fixed taking half damage from rockets when using shockarmor. Invincibility would activate from rocket and explosion damage would get ignored (Now you take 2 x damage from rockets if you have shockarmor)
-Fixed achievement text and animation text appearing in wrong location when using fullscreen
-Parrot damage is now reduced by 10% for each target hit. (Parrot was feeling too strong in lategame. Especially with super ability)
-Fixed some hitbox issues in options and logbook
-Fixed players body falling in wrong direction upon death
-Fixed getting wrong secondary weapon on level restart (when you died in same level as you got your first secondary weapon)
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Now most of issues have been fixed. Full version should be coming in few days.
Still going through few test runs to make sure i didnt miss anything.


-Added description on how to open treasure chests when player has unlocked cursed key
(To avoid confusion player thinking that chest can be opened when key is unlocked)
-Name of weapon drop is now centered and displayed below weapon
-Fixed weapon drop location (when dropping old weapon)
-Fixed pausing game during level transition would take you to main menu options
-Fixed error when changing to fullscreen on dark levels
-Fixed hide/show weapon description button hitboxes with fullscreen
-Fixed weapon names in shop (Shocking Laser instead of Explosive Laser etc...)
-Fixed enemies sometimes facing wrong direction when aiming at player
-Many other bug fixes

Updated demo available:


Looks like i was underestimating how much stuff there was to fix. Its going to take bit longer before release. 😅
Shouldnt be too long thought.

Got some feedback that menus where unresponsive, so i made some changes to menus.
Menu options now change color when hovering with mouse. Also you no longer need to click twice.

-Added highlighting to menu options when hovering with mouse
-Fixed changing keys in control options with mouse (you no longer need to press enter)
-Improved logbook pages
-Minerboss no longer use bomb attack while inside wall
-Fixed mini boss hallucinations not working properly
-Player can no longer walk while dashing (except when being pulled by ufo)
-Many other bug fixes


The Struggle of Combat is now available on itch!

Got too impatient to create new trail after countess hours of bug fixing and testing, so i decided to release it now. :D
I try to create new trailer at some point.

It has been over 2 years since i started developing this and It is my first commercial game that i have published.
Thanks for everyone for feedback and positive messages! :)

Final changes before release:

-Fixed grappling hook not working properly
-Fixed some miniboss related bugs
-Final boss laser is no longer affected by melee attacks
-Fixed getting lvl 1 character after looping if you paused game in prison.
-Fixed some enemies attacking while stunned
-Fixed some enemies getting stuck on wall
-Reduced size of cursors
-Redrawed stop sign and question mark in prison
-Factory arena layout changed
-Removed unnecessary comments and files
-Some changes to character selection
-Burger changed to +30% max health instead of +30 (Soldier get bit more)
-Added difficulty for 5th and 6th loop (These are unnofficial loops and im not even expecting anyone to get there)
-Many other bug fixes
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New trailer is out!

Tried to incorporate short version of intro story into trailer.

Also small update:
-Fixed death menu not working properly with fullscreen
-Fixed watergun achievement message
-Fixed Hunter's Crossbow sprites on shop and logbook
-Removed flashbang effect from Hunter's Crossbow


Looks great!

I'd suggest reporting your own topic and letting a moderator know that it's finished! :) (So it can be moved into "Made with GameMaker" )


Cool...I just got a copy...

Nice western music
Good character design
Smooth controls
Nice parallax scrolling of backgrounds...

Video of me playing your game:

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Thanks for video @K12gamer !

This marketing has proven to be quite difficult even with free keys.
There is still plenty of free keys left. I hope someone will grab one. :)

Here is gameplay video by ASWhaler Gamer:

Part 2 & 3
Part 2

Part 3

I noticed few bugs while further testing, i will be adding new patch soon.
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I got requested to make some art for ASWhaler Gamer's youtube channel.
Here is avatar that i made.

Added new patch few days ago:
  • Fixed secondary weapon not being saved when entering / exiting arena (If you got your first secondary weapon in same level)
  • Fixed some enemies going to wrong direction after stun (Noticed this while watching my own trailer 😓)
  • Inreased time before reinforcements appear by 30% when curse mod is active (4th loop was feeling bit too difficulty)
  • Some other small fixes


Gameplay video by TheSneak:

Here is first video were he forgot to turn on mic:

Gameplay video by Vlad MGC:

Noticed mistake with reinforcements in last update, so rushed to make quick update.
  • Fixed reinforcements not sometimes appearing when curse mod was active (forgot to round up timer number)
  • Fixed parrot sometimes sleeping
  • Fixed some arena bosses not moving during arena (when player was in other side of the room)
  • Fixed bomber/helicopter launcher & ufo launcher ammo cost. Ammo cost now properly scales with clipsize. Base ammo cost reduced from 50 to 40
  • Vampyrusman no longer deals collision damage
  • Some other small fixes
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Review by supersven:

Another small update:
  • Fixed cursor not scaling with fullscreen
  • Fixed hide/show weapon details button hitbox with fullscreen
  • Fixed taking too much damage from rockets to shields when using shockarmor
  • Homing missiles, Helmet, Shockarmor and Super Ability no longer appear to shops before lvl 7. (These items were feeling too strong in early game)
  • Wolf Paws and Suspicious mushroom now give small bonus even at full health
  • Weapons can no longer spawn in front of arena entrance/exit
  • Some other small fixes


I felt that character selection menu looked pretty bad, so i decided to draw new icons for characters.

unlockedCharacter.png lockedCharacter.png
Update notes:
  • New character icons added to character selection and logbook
  • Fixed being able to fire minigun in safezones
  • Fixed achievement message sometimes not appearing in arenas
Still some free keys left if you want to try this out :)
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Full playthrough of 4th loop:

I wanted to make sure that 4th loop was actually possible to beat. Took me few tries to finally make it.
It is supposed to be final challenge of the game and it may require good rng to actually beat. Other loops are much more reasonable.


Made some balance changes for later loops. Fixed huge mistake in weapon creation code that prevented higher tier weapons from spawning.
Video about 4th loop above doesnt correctly reflect current difficulty. I might have to think about rebalancing loops in future.

Update notes:
  • Fixed some of higher tier weapons not appearing during later loops
  • Achievements are now saved instantly
  • Small fly health during loop reduced from 15 to 12
  • Added 25% more time when health mod is activated
  • Time added during curse mod now depends on curse (5-20%)
  • Reduced volume of factory music
  • Fixed wolf sprites (removed unnecessary gray pixels)
  • Some other small fixes
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The Struggle of Combat is 30% off for october.

I will probably start working on bigger update with new zones and items soon. Perhaps i will also include custom levels that i had to cut from initial release.
But first i will take small break from developement and focus on marketing for while. I have noticed that some people dont seem to like itch, so perhaps i try to put it on steam in future.
In meantime I will try to create slightly more exciting trailer for the game.

1 free key still remains if someone wants to grab it:
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New trailer:

Tried to make opening story bit shorter. Changed some scenes, added review quote and improved ending.
Took some time since im terrible at video editing. Hopefully this is atleast better than previous one :D


Nice work! your game seems to be filled with creative ideas!

And you can say you beat "the struggle of finishing a game", not many people can say that :)