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Everyone is Dead

By Aviox
Final Version

Can you help a settlement survive in this apocalyptic world? See how long you can make it until Everyone is DEAD.

Click to chop down trees, dig holes, and build shelter to try to survive!
(issue general commands and the closest idle dweller will get to work!)

Ladder - costs 3 wood
Shelter - costs 20 wood

(see devlogs for additional in-progress screens)

7/30 @ 8:30am
I'm starting this game jam a day late, and won't have time to use the third day. 20 hour game jam, commence!

Things I've done so far:
- initial concept
- initial sprites
- Title artwork
- map generator (crude)

- characters & commands!

7/30 @ 4:00pm
Several cups of coffee, 8 hours, and no real food later, I'm finally starting to get to some real gameplay.

Things since last log:
- Added stockpile, ladder, and other various artwork
- Touched up various existing artwork
- Initial systems programming finished:
+ give commands to cut trees and dig holes - nearest capable AI automatically complies
+ Path-finding
+ AI will chop and return wood and dig holes (currently only dig from above)
+ Wood count displays on screen

- ladders, shelter, sideways digging, and meteors!
- ideally, the complete game cycle will be finished in about 5 hours, then I can spend the rest of my time adding more goodies! (mine stone, build with stone, additional disasters, etc)

7/30 @ 10:00pm
I've been working for about 14 hours now, with only a few breaks. I can feel my brain spinning a bit as the delirium begins to set in. Must. Keep. Going. Aiming for a final upload in about 4 hours.

Things since last log:
- new sprites - meteor, smoke, build menu, ladder button
- can now dig sideways
- several sound effects
- can now build ladders using new build menu (top-right)

- very basic game cycle complete, as the meteor shower picks up and threatens to destroy everything you ever knew.

- fortifications to protect against the meteor shower!

- replay-ability (via post play-through upgrades)
- more? . . .
7/31 @ 3:00am
I'm so tired everything hurts. I'm about to fall asleep at the computer. 19 hours of straight programming proves too much. I give in. Everyone is DEAD ... especially me.

Uploading as-is.

Things since last log:
- new sprites - shelter, timer, font, etc.
- can now build shelters
- added countdown timer, etc.
- nuclear ending, bro.
- tooltips for buttons

Next: (if at all)
- mine coin from stone.
- use coin to upgrade starting base.
- various other polish & balance
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aka fel666
The Swarm
by Fel666

Download Link

The world at its end, insects feed on the corpses and swarm the world.
Control your evolved swarm through an apocaliptic world, growing it and wreaking havoc along the way.

Messing around with path finding and physics objects.
ended up with this:
Thats hen i got the idea: You control a swarm of flies in a post apocaliptic world, devouring dead corpses along the way to grow your numbers.

current challenges: making a large world with path finding...
Trying out some game mechanics based on exploration and corpse eating:
The animation on the bodies wraps, when it really shouldnt. A bug i cant seem to fix.
Made some levels and testing some gameplay.
Added some sound. Quite happy with the wind effect changing with number and speed of flies.
Eating sound produced by my brother.
Added a couple levels (ell, just 1 more) and adjusted the disficulty.
After i added a fairly simple menu, i decided to give in to sleep and upload my game. Hope you enjoy :)
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by CoderJoe


Made some stuff yesterday. Got my sister to do a sick soundtrack. Feeling really bad that you guys have way more finished than me. As you can see in the picture below, I got a bit distracted.

Finished game. Not much of a devlog but I was busy :p

Btw the controls are wasd for movement, left click for action, right click for pick up/drop
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You're the only remaining spirit of a long gone civilization and you won't rest until you take care of the plants trying to invade your graveyard.

8/1/2016 - 1:39 PST
Worked like crazy to get everything done. Let's just hope there's no game breaking bugs.

7/31/2016 - 9:45AM PST
Created lots of graphics for enemies and am making steady progress programming them.

7/30/2016 - 5:39PM PST
Completed a day/night system and a cutscene system.

7/30/2016 - 1:09PM PST

Created sprites for and coded most of the playable character. Also created some tiles.

7/30/2016 - 10:31AM PST

Completed a very important algorithm. It took a while, but now it's time to get to business!
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The Major Forces
by Lizzard

(updated download 2016-08-01 10:33)

The Major Forces.

A game where you must help the two forces, the one in heaven and the other one underground.

Everybody is dead, and all the souls are wandering to their final destination.

You have to help the good and the evil souls, so they end up in the right place. The bright, you need to send upwards and the dark, you have to send down.​

- Day 1 -
2016-07-30 started at 10:am
* Created engine
* Created graphics
* Added sound effects
* Added a simple background music track
* Testing, failure, error, more testing, WORKING!....
2016-07-31 02:50 am time to sleep for a few hours...

- Day 2 -
* Made de game a little bit harder.
* More testing.
* Made a new gif from game play.
* Fixed the Upload
* New download with a minor bug fix... 2016-07-31 12:50

* New download with some graphics adjustments... 2016-07-31 15:27
* New .gif added to this page.

- Day 3-
* Fixed a possible way to cheat...
* New download 2016-08-01 10:33
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Download: LAST HOPE

Story: You were spending two weeks in the woods camping when a research facility (gov or corp?) leaked a chemical gas that turned everyone into zombies. The gas was contained and destroyed before it could reach the outside world, but the plague had spread throughout the facility. Zombies had escaped the facility and the plague had subsequently spread throughout the world. Upon your return to civilization, you discovered the zombie apocalypse all around you. Fighting for your life, you found your way to the research facility where it all started. Inside, there is a cure -- a way to reverse the effects. You are the last hope to save the human race from this dastardly plague, if only you can find the cure before the plague finds you.​


Day 1: Had no real idea to begin with. Started jamming over 8 hours late. Decided to go with a platformer. Had loose plot idea. Made sprites (character, floor, doors, stairwells) and coded stuff. Coded a manually controlled view system.
First gif:
Day 2: Finished stairwell code - they were a challenge. Coded doors. Made some more sprites and restyled some placeholders (zombies, floors, walls, character weapons). Developed story idea a little further.
Second gif:
Day 3: I'm running out of time and getting virtually nothing done. If this even gets playable, it will only be a "first chapter" demo kinda game. That is, if I'm lucky. But on a high note, we have computer banks now!


End of Jam: Well, once again, I didn't finish. Here it is anyway. Reviewers: please, be gentle.
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Tree of life


WASD movement, space to teleport, left click to shoot, right click to build spikes.

I again, did not do a devlog........... Oh well.
Anyways here's a gif from a half finished version of it while I'm working on it.

No matter what you think, it does relate to theme. Even if it doesn't I'll make it fit.

pretty much crammed and finished looks ALOT better than in the prev gif. see if i have time to get a video up.
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"Grey Fall"
Morne Booysen (programming); Bernard Potgieter (Art); Marius Schutte (audio) all from South Africa
NOTE: Game takes 15seconds to generate world, you will hear music playing! Please be patient.

(alternatively download, available later on search for the user 'gamelancer')

"You find yourself the last survivor of a post-apocalyptic event...alone and desolate on a strange alien planet, your ships core needs repairing. You have managed to make a basic fire with the local purple grass...oh that grass you see it move sometimes in a strangely lively manner. What is in that grass!? Oh why did I have to crash on this godforsaken planet! I hope I can survive this..."


PC keyboard.

[Arrow keys] = movement

[Q] = Dash

[W] = Attack (Shoot from far or Melee when close)

[E] = Interact or Use. Pick up plants, Fuel fire, Repair space ship core.

How to play:

You need to survive, while collecting parts to repair your space ship's core. Keep fueling your fire, by collecting grass and using it close by fire. While adventuring in the strange alien world, you need to fend off alien beasties.

Day 1:
We developed box2d physics engine after watching the Heartbeast's RPG youtube videos and some ideas for an alien like survival planet, without crafting. Spent all day testing grass. Really want mobs to be able to move through grass and even maybe hide in it. Spend most of the day discussing how to design the game, and constantly struggled to keep scope achievable. Bernard has some good story ideas, Morne just scared of all the work. Yay grass is working after 10 different tries and colors, and performance, etc.

Day 2:
Really stressing since AI not too good, and we keep hitting against the box2D physics engine. After lots of debate, we dropped the code and started over re-coding without box2d physics. Mob AI still boring, but it works. Made the mistake to use FSm for mobs instead of taking the effort to code each one separately, still need to do this. Got some of the space ship survival mechanics in. Harvesting grass, and collecting spares to repair ships core. Basic combat. Still need to add in animations, and particle effects and create a game loop. Day 2 is all about the game loop. Created scripts to generate world grass in clumps, and had to spend 2 hours figuring out the best way to optimise fps. Optimisation worked now can leave mob AI active in the whole room and double room size.

Day 3:
Really stressed, have I done any work? We really need to get this all together now, we do have 1 song. Will put it in last to keep compile speeds fast. Started devlog, while Bernard pulls in sprite into the game. We all are working remotely. Gosh we still need Title screens and Menu, don't know if there will be time for that. Onwords men...
Day 3.5:
We only slept 2.5hours. Bernard helped recoding some of the animation facing, and decided to reprogram the AI and test mob smelling mechanics. Our goal was to have a few interesting enemy mobs, alas no time. We will probably add this post jam. Rushed in some SFX (I hope). Added Shader for fire brightness inside ship, and particle snow effect. Worked on look of grass generation of word, keeing a close eye on the FPS counter seems fine always above 70FPS when room_speed is in anycase 30FPS. Killed lots of bugs, after making them - what fun! Created download page, with screenshot and some SFX edits. Now final devlog update for GMC topic. Didn't go in to work today, want to submit - yay!

If you are actually still reading, thank you so much! Please try out our game or prototype and let us know if you want to see us develop this further and what you'd like to see more?

Good luck to all the rest!
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Moon Goat

Save the Last Human
by Moon Goat

You are a robot who has to save the last human on earth from apocalyptic creatures.
You can only shoot the monsters if you drop the human by pushing space.
WASD to move. Click to shoot.

If you let the human run out of health, everyone is dead. Game Over.

If you kill all the monsters, you get nothing but self satisfaction; no win screen.


Why the game is unfinished:

I was really stressed and just couldn't press on, so I said to myself, "Dude, finishing it isn't worth a heart attack! Just submit it and be done!"

"Game Jam submissions are like pancakes; your first one is always the throw away."

Oh well, maybe next time...:(



Made solely by Otyugra

A Ghost and a Robot are searching the Earth for survivors of the apocalypse.
Will they find any?

Download Link:


Day One - I came here to kick *** and chew bubble gum
Day Two - I'm all out of bubblegum
Day Three - Oh hey; I finished making the game. Would you look at that...
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By @johnwo
After years of solitude, brought on by the sudden disappearance of every living creature except him, he finally reached an unprecedented level of loneliness.

Traversing endlessly while trying to find the answer.
What happened?
What set this incident into motion?
He might never find out.

A man, his thoughs and his gun.

Made in ~9 hours (Since I almost forgot the jam...)
- All assets and scripts are made by me (except the font).
- Used FreeMind to map out choices.

Known issues:
- In windowed mode, dialog boxes and text is scaled incorrectly.
To mend this, just right click the game exe (lonely.exe) -> Click "properties" -> Click on the "compatibility"-tab.
Check the box which says "Disable display scaling on High DPI settings".

DOWNLOAD: [GameJolt]

Hope you'll enjoy!


19:30 GMT+1: Started the project. Character limbs, and animation based on an old spriter interpreter I made. 18 and 1/2 hour left of the jam.
20:00 GMT+1: Basics done. 18h left.
20:53 GMT+1: Been writing a good chunk of dialog to test with. Starting work on the dialog system.
21:11 GMT+1: Pizza time!
22:32 GMT+1: Most of the dialog is finished.
23:53 GMT+1: Ramen time!
01:02 GMT+1: Mostly done. Some bugs needs fixing.
03:27 GMT+1: Been testing and tweaking for a while. Created some backgrounds, one new animation, and added an endgame state.
03:50 GMT+1: Close to finishing now. Just need to add a *simple* menu, and some sound/music.
04:26 GMT+1: Ramen time! (and yeah, added statistics at the end of the game).
04:44 GMT+1: I'm calling time now. Gonna get some screenshots and write some stuff for the entry, put the devlog up, eat some more, ect. ~9h left.
04:51 GMT+1: Devlog posted on GMC. Going to compile, upload and post ASAP.
05:58 GMT+1: Done with upload, description, info and al that good stuff! Now I just have to sit back and wait for someone to find a bug that I would never imagine could exist.
06:00 GMT+1: Posted on GMC! I'm going to sleep now!
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Clone Runners
By Cameron

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space to interact with levers
  • 'R' to restart a level
  • 'ESC' to exit
Take on the role of an infinitely respawning clone, and experiment with both colors and death to escape the dungeon lab.
How many times will you die?

(Little loud if you are running max windows volume)
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David Chen


Explore and learn as a child who has just entered the after life and offered an opportunity back to the land of the living ... but at what cost?
Meet quirky monsters and decide their fates as you learn more about this new world.

- David Chen (Art/Design)
- Leo Wang aka Moxxin (Music and Sound Effects, e-mail:
- Adam Twite (Programming)

This was a very heavily narrative driven game and there was far more content than we could have wished to add in three days. We did flesh out the characters quite a bit, even if not all of it made it into the game. In any case, I hope your experience is still a pleasant one =]

Play it here:
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After powering through the last 72 hours, I present to you:
ghost town
an underworld rpg adventure

Explore the caverns of the underworld, after you, the last person alive, dies.
Inspired by Cave Story and Undertale

Download on
Google Drive Mirror

Sorry about the huge screenshots, I have no idea how to use spoilers.
Download on
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One Last Bite
by NightOwl35



Getting this in with only 4 hours to spare! This was tons of fun to make, even though it is a little buggy in parts. It was a real challenge to do things I have never done before in Game Maker and even though it's not great, I learned a lot and that to me is amazing! Wanted to wait until I had something relatively playable before I posted here. Also here's a list of known issues I've come across that I just didn't have time to fix. Also no devblog because I was stressing out over fixing bugs the entire time! I will say that my original idea was to play as a zombie who would attack civilians and turn them into zombies and create a giant horde, but then I thought vampires, who are undead (which by definition are "technically" dead) would be a more interesting choice.

-Keyboard controls will not work if you have a gamepad plugged in.
-Gamepad joystick will not work for the main menu (have to use arrow keys).
-Turned villagers will all pile on one villager and as such will get caught running into walls.
-Can constantly heal by using the "turn" attack.
-Pause menu was completely broken and thus taken out.

(Could only use a wired Xbox 360 controller to test gamepad)
-Arrow Keys or Gamepad joystick to move
-'Z' or 'A' (xbox controller) to attack
-'X' or 'X' (xbox controller) to start to turn a villager (it's a slow process. Turned villagers will attack normal villagers.)
-'Enter' or 'Start' (xbox controller) for start

-Normal villagers will have a red health bar.
-Villagers that are turning will have a blue health bar that fades to purple.
-Turned Villagers will have a teal health bar.
-The player has a green health bar.

-You can not attack turned villagers.
-The bat is just there as a little "pet" to follow you around, cause why not.


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Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff

In the far future, a rogue AI has destroyed humanity and absorbed everyones memories into itself. You, the last human alive, have the task of recovering all of humanities memories and resurrecting the human race!


Game Mechanics: The game is simple - fly around and kill everything while collecting the shards of memory crystals that you find. As the game progresses you can tap into these memory crystals to get memories from specialists and upgrade your ship. Finish the game and resurrect humanity to win!

Controls: 100% Gamepad supported, or keyboard. Gamepad left stick = ture, right stick, thrust, Face1 or triggers = shoot. Keyboard WASD or Arrow Keys and Space. ESC pauses the game.

What's Missing: Okay, so the game is missing the whole upgrade system (which relies on Memory Shards), any type of options, and all sound effects/music. Sorry, but I got so carried away with the engine that I forgot the frills. That said, the 8 levels that are there should be pretty fun and challenging (especially as balance is nonexistent! :p )


I will most definitely be continuing with this project as the game mechanics are smooth as silk, and with the upgrades, more levels and some nice polish I think it'll be a fun little blaster!
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predictably random
Forum Staff
Bone Crusher

(3.6 MB zip file, on

OK, here's my (short as usual) Jam entry. It's a two-level game patterned after a popular flash game called Supergoblin War Machine. Basically, the goal is to destroy everything and make sure "they're all dead". So it was a good theme fit.

The challenge is smashing peasants and their feeble structures. Sometimes they jump out of the way, or hide in building rubble. So look carefully. Keep smashing until they're all dead.

It was an opportunity to use my favorite box2d. The war machine has custom springy wheels based on a constrained strut idea I've been playing with. The hammer is constructed using a motorize revolute joint attached to the edge of structure. So the hammer blows create a nice reaction force on the buggy.

I refined my physics-based debris effect. When a structure is destroyed, it's broken into dozens of smaller physics-fixtures that receive an outward impulse. So they behave like flying rubble.

Graphics and Sound
Some graphics are hand-drawn, like the terrain, wheels and hammer, and one of the peasants. The rest were assembled from "spare parts" of open-source material I've collected over the years from free "coloring book" websites. I drew everything in monochrome, adjusted the contrast, and photoshopped it together.

The sounds are short bites from a spooky theme I've had for years. Don't know the origin. I extracted bits and pieces, and created a "layered sound" with random alarms each playing a different sound bite.


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Freddy Jones

Your Main Detective
The Robot And The Pharaoh
by Freddy Jones
T_T small problem, but it's good I promise.

Instructions: Included in-game. The only thing not explained is getting to the exit. Look for the exit and walk into it. You will enter the next room. The game is beatable, just finish 3 rooms.

map made.png

The file is pretty large, sorry about that. Unfortunately, because of the size, the very small problem relating to the random seed was not able to be uploaded in time.

WHOOPS LOOKS LIKE GAME BREAKING GLITCH - LOL. If you get stuck behind a wall on game start, or if the exit is impossible to reach, try pressing the "end" key. If all else fails restart application! Sorry!

Things used prior to competition:
My gunshot sound effects
Gore effects system - from platformer
Gun system - from platformer
Basic interaction system - from platformer.
gun sprites - from friend for any game

Things made during the competition:
map generator
mummy and player sprites
basic top down engine
procedural system
everything else

Everything that was not made by me:
Ambient Music:
Classical Music:
The Carnival of the Animals - VIII. Personages with long ears (intro to story)
The Carnival of the Animals - XIII. The Swan ( ending song )
Dungeon tiles:
BY: Calciumtrice
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Devil's Mansion

In this game you face cases where Everybody is dead. Clearly the culprit commited suicide after killing everyone else, but who is it?
Read the letters of the victims (and the killer) and try to discover the killer.
It's honnestly hard, but it's also fair. The result is shown after an attempt.
When you "get it" it's much better yet still challenging.

I hope you enjoy it.


I'm guessing that I enter here o_O... haha
Game Name: Everybody is Dead (I know... So original)
With literally 30s to spare too!

Team: Only me... My cousin bailed on me *sigh*

- Skip text: Enter
- Use menus: Arrow Keys
- Movement: Arrow Keys
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Zerb Games


Hell is on Earth... Hell is Earth...

By: David Sommerfield of Zerb Games

Quick Note: This game was done in ~5 hours I didn't have as much time as I had hoped for, but I got what I could call a decent engine going. I would of liked to accomplish a lot more, and really spend a lot of time tweaking for """game feel""", or whatever you wanna call it. Overall I could say the concept is there which I am happy with, enjoy!

Download: Broken_World.exe

Also, would anyone mind capturing a gif or 2 for me of this game. GifCam is giving me problems, and that's the only Gif capture that doesn't lag the crap out of my PC. Thanks <3

Warning: Was copied and pasted here from the JAM topic.
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