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Welcome to the GMC Jam #1 Games Topic!

Due to overwhelmingly popular demand, the theme is...


  • any GMC member is welcome to participate in GMC Jam and submit their entry
  • each entry must be made by a single GMC member or a team of up to 3 people; people outside GMC can be in the team, as long as at least one GMC member is in that team
  • each participant can make or contribute to as many entries as they want, but they can only claim rewards for one of them (unless the reward is given specifically for the entry)
  • each entry must have a single post in this Jam's games topic (opened once the Jam officially starts), and no two entries can share the same post
  • the Games topic post can be used to present the entry progress; it can also contain a devlog
  • by the time the Jam ends, each Games topic post must contain a valid link to the entry downloadable file

  • each entry must have a single, its own post in this very topic; no two entries can share the same post
  • each post in this topic must be related to a single entry; the place for discussion is the discussion thread, not the games topic
  • the entry post can be used to present the entry progress, as well as a devlog
  • you are free to use any devlog format as long as you can make it work in a forum post
  • by the time the Jam ends, the entry post must contain a valid link to entry files to qualify
  • if you find this topic is closed and you cannot edit your entry anymore, DO PANIC because it means Jamming time ended and I started wrapping up the ZIP; also, send me a message as soon as possible with a valid link to the entry

  • the entry must be an original creation made in GameMaker specifically for the Jam, within the Jam timeframe
  • the entry might use assets (graphics, audio, scripts, extensions, Marketplace resources etc.) created before the Jam, whether by team members or someone else; however, the credits should make clear where the assets come from and which were made before the Jam
  • the creators of the entry must have rights to all of the assets; unlicensed use of resources is not allowed
  • the entry must be available as a Windows executable file, exported as a stand-alone file or as a ZIP; installers are not allowed
  • the entry might be exported to other platforms as well (such as HTML5 or Android), but the Windows executable must be available

Remember, as everywhere else, general Community Guidelines apply.

Recommended format

To make things easier for both participants and Jam host, guidelines about entry post and file structure has been prepared. It's not mandatory to follow, but it's recommended, as it keeps things organised and makes wrapping up entries easier.

The template in the spoiler below is suggested for entry post. If you have your own creative idea about it, by all means go for it, but please do include:
  • the game title
  • the list of team members and a team name; or just your own username if you go solo
  • the download link, clearly labeled as "DOWNLOAD"

[center][size=7]The Best Game Title in the World[/size]
[size=5]by [b]My Username[/b][/size]                        // if the game is made by one person
[size=5]by [b]Team XYZ[/b] (Xerxes, Yeti, Zed)[/size]       // if the game is made by the team
[size=5]by [b]Xerxes[/b], [b]Yeti[/b], [b]Zed[/b][/size]                         // if the team has no official name

[img][/img]           // if you have a screenshot
<no screenshot yet>                                 // if you don't

[size=6][url=]DOWNLOAD[/url][/size]        // if you have a playable version
<no download yet>                                                   // if you don't yet
    // you might also include additional download mirror links
    // or e.g. link to the game page or topic in Made with GameMaker
    // but the download should be the first link of all

// after that, present the devlog however you like, within rules

Additionally, when you wrap up entry files to download, it is suggested that you:
  • make sure it's not an installer
  • make a folder called "Entry Title by Author", or "Entry Title by Team Name", or "Entry Title by Comma, Separated, Authors", put unpacked game file(s) directly in that folder, and ZIP the whole folder
  • make a README file with credits, especially if you used external assets; files with README in name are recognized by the voting application to be included, and are easily accessible from there
  • if you're running out of time to put instructions in the game and must resort to readme file instad, call it README_PLEASE; files with both README and PLEASE in name are recognized by the application, and result in highlighting the "Readme" button
  • if there's some additional information you need the player to know after they play the game, but before they vote, you might make an AFTERWORD file (also recognized by the application); there you might mention a cheat code to reach later areas (in case it would be too hard for regular player), or explain the use of theme if it's not obvious or revealed at the late point in the game; basically, this is the additional chance to mention important facts about the entry
  • if you still have some time, playtest the game and send it to your little dog, too; there are few things ruining the experience more effectively than crashes!
  • make sure it's not an installer, just once again for a good measure

Once again, following these guidelines is not obligatory, but it'll be appreciated.

Now let the Jamming commence!
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By Ghandpiviot

Google Drive mirror

Day 1:
Let's go!
I made a map:

I also did tooons of animating sprites etc!

End of the day, here's what it looks like now, in low res:

Day 2:
It's now 20:00. The day has gone by in a flash and I've been programming the ENTIRE day, as well as eating infront of the computer.

Here's some ground tiles:

I'll be working til late tonight, might update some more then.

Had to remove most of the devlog since we're only allowed to have 10 images... :(

Day 3
Finished up the game, making even more enemies, 2 of the worlds, connecting all the pieces together and implemented a score system with online highscores. Spent the last of my time squashing some bugs, there's still 2 lefts which I couldn't quite solve before work, I have 30 minutes til' the Jam ends when I get home so I'll might be able to do something about it then, but I doubt it. Other than that, the game is finished :D
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ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ
GMC Elder

Turns out war changes.

In Four Against The World, each adventure is unique. Travel from city to city with "The Four", the sole survivors of one of many possible catastrophes that took place shortly before the game's events.

Hunt for food, energy, health packs, skill points and car parts to keep yourselves, and your beloved vehicle, on the road.

Search scenery and dungeons and do your best not to die in the face of continuous, sometimes arbitrary dilemmas - each character only has one life; once they're dead, they're dead forever.

Make it to the final destination, the glorious British city of... well, it's different every time, just like everything else.

It's all tongue in cheek and profoundly British.

More screenshots
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Troubles of Post-Mortal Times
By Alice / Mercerenies

(the crowd control! It works!)


It's that time, that time again...


[M] 7:08 AM - Everybody is dead. Alright! Also, these devlog times are going to end up getting very confusing with two different, distant people editing it.

[M] 8:58 AM - We're solidifying our ideas over Discord, but the basic idea is this. You'll play as the Grim Reaper (also possibly called Grimmy) who is (for some reason that we haven't decided yet) looking for a side job. The gameplay will consist of completing said side job and getting the income from it.

[M] 5:41 PM - I'm home. It's Jam time for real now.

[M] 5:41 PM (addendum) - I kinda forgot that there are two people in play here. I'll be tagging my devlog posts with an M for Mercerenies.

[M] 6:57 PM - *game isn't doing what I tell it to* *creates small test case* *opens debugger* Where did these eight hundred instances come from?! Yeah, turns out I put all my create event code in the step event...

[M] 8:17 PM - I seem to have a gift for finding reasons to write DSLs in everything I develop.

[M] 9:20 PM - I give you... The Flower Minigame! The client has specific requirements for the kind of flower he/she wants. Being practically a god, you can invent flowers, so you want to satisfy the slightly absurd requirements.

[M] 9:25 PM - I am a Lisper. I think that's fairly obvious from this point.

[M] 9:49 PM - Almost forgot, Alice also made progress. She's asleep right now, but she's working on a slightly similar puzzle system that involves using various tools that start fires to start a controlled fire on only certain squares.

[M] 11:10 PM - Whew... getting tired. Anyway, basics of a waterfall puzzle game are down.

[M] 11:23 PM - I'm going to bed now. I'm exhausted.

[A] 9:13 AM - There I go, awake once again. Wow, Merc sure got a lot of things done in the meantime. :eek:

[A] 4:09 PM - Made a general crowd control level editor mechanic. I've still got to make paths calculation and stuff. And replace the placeholders, eventually, but this will be done, eventually, hopefully...

[A] 5:01 PM - Not feeling like pushing the crowd control, started planning menus instead. So, I made a generic cutscene background, then some gradient overlay, then combined them with crowd control puzzles for no reason whatsoever.

But it doesn't change the fact they're still placeholders.

[M] 1:12 PM - This image shows all of the waterfall mechanics that will be in the game, unless I feel like adding more much later on.

Ordinary blocks cause water to flow to both sides. Arrow blocks cause it to go one direction. Up-arrow blocks cause it to "bounce" upward one in that direction. Double arrow blocks shoot it two in that direction. Diamond blocks cause it to burst out until blocked in both directions. Green blocks are movable; red ones are stationary. The blue basins need to have water in them to win, and the dotted-line squares cannot have water flowing through them in the solution.

[M] 3:47 PM - Just boring save file stuff right now. No screenshots. Will have some stuff to show when level design starts later, and Alice will be doing the cutscenes then too.

[M] 4:13 PM - Save/load system is up and running.

[M] 8:32 PM - Working on level design for the gardening stages now. Even Death incarnate has a few fangirls.

[M] 10:43 PM - I'm falling into the trap that I seem to always fall in with games like this. I can make really easy puzzles and I can make really hard ones, but I can't seem to master the middle difficulty.

[M] 11:47 PM - I'm going to have nightmares in the form of existential quantifiers tonight. So... much... logic...

[M] 12:43 AM - Bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be a level design bonanza for me, with half of the flower stages, as well as ALL of the other minigames to do.

[A] 8:47 AM - another day, another Jam... now I need to write the crowd control path simulation system. It's going to be sooo much fun...

[A] 1:00 PM - Oh, it actually is pretty fun, I guess? Too bad that pretty time consuming, too...

[A] 1:38 PM - Moar crowd control! Now with even more control over crowd!

[M] 9:40 AM - I'm alive again. Time to finish this.

[M] 1:18 PM - Finished all the flower stages, and running really short on time. Hopefully we'll be able to get it all in.

[M] 4:46 PM - Crowd control stages are done.

[M] 8:53 PM - All levels and all level dialogue done. Alice is polishing the game and I'm finding music.

[M] 10:39 PM - One release coming up. See the top of the post for the beta. Everything else is up to Alice.

[A] 2:57 PM - The game is up!
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by aamatniekss
A game about one mans journey in a strange place.

DOWNLOAD - Dropbox


01/08/2016 13:02

Finished my entry! In the end turned out pretty alright I think. Unlike anything Ive ever done, but it was certainly fun. :)

Older Entries -
31/07/2016 13:18
Feeling a bit more confident today, that I can actually make it in time. Already working on all the story and everything. As it looks now the game will be around 10minutes long. Which seems totally fine for the jam. hopefully.
Here you can see a small segment of the badly written story . :D
30/07/2016 14:17
Woke up a couple hours ago and started working on it again. Made more of the gameplay mechanics, and started a bit on the puzzles.
You cant stay in the past world forever, as your life drains while in it, so you got to do what you do quickly and get out.

29/07/2016 22:40
Alright, i am done for today.
Made the basic movement and everything. And also the main mechanic of the game that you can see in the gif. Now need to basically incorporate the story and gameplay elements, but that tomorrow. :)
29/07/2016 17:03 -

Going to make a story game, kind of inspired by the tv show 'Stranger Things'. Trying to keep everything as simple as I can, because I have no idea what amount of work is needed in a game like that, as Ive never made a story game.
First 2hrs have been spent on environment art, which is also only about 1/2 of what I need in that department.

29/07/2016 15:08 -
Kind of got an idea already, well atleast in what direction it will be. So im drawing already.
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Revival Of The Undead Princess Satsuka

by @Aura and @Rusty


In case you find the enemies too difficult to beat, let me tell you that it was planned. There's a strategy that you can use to beat the enemies:

  • Slimes: They'll change their direction when you hit them. So if you want to beat them without losing hit points, hit them when they are coming towards you. If you'd hit them from the backside, they'd change direction and you'll lose hit points.
  • Pogo monsters: Same as slimes
  • Rolling slimes: Same as slimes
  • Ice ghosts: Hit them then run away. When they get closer, hit them again. Don't let them come close to your body.
  • Wasps: Same as ice ghosts

Rest of the strategy is self-explanatory.

Satsuka, the princess of Hidimba, is secretly murdered by Djinin, the minister, so as to avoid the king from getting information about his evil plans. But this is not the end of her legend! She re-appears in the holy land of Kuntos, occupied by fierce monsters, where people who are chosen to revive themselves go. Can you help her revive herself, so that she can return and expose monsterous Djinin to the king?

Play through 5 levels, each with unique monsters, collecting the Five Elemental Crystals, namely Fire, Ice, Water, Wind and Earth. As soon as everybody is dead in a level, that is, all the monsters have been put to death, spirits would assembe and unite to give you a crystal. Collect all five of them and revive her! ^^


  • interactive main menu with special music
  • five (very) challenging levels with unique monsters and music
  • (Un-)Fitting SFX
  • a story of royal dispute, murder and clashes
  • a pause menu in case of emergency
  • a very big hammer
  • lovely pixel art by @Rusty (a little bit by me)
  • great infamous Eric Matyas music

How To Play

In case you're a nitpicker: Arrow keys to move, Z for jumping, X for attacking and C for reading a dialogue further; Enter to enter (no pun intended) the pause menu.


GMC Topic:
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Digital Artist

by Jett

Download Link

The world has beed corrupted by evil spirits killing everyone in the process.
You find yourselves in a dead forest, surrounded by enemies. Is this the end?


Latest GIF of Gameplay

I've finished the game. Thanks to all people who helped me and who read this devlog.
It was a really nice jam. GGWP
(also does the download link work? pm me pls if it doesn't)

Time left: 0d 2h 45m 19s
My game's basically finished right now. I received sfx and bgm from @zminusone, they really sound great and made my game 10x more engaging. Thanks a lot @zminusone. I'll post a download link later when it's near the deadline.

Time left: 0d 18h 28m 17s
Okay! Lots of progress since last post. First of all, I made the enemies fade in when they spawn. Then I made a Killstreak mechanic, killing an enemy will increase your killstreak, but if you miss or attack at the wrong one your killstreak is reset back to 0. Lastly, when enemies gets too close, this will trigger the "you failed" thing where the background will fade to black and followed by the units. Your kill count and max killstreak is shown.
Next is title screen I guess! Also more polishing! :p

Time left: 1d 1h 35m 28s
After waking up, I painted a background with this dark theme in it, dead trees, water puddles, etc.
Currently the enemies spawn in these bright squares, I gotta work and change them into something else. I'll also work on the UI a bit. Back to work! :D

Time left: 1d 14h 58m 19s

I added a color mechanic which makes certain enemies vulnerable only to a specific character. It increases the difficulty and adds depth which I think is fine. My game is probably really hard but I can play it quite easily so I guess one can improve the more the game is played.
Background is the next thing to do! :D

Time left: 1d 17h 22m 9s
Okay, so I did a wave system for enemies. The game currently have 2 types of enemies, I might add 1 more. Also the game now has sfx and bgm found scavenging all around the free download websites. XD

Time left: 2d 2h 55m 11s
I finished the weapons for each character, which I think is pretty cool.
Time for some enemies! :D

Time left: 2d 6h 10m 12s
Ok, I just woke up, time to continue!

Time left: 2d 13h 3m 31s
I'm having trouble animating weapons with code. It's 1 am and I've only finished the sword weapon for the knight. I'll work on other weapons tommorow morning. I'll post another gif when it's done. Good night! :D

Time left: 2d 17h 48m 23s
I got some rotation going on, which is nice.

Time left: 2d 20h 8m 25s

I have an idea and I did some characters.

Time Left: 3d 0h 0m 0s
Everybody is dead. Okay.
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The M

Final Shelter
by The M


Friday, day 1
~ 13:15 (GMT) ~
I have an idea for the game but have yet to start working on it. These last couple of days I've been practicing with GM:Studio as I've never really used this version before. More specifically, I've been looking at shader tutorials and hope to get some cool shaders into my game.

I've begun making a light engine. It's crude but I might just be able to work it into the game, we'll see; I think it could be cool.

~ 15:45 (GMT) ~
I need soft shadows if this is to work. I also need to add more color and more importantly: gameplay. I guess the lighting will have to wait for now.

Up next: let's actually make a game!

~ 17:00 (GMT) ~
Or let's not. I've never had this much trouble getting basic wall collision detection to work. After half an hour I realized GM:Studio doesn't use precise collision masks by default and after another half an hour you now only clip through walls sometimes. Hrarh, I HATE it when basic things take way more time than they should!

~ 17:45 (GMT) ~
Collision works somewhat now. I've added a flahslight and a hand gun for the player to use (also spent way too much time on the nozzle flash (gotta use that light engine) and eject shell physics).

Up next: zombies and combat?

~ 19:00 (GMT) ~
This is a zombie game after all and now there are zombies. They're about as intelligent as you'd expect and tend to walk straight into the nearest wall they find. Well, I'll change that in time. Let's make them killable, shall we.

~ 20:30 (GMT) ~
You can now re-kill zombies. Gore and empty shells both have physics for a while and are then pasted upon a decal surface to free up resources. That means there shouldn't be a limit to how much gore I can have but I still plan to include an options menu where you can adjust the stuff.

~ 21:00 (GMT) ~
I showed off the gore to a friend who said there was a game mode in RIP 3 that replaced blood with flowers. Obviously I'm not gonna let them beat me! At the price of some quality jam time I present to you: vegan mode!

~ 22:30 (GMT) ~
I'm working on pathfinding for the zombies and it goes so-so. Have I ever mentioned how stupid zombies are? I tried to use the built-in motion planning but the success rate was sub-optimal. Then I replaced it with mp_grid and A* which gets them to their destination (if they don't get stuck in walls on the way) but paths removes any possibilities for dynamic interactions and I want them to be able to group together like crazy. My solution was to mix the systems: I create a path follower dummy object that follows the path just ahead of the zombie and let the zombie use standard movement to chase it. Kind of like a carrot on a stick (or a brain in this case).

(I just had to draw it!)

~ 23:00 (GMT) ~
I just killed image_angle. Turns out it messes too much with the collision mask which makes the player and zombies get stuck in walls at certain angles. As I'm unable to fix the issue, I made sure the mask is never rotated. Annoying, but what can you do. Now if I could only find a way to deal with those pesky corners...

~ 23:30 (GMT) ~
Time to call it a night. There's really no game yet but it's fun to watch hordes of zombies move through the level. Tomorrow I'll start with the actual gameplay, add levels enemy variation and all that nifty stuff. I have a huge backlog (as always) but there should be time to finish most of it, I think.

Saturday, day 2
~ 08:15 (GMT) ~
Day 2! I'm thinking of making the first (or maybe chronologically the second) level. From there I'll work my way into the gameplay mechanics and then I will hopefully have a little time left to churn out content. That's the plan at least.

~ 11:30 (GMT) ~
So I'm trying to make a wave based system where zombies spawn at different gates with different goals and tasks. I've tweaked their behavior and the can now hunt the player but the code is getting messy :confused:. I've added loot stashes that can be (surprise!) looted. That doesn't do anything for now but will be important eventually when you can build stuff.

~ 12:30 (GMT) ~
Between each wave you'll be able to construct defensive tools, such as barricades and turrets. This is done in blueprint mode: (ignore the player for now ^^)

~ 14:00 (GMT) ~
Things are slowly coming together. I'm working on blueprint mode (you can place barricades now!) but there're so many GUI elements that I need to build and set up that it takes longer than I'd have liked... At least I've got grapefruit here (though that might not speed things up :p).

~ 15:00 (GMT) ~
Draw GUI is a nasty event to deal with. Especially when you can toggle fullscreen mode. I couldn't for my life get the text to be drawn in the right place and not eager to struggle with it, I'll just ditch it for the normal draw event.

~ 18:30 (GMT) ~
There's a build menu now. Of course, only one option works but hey, barricades for life, right? You can start the next wave by pressing Enter but I think I'll add a visible button for it, even if that's gonna take another 30 minutes.

~ 20:00 (GMT) ~
We've got turrets: Gun turrets. They work as a stationary player and mow down zombies in range. In fact, they're so powerful one of them can easily hold down a corridor or two on its own. Oh, well, I haven't gotten to the balancing part yet.

~ 21:00 (GMT) ~
I've modified the zombies' behavior to search out hostile objects to hunt down. Currently that includes the player and turrets. Bug testing is a bit tricky because the zombies die before they get close enough to the turrets to attack them! I tested the limit of how many enemies I could have on screen at once by spawning thousands of them. :p

~ 21:15 (GMT) ~
I can barely keep my thoughts straight. I think it's about time I hit the bed. Not as done as I'd have liked to but when was I ever. ^^

Sunday, day 3
~ 07:15 (GMT) ~
Back for more! Today I HAVE to finish the game, at least its core mechanics if I'm to have any levels at all. I also need to take some serious time to fix issues such as sound effects and a main menu. Crunch time, begin!

~ 08:15 (GMT) ~
I've added ammo supplies to the turrets which the player'll need to refill. The core gameplay of this game will probably revolve around knowing where to be at any one time so adding more options like that feels great.

Now... C4!

~ 11:00 (GMT) ~
Explosions are fun but tricky. I spent far too much time on tweaking their effects and adding small things like lingering fire that glows in the dark. It looks great but took three hours... I also added a gore cap as things got a bit laggy when dozens of zombies exploded at once.

~ 14:00 (GMT) ~
I'm working on a main menu now. The game still needs balancing, of course, but I want to do this while I still have enough time to make it properly. I'll probably add sound effects and music next and save gameplay for last. Sounds like a decent plan!

~ 16:15 (GMT) ~
The menu is done! I just need to add a button to begin the game. It looks good and I've got my options menu (which you can bring up in game by the way) like I wanted but now I can feel the time pressure! Onwards!

~ 18:00 (GMT) ~
I've added music to the menu and sound gunfire and explosions. It's not much but it's a start. You can now change room and all bugs related to that have been exterminated. Yay.

~ 19:30 (GMT) ~
Okay, so now I spent at about an hour drawing an inventory (which reminds me that I still have to make health bars, ugh), maybe I can finally start working on gameplay!

~ 22:30 (GMT) ~
I've given up the thought of getting eight hour's of sleep tonight. We'll see how long I can keep at it. I've finished pretty much all GUI elements with only the player's health bar left to go. Then maybe I'll make a game over screen and call it a night. Or perhaps I'll do even more, like I said; we'll see.

~ 23:30 (GMT) ~
I'm starting to doubt the validity of my decisions. I thought it'd be boring to have a basic heath bar for the player (unlike turrets, etc) so I spent an hour making this:

It's neat but I could have spent that hour on something MUCH more useful and important. Oh, well.

Monday, day 4
~ 05:00 (GMT) ~
There's awfully little time between now and my last update. 5 hour's may be plenty for some but I'm usually pretty desperate for my eight hours. But that's a jam for ya. Let's hope my sacrifice makes a difference! :)

~ 06:15 (GMT) ~
You can die and it takes you to a game over screen. Neat! Up next on my to-do list is adding more sounds and music. But first: breakfast!

~ 09:15 (GMT) ~
Less that three hours left. PANIC!

Seriously, sound effects take too long to find and add. They make a difference though, so it should be worth it.

~ 10:15 (GMT) ~
Only two hours left and I'm about to start making levels. There's no way I'll be able to make them as complex as I'd originally intended but I hope I'll at least have a few done. Shame that I don't have time for a story.

~ 11:45 (GMT) ~
I've made a second level but don't have time to link and test it so I'll have to cut it out. I'm frantically putting together a victory screen for when you beat the first stage. Should have prioritized story over content but what can you do. I haven't been this stressed since forever (last jam most likely ^^).

~ 12:00 (GMT) ~
So that's it, huh? Well it's a shame about that other level but what's there works so I can't really complain. It feels like my projects get more and more ambitious for every jam and as a 10th anniversary, this one was pretty satisfying. It's always fun to try out new stuff and this time I really have. This game has everything from pathfinding to shaders and surfaces, the last of which I haven't touched since the second jam I entered. Thanks for a great event everyone!
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Former Jam Host
GMC Elder

Lonely Drone
A cautionary & topical tale about the end of the world




Most Recent Screenie



MONDAY :: 12:25 BST :: 71:25 JAM TIME :: 27:05 WORK TIME - FINISHED
Finished with 35 minutes to spare!! I think this is the closest I have ever been to missing the deadline in the GMC Jam... the download is available here. If there's anything wrong with it lemme know, everything should be grand I've tested & tested!

Unfortunately I couldn't add sound (didn't have time!) so you'll have to imagine the sound effects. I find myself making my own with my mouth as I play (brrrrr.... click click PEW PEW).

There's also a bunch of enemies & interactive scenery I wanted to add, and of course I wish the game were longer, but I'm still hugely proud of what I've achieved over the last 3 days! Hope you guys enjoy :)

SUNDAY :: 22:25 BST :: 57:25 JAM TIME :: 22:55 WORK TIME
Lots of stuff done. All rooms for the game have now been created and populated with the layout of the level, they just need the enemies and collectibles properly arranged inside them. Screenshot of a completed room here. I'm done for today, my eyes are sore from concentrating and my arse is sore from sitting. I'll work on the game from 9am until the deadline at 1pm BST tomorrow. Ultimately I have 4 hours' work left to do this thing! I think I can make it... time will tell.

For now I'm off to bed, night folks!

SUNDAY :: 17:05 BST :: 52:05 JAM TIME :: 18:05 WORK TIME
All of my graphics for the game are completely finished and loaded into the project (ended up with a total of 97 sprites, way over the top for a jam! took me ages...)

I now have the saving/loading system completely working, a basic menu implemented, and a room-to-room door system working. I've also made a *very* basic opening cutscene which basically just consists of the drone waking up. Sometimes I go overboard with these but this time I'm avoiding that trap to make sure the gameplay is up to scratch!

Now I have to create the actual levels! HOO BOY. I figure I'll continue for 3-4 hours tonight and around 3 hours tomorrow morning. Hopefully that's long enough to get everything done and test it!

Dan, OUT.

SUNDAY :: 12:35 BST :: 47:35 JAM TIME :: 15:00 WORK TIME
I've completed the graphics for all interactive objects in the game, but I still need background graphics and scenery to make it a little more interesting. I should be finished with that by mid-afternoon as estimated yesterday! Good times.

After that comes the hard part. Sticking everything together in the project and creating an actual playable landscape. I'm trying damn hard this time around, let's hope it pays off and I get a good game out of it! :)

SATURDAY :: 22:05 BST :: 33:05 JAM TIME :: 12:50 WORK TIME
Since last we spoke I have returned to creating graphics. The core engine of the game is done, but to make it more interesting I'm going to need a lot more obstacles and objects to interact with as well as background scenery so that exploring the game doesn't get too dull!

Once I've completed the graphics (hopefully by mid-afternoon tomorrow) I will work entirely on level design until I have the game basically complete. Then, and only then, will I add some sound to it. A lot of people like audio and I always spend a lot of time on it during the jam. But it often soaks up so much time I miss out on gameplay elements! I'm going to try to avoid that mistake this time around.

SATURDAY :: 20:05 BST :: 31:05 JAM TIME :: 10:50 WORK TIME
I popped out for a few hours earlier and have just arrived back and put in a 90 minute crunch of coding. I have most of the menus done for the game. This includes scrap paper, command logs and inventory. The game is very much about collecting things.

Command logs tell you the story of the game and are necessary to progress some parts of the level, inventory includes various tools and trinkets to help you through the game. Scrap Paper is a complete bonus. Each piece of scrap paper contains a reference to popular culture, so you should see how many you can recognise! (I might even offer a prize for the first person to guess them all).

SATURDAY :: 11:45 BST :: 22:45 JAM TIME :: 09:20 WORK TIME
Finally started my actual project in GameMaker: Studio, I always make a bunch of graphics and plans first! (is that weird?)

A lot of the graphics for the main character, menus and pickups are finished, so mostly I now need to focus on scenery, enemies etc. graphics-wise.

Code-wise I've made a quick & simple textbox system as shown in this screenie, and the player character is able to fly around and stuff although it can't interact with anything yet.

Hoping to get another hour of work in before I go out to see relatives, but after that I'll be right back in the game.

FRIDAY :: 20:35 BST :: 07:35 JAM TIME :: 06:35 WORK TIME
Been working on a lot of graphics for the game the last hour or so. This screenshot of my graphics folder for the project shows what I've been getting up to so far! The drone graphics, a bunch of the item graphics and menu icons are done as well as some of the general in-game hud (buttons, health bar and cursor).

It's now time for BEER and CHILL, lest my eyeballs pop out of their sockets (like in the bottom left of MenuItems.png WAHEY).

FRIDAY :: 19:15 BST :: 06:15 JAM TIME :: 05:15 WORK TIME
There is going to be a big textual element in my game, a kind of "back story". I've spent most of my time writing that so far, but I also have quite a few sprites done. Gonna work for a couple more hours today on some sprites and backgrounds and then get to work on the actual engine some point tomorrow hopefully.

FRIDAY :: 13:05 BST :: 00:05 JAM TIME :: 00:05 WORK TIME

Alright, let's do this!
Just came up with a name and very vague concept for my game and will now begin proper work immediately.
Also I just had moldy bread for lunch cos I'm hard as nails. GO TIME.
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Desert Lands
by Nallebeorn



(UTC Time)​
DAY 4 11:56 (13:56 local time) FINISHED! =D =D =D =D

DAY 4 8:40 (10:40 local time) Woke up at 8 am, after some 4 hours of sleep, but wasn't actually any less tired than when I went to bed. So I went back to bed to half-sleep for 1 1/2 hours. I'll make sure to add an ending, a better intro (it starts very abruptly/oddly currently) and maybe some music. I'll probably just drop the last 25% of the game world, it's not really that important anyway.

DAY 3 4 01:00 (03:00 local time) Almost done with map creation. Apart from that there's only the ending, intro and possibly music left. I'm really tired now, though, so I'll go to bed now and continue tomorrow. Hopefully there will be enough time... I've uploaded the current build "just in case", but it's unfinished (and misses some required attribution).

DAY 3 10:40 Added a typewriter effect to the dialog and some other labels, settings and a pause menu. I really should start working on the important stuff now...

DAY 3 8:30 (10:30 local time) Back again. I hope to finish the game today, and have the Monday to pack it up, test it and do some final polish.


DAY 2 23:45 (00:45 local time) End of today's work. I've created some of the content (maps, dialogs etc) that will be in the final game, although there are some more building blocks to make before only map design is left. Here's a gif showing the dialog system and the town:

DAY 2 19:20 Dialog system finished.

DAY 2 18:10 Drew some corpses to scatter in the world...

DAY 2 17:40 Done adding in audio, including footsteps... which are a real pain in the ***.

DAY 2 15:55 Added shooting, with ricochets (against some terrain types). You can be killed by your own ricochets, too =)

DAY 2 11:00 The player can now die, and is resurrected at the last checkpoint.

DAY 2 10:40 Instances outside the current screen are now deactivated. Yay for optimization! (of course, the deactivation/activation only happens when switching screens, not every step)

DAY 2 10:30 Save system completely done (hopefully) along with a menu.

DAY 2 07:40 (09:40 local time) Back on the computer for another day's work! I think I'll implemented saving/loading and death now, so I can start adding properly dangerous obstacles.


DAY 1 22:22 (00:22 local time). Going to sleep now. Been a good day, I think this might turn out being my very best game!

DAY 1 21:20 Added dangerous, green liquid. If you touch this, then truly everybody is gonna be dead! (actual dangerousness isn't implemented yet, though...)

DAY 1 20:45 Added a trail of dust, and drew a background. I guess I should start with some actual gameplay mechanics now... Although I'm not even totally sure about what those will be.

DAY 1 19:30 Added some fancy VFX. I think it would look pretty good if I could actually draw...

The overlay texture is not final, by any means. It might well change.

DAY 1 17:40 Basic platforming mechanics are shaping up nicely (Did I tell you it's gonna be a platformer? I think not... But you could probably guess it from the sprites.) Spent an hour trying to figure out why the player characters gets stuck in walls sometimes (revising the entire collision system in the process...). Turned out it was simply because I hadn't setup custom bounding boxes, so the collision box wasn't centered, and different animations had differently sized collision areas >.<

DAY 1 15:10 Not much to show yet, but have done lots of groundwork that will (hopefully) be very useful in the future (input mapping, basic fsm-system...)

DAY 1 13:50 Made some player sprites:

Not exactly the best pixel art ever seen, but I think it'll do (the running animation looks weird mostly because it's longer than the others, so it doesn't loop well in this screenshot gif)

DAY 1 12:40 Just realized I accidentally deleted my Aseprite build yesterday. *hurries to recycle bin*

DAY 1 12:30 Mmmm. That was yummy. I've closed my pinned Twitter tab, so now you know I'm getting serious. Which is good, because mass death is not to be trifled with.

DAY 1 12:10 (14.10 local time) Theme is "Everybody is Dead". Which is great, because that's what I wanted. Before I start jammin', I'm gonna eat some pancakes, though. With jam, obviously.
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Nexusrex Games

by Nexusrex

Game is available.


Jam start (2:00 PM for me):
Started brainstorming. Got my sketchbook and started concepting on it
Let's gooo~!
The same day, 3:12 PM
Now, the ghost character, can take over bodies to solve mazes!
Made the first body, the fighter one
The same day (Again) at 4:41 PM:
Some hours passed, Made main menu and most of gameplay core! Just the collector character and locks are remaining.

Moaaar gif!
Za same dai at 10:41 PM
Has already finished the gameplay core elements, started to make levels
Had a glitch, where the player couldn't get out of the bodies. Fixed using alarms. I guess i will make the levels today, and some sfx. Then i will make the textbox for tutorial and cutscenes, get music. Then end. lol
The next day (Day 2 in jam-2d 12h 22m)..At 1:37 AM
Got some music from Eric Matyas. Made the cutscenes..It looks like it's done in MS Paint..It's kinda. xD
Made sfx and added it into game. I need 4 more level ideas..Also, i need to make tutorial textbox.
Just 2 hours..And i will be asleep.
Day 2 (Time remaining: 2d 0h 31m)
Decided to make an interactive tutoriel system!
Start of day 3 (7:30 AM for me, 1d 6h remaining)
So, i've made the whole interactive tutorial system, made 2 levels. Planning to do 2 more. As i will post the game today (I will be on travel the next day)
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Snail Man

GMCity Carnage
Featuring online highscores!

After bots overran Gamemaker City, President Playtech placed it under quarantine

They had to remove the bot threat once and for all.

One platoon of bots survived, and began advancing on the new GMUtopia.

The deceased moderating team from the old GMCity, awakened by moderatorial duty, are the only people (corpses) who can stop the bots from destroying the new GMUtopia!

Game made for the 1st GMC Jam on the new GMC forums in 72 hours.
Everything in this game is by Snail_Man

GMCarnage (working title)

00:15 into the jam: Progress so far: punny character names. Working on concept art, trying to decide the exact nature of the game

00:50 into the jam: Decided against second-guessing my preexisting idea at the last second, getting to work spriting placeholder graphics and working on the basic engine. Very concerned about my ability to produce good graphics in the limited amount of time I have

03:41 into the jam: Got some very basic framework stuff going. I'm going to first program in some basic enemies so I can get a feel for game balance. Then I'll start programming in special abilities and characters I suppose. Already worried about being able to finish.

Stay tuna'd for a character reveal: Next time! Now I'm gonna go eat breakfast...

06:46 into the jam: Took a break, did some shoring up of the gameplay concepts on paper. Now I'm going to think long and hard about how I'm going to manage art for this thing...

In the meantime, here's a character spoiler! (1/4)


09:29 into the jam: Sprited all the characters for gameplay. Luckily, only NAL (ShrapNAL) is unrecognizable! Hooray! (Sorry JackOatley, your name can't be made into a pun, so you didn't make the cut!)

I really need a plan, because right now I'm bouncing around from planning, to art, to engine without much structure. I suppose adding in the special character abilities ought to be my next priority, but I also really need a break, so we'll see where I get.


14:55 into the jam: Finally finished coding the superficial parts of all the characters. Here's Dancapitated (3/4)

17:25 into the jam: After a full day's work, I just finished the background, and am signing off for the night. I'm anticipating a half-day tomorrow, and I'm going to try to get all the enemies, the upgrade system, and get a few levels in. We'll see.

29:10 into the jam: Been programming in all the different enemy types. I'm very close to done, which means I should be able to start on weapon upgrades soon. I still need to do more art, and at least 10 levels, so I think I'm probably going to finish. The last character will be spoiled when I draw up the character-select portraits.
Gonna have luuuunch now

38:19 into the jam: Didn't get a lot done today. I'll try my best tomorrow

43:47 into the jam: I finished the upgrade system, added combos, and finished up spriting the enemies. Tomorrow I have a great deal to do, but I'm optimistic. I have an old music track in mind, so that's out of the way, and all the enemies are coded. I still need to add hives, mines, and remove the buggy walls. I can stay up as long as I want tomorrow, so it might be painful, but I should be able to finish.

57:55 into the jam:
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by @felixpf


Human destroyed everything on the earth, included themselves. You are going to re-create
living things.

I intended to make some AI, and watch the AI fight each-other, but I didn't finish the AI in time.
This version is for the Jam, I'll finish this game in my Steam Workshop later on.
For now, this game can be played with 2 Players.


Mouse Left/Right Click on a
Red or Purple Slime to set Player1/Player2

Left Mouse Button Click = Set Player 1
Right Mouse Button Click = Set Player 2

Player 1: WSAD = movement
Q/E = Fight

Player 2: IKJL = movement
U/O = Fight

Purple catch dandelion seed to upgrade;

Red hit Purple to upgrade;

Upgraded purple can shoot, but downgrades;

Sound effects are pre-made (from my previous games)
3rd party extension: Steady Delta Time​

All my DevLog is based on GMT+8, which means the Jam start at 8:00 PM in my country.
Day 1
8:25 PM
Just learned to use the new forum, a bit harder than GameMaker. Rip everybody.

8:50 PM
Still got no idea, as I hate to make another zombie-shooting game. Well, what a zombie is? a dead body yet still animates? so what is the definition of "dead"? an object with image_speed = 0?
I googled "game idea generator" and got this:
not sure if it helps...

8:59 PM
Nope, only ideas like "An indie game where you share jokes and you can control everyone in the game indirectly." none of those fit this topic. I'll try to use my own brain. btw, writing devlog is fun, but I have to write more code than this...

2:02 AM
Oops, I didn't how my Day 1 had passed, I already started my Day 2.
Listened to Undertale OST for a while, and this is all my progress for now:
I'll have to sleep before I can figure out what that thing is, and what it will be.

Wait, I got it, a mutant gel. Wow, what a good idea! That's it.

Sun Jul 31
11:06 PM

I drank too much coffee yesterday, and was unable to sleep, I was like a zombie all the day along.

I'm fine now, and I can start to do some sprites.

Uploaded a prototype;
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Lost The Bet
by Kepons

Take control of a horrible band of skeletons and jam as hard as you can!

Latest gif:

I have made this so far:

Some actual gameplay, but no way to lose yet.

Added a drummer and some stuff, game is done.
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🐧 *penguin noises*
GMC Elder
by Yal

You're an urban explorer, always looking for new derelict things to explore. But this time, you're in for something different as you stumble over a mystery...

Puzzling together the story about a secret facility as you go along, you need to figure out why everybody is dead. Explore lava temples, an artificial waterfall, a rusted seabase where machinery echoes between the narrow walls, a strange manmade cave, and a hedgemaze hiding a dark secret.

  • Horror without jumpscares!
  • Places to explore!
  • Follow 4 different narratives as you try to puzzle together what happened and why everybody is dead!
  • 30 hidden notes to collect!

64 hours left
Started making a game using my FPS engine. I've got a bunch of ideas.... the first of which is glowstick lamps. More cosmetic stuff to go... the game will basically be an exploration game without any real threats where you try to puzzle together where you are and how everybody died.
View attachment 1553

58 hours left
Not really getting much stuff done due to watching stuff with Tsuka, but I've made a lot of visual stuff like new textures, new terrain objects, water and lava surfaces, trees... also settled on a name, a premise, a gameplay objective and how to implement it. You'll explore an abandoned place, and your goal is to find all the notes with backstory info scattered around it to figure out what people all are dead and why. The game will display your current note completion percentage to lure players to keep going. There will be 7 distinct biomes to keep the game sort of varied.

37 hours left
Three of the biomes complete, currently putting the finishing touches to an artificial waterfall area. Was gonna sleep to recover, but I can't relax for some reason or another, so I'll slog on and try to get stuff done.

36 hours left
Did some mistakes like forgetting to put a player in a room. Tsk tsk. Got a new area all tiled up, though! :D

19 hours left
Finished adding collectibles! Time to update that counter to read 30/30 instead of 30/20...


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PLANET DRETH (Darn. Bethesda beat me to the name. Sorta.)
By Mocgames998

DOWNLOAD: (Click the arrow at the top of the window to download)

Oh yeah, mah devlog.
The game involves exploring a deserted planet. Everyone's gone. (And dead, 99% sure of it.)
Oh yeah, it's an open world platformer (I guess)

-(99%) Seamless audio loop points, direct in GameMaker Studio without any extensions, and with only one Ogg file for each song.
-Parallax Scrolling
-Variable friction.

-Pseudo room transitions
-Gamepad support
-Volume options (No complaining about high volume now guys!)
-AZERTY support (B&V switch X&Z)

Screenshots from development that are mostly identical to release: (So you don't have to dig through my devlog, kay?)

Da Devlog:
Day 0: (Pre-Jam things)
-Made some music for the game.
-Made some code that properly loops music at certain points.
Day 1: (Seems to be a glitch with spoilers for some reason.)
-Not yet, my dear son...
-Tweaked Sound looping slightly. Can now be used from one object.
However, using compressed streamed music will not work correctly with my technique.
-Got most platforming collisions working. (But no slopes) Also, variable friction and movement.
-Attempted to rotoscope the sprites. Maybe not the best idea for a jam.

-SLOPES! (Pretty Much)
7:33PM EST + 8:17PM
Most character animations finished. Platform collisions 99% done.
8:17 PM: Fixed variable friction, can no longer stop in midair without changing direction.
You can also do that jumping thing to continuously keep friction like mario, without pressing anything.
10:30 PM: Title Screen's done, and drops you off here:
Note: The actual resolution is 1024x768.
DAY 2:
12:04 AM: Yep, very early, right before going to bed. Oh yeah, parallax scrolling is in now:
Again, it's 1024x768, but shrunk here.
11:03 AM: You can now properly jump on slopes.
1:45 PM: Slope collisions are now better fit to tiles. Also, falling sprites, and more background effects.
8:34 PM: Specific background layers are now reserved for parallax, & the foreground. Room transitions are now in. However, going to different rooms while keeping the same looping sound system is pretty much impossible, so I also implemented multiple rooms within the same room. Also started to implement data pickups.
11:02 PM: Text boxes and data pickups have been implemented. The textbox also appears either above or below the data icon, depending on its height.
Also, more skreen-Ez:
I think I'm done for tonight. See you at DAY 3: DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY.
DAY 3:
2:00 PM: Added some more text, added a jump powerup to jump over a wall you're not supposed to at the beginning. (And edited jump physics to allow an "exploit" to get over that wall without the powerup ;) )
3:06 PM: Added bg details for the Lab area.
6:15 PM: There's now this monitor thing that tallies how many data boxes you've collected. You also need the jump powerup now to collect a few of the data boxes! :D
DAY "4:"
12:27 AM: Finished levels. Added SFX. Added ending. All 25 data boxes collectable. Cleaned up performance problems. Download's up.
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by Tselmek & zminusone sound

The Papers, Please of the Judgement Day

Day 1:
  • Basic idea sketched down
  • Main framework to pull data from ini files and stuff done
Day 2:
  • Lots of surface struggle over and stuff is now properly working
  • First couple of temporary graphics done (probably definitive though)
  • Base stamping mechanic done
Day 3:
  • Menu implemented
  • Story part added
  • Database filled up
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Nothing But Static
by zircher


First GMC Jam :)
Day One
0700 - Basic game design, something like StarCastle and Castle Panic. Not sure if turn based or real time. Enemies are post-apoc machine hoard composed of separate top and bottom with differing functions. Might play out on a hex grid with a tower/base in the center. Also worked on intro 'dialog'.
0800 - Snoopy demanded play time (in a very charming way.) Ran out of soda, derp. Time for a munchie run. Also using time to ponder game elements and how the player will attack/defend themselves.
0900 - Basic control scheme; 1-4 to select a weapon type, mouse to aim, LMB to attack, RMB to use defensively, five to use special powers like orbital strike if there is a thor-sat overhead. Game play will probably be endless waves with intermissions (story elements to re-enforce the theme, maybe a base buster boss.)
1000 - laid out basic hex grid and turning it into a background
1100 - added public domain photos to background
1200 - built custom cursors for the mouse
1300 - added the graphical elements, started working out the internal data structures I'll need for the game.
1400 - added context sensitive mouse cursor
1500 - finished hex grid tracking and highlighting
1600 - Late lunch and playing with the dogs (they really are tickled pink that I'm home today.) Pondering enemy types and how they'll navigate the grid. Not planning on using any pathing logic but on-the-fly decisions. There may be obstacles, but there won't be any permanent blocking terrain.
1700 - created an animated enemy tread base to test placement, created a multi-step ablative wall sprite and got it to auto-align with the base of the tower
1800 - added a script to spawn enemies that is aware of the forest edge, it speaks in grid coordinates so I can use existing functions to convert that back into XY coordinates.
1900 - added data structure to support up to 200 simultaneous enemies, updated mouse cursor logic to detect active targets, added animated 'spinning blades' top to the enemy, looks like a mob of angry lawn mowers
2000 - added a couple of more enemy types, no enemy control logic yet, brain slowing down, might be time for a break
Day Two
0600 - Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, and looking up, I noticed I was... well, damn earlier for me.
0700 - Got caught up on the forums. Made sure I could actually build an exe file (since I saw some folks were having issues.)
0800 - Researched GIF capturing techniques and got some good advice from folks on the forum.
0900 - Tested some basic movement/orientation ideas and found/fixed a top/bottom synchronization bug.
1000 - debugging enemy way point logic
1100 - and fixed, time to start working on having them destroy the tower now that they can find it :)
1200 - instance destruction issues, grrr
1300 - no joy, need a break
1400 - woot! Soloed some Axi fissure spy missions in Warframe and leveled up my Heliocore but go nothing done for the Jam
1500 - back to figuring out this collision/destruction/array thing
1600 - better, but some units refuse to die and wipe all the barriers, still that's progress
1700 - found one typo, but that wasn't the smoking gun
1800 - fun with debugging mode
1900 - Smack me with a brick, it was an object/instance thing where I thought I had six pools of health when I was really sharing one. Not the only glitch happening, but I need to resolve that before I can make progress.
2000 - gonna kill some stuff on Warframe to decompress before getting back to the code
Day Three
1200 - Sunday morning chores and lunch completed, time to solve that pesky health counter problem.
1300 - added more enemy sprites
1400 - fixing enemy control logic
1500 - enemy waves spawn correctly
1600 - added more GUI elements
1700 - adding intro scroll
1800 - added keyboard support for weapon selection
1900 - working on weapon systems
2000 - created sounds effects - BFXR is great!
2100 - adding SFX
2200 - adding weapon special effects
2300 - updated GUI and added game over condition
2400 - the game has hit a playable (and bug free state) WOOT!
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Undead Matador Deluxe
Decided that even thought A dead person's life sounds funny, a reference to alice in underland could be better
1:12- Decided to go "Why not both" with the title.
10:13- Too many ideas are a serious issue...
11:45- Would have liked to do it at 11:12 but whatever, after a good time it was decided that it will be a bird view game, some enemy sprites have been created

Skeleton/Lych Walk



Days later:
Changed the whole game once again, but hey at least now it's complete! the graphics are placeholders but whatever... so long it's playable
I had no idea what to name it, but whatever I'll just make a random name let's see... undead... matador...Undead Matador Deluxe... sounds good

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An apocalyptic catastrophe wiped out billions of humans.​

What a time to be alive... for a mutant, corpse-reanimating parasite.

Enter a corpse's foot and make your way up to its brain!

Google Drive | Gamejolt

21:00 : Before the theme was revealed I already thought of making a game that isn't too story-driven. A fun replayable arcade game was what I was looking forward to create. My initial idea was something about a gravedigger scavenging treasure from corpses while trying not to get caught, but I thought the graveyard premise was too predictable. So I went with something that's a bit wackier instead, and prototyped the basic movement and appearance of the "character".


00:35 : Reduced the length of the character by 1 part. Added things that run away from you. Worked on the controls a bit more.
03:00 : The artistic side of me hit me in the head and told me he doesn't like the direction where the look was going. He wanted the pixels to be more visible. So I scaled a lot of things down and added a surface for the player to keep that pixelated feel. I liked how it turned out.
13:00 : Took a long nap and did some chores. Back to work!
14:30 : Health and damage mechanic implemented. Still making the controls feel better.
15:20 : Switched my focus to graphics for a bit. Made character head, maggots, and floor.
16:15 : I tend to always work on the game feel even at the early stages of my games. This way I can secure that the game feels polished even though it still lacks most of the graphics. Added blood, hit animations, and other visual cues.
17:00 : I'm not a great programmer but I somehow managed to squeeze my brain for a simple procedural generation code.
21:15 : The other guy bugged me and said he was tired of seeing those placeholder walls. So I switched back to graphics mode a little bit and made the wall sprites and some other stuff.
23:55 : Added some HUD elements. The game felt a bit slow for me and I didn't like how it just feels like a chase-and-devour game. So I tweaked some things, and decided to go for a more fast-paced gameplay. That moment I thought why not make the game a bit bullet hell-ish. I liked the sound of that.

01:05 : I "cut-out" large groups of walls from the generated level to allow room for player movement. This introduced open areas; most projectile-based enemies would be placed there.
02:44 : Added the first projectile enemy. As expected, the game played very differently than it was before.
15:43 : The first thing I did after having breakfast was add graphics to the new enemy. I didn't stop there though; I also added in another greater shooting enemy.
17:55 : Implemented automatic difficulty scaling per level progression.
19:13 : Added a new enemy. This one shoots homing projectiles. Things left to do: final area, boss(?), main menu, and audio.
22:05 : Initially, bumping walls will damage you giving the game Snake-like mechanics; however, this felt frustrating when you're trying to conserve as much health as you can by avoiding bullets only to get KO'd by the walls. Not cool. So, I removed the wall-collision damage and introduced spiked walls instead. This kept the game focused on avoiding enemy bullets, taking cover, and then eating them. Hit a wall accidentally while slithering around cover? No problem; just watch out for spiked ones though. At the same, this would restrict the player from running around the walled areas mindlessly for an easy extended breather.
23:50 : Final area completed.


02:40 : Main menu background assets finished.
11:50 : Main menu made functional. Room transitions implemented.
13:00 : Final scene finished. Things left: audio.
14:45 : Bgm and sfx added.
15:45 : Made a decent playable build. I'm aware that the game restarts abruptly upon death, but if I still have some time I might update that plus a few other things.
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Going for something a little different.

Windscreen wipers not included!


Dev Dairy:
Day 1:
- Having been away for 10 days, it's evident I've forgot how to use a computer...
- Made name, made title. Done a little bit of the game graphics bits.
Day 2:
- Played with graphics a fair bit so far, basically all derived from photos, going to be emphasis on effects and movement. There is some gameplay, but it's a bit too simple to show off yet.
Day 3:
- Mostly procrastinated in true jam fashion. Also packing up stuff to move house so I haven't had much time to spare. Buuut, I'm happy with the look now, gameplay simple and works. Needs front end, score keeping, difficulty progression and SFX.
- It's not my most polished entry ever, but nor is it my worst. I'm quite satisfied with it! Download up! :)
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(name might change, a ton of changes already)
by DocNogloff

I'm finally done!


Gameplay video (you can watch this to help get through the game if you want)

I got a pretty weird idea, but still trying to think how much of it I can make within the jam time.
I won't invest too much in a fancy devlog though, so expect only simple updates.

End of Friday: It's well over midnight, and there's no gameplay yet. But I got the looks of some important parts of the game polished, and the music for the most part is done, so yeah. Couldn't have done a lot since I only had like 2 hours of actual time (wasted 1 hour on a scrapped idea)

Let's hope Saturday will bring more speedy progress.

Saturday progress: Ok, some graphics were more polished, added sprites for items that will be used in gameplay. Graves can now be moved around. Not realistic, I know but who cares, plus it makes the puzzle mechanics of the game more flexible. Gravestone text reading is now a thing, too. I might be able to squeeze some jokes in them.

Hopefully this game will turn out to be a reasonably interesting puzzle.

Sunday progress: Saturday was really productive, I managed to squeeze a lot of core gameplay elements in, and this morning I finished the gameplay. Now all that's left is to design 4 levels ( don't have time for more, sorry), add music, a help screen, and a title screen. That's that! I'll be on vacation on monday, so this will be my last day in the jam, unfortunately. But I think I can get it done.
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Time Travel is Hard
by Guadalcanal
Download from Dropbox!

Music is "Crypto" by Kevin MacLeod

Originally I had plans for a much better storyline... and pretty much a better everything. Considering my massive lack of talent I am satisfied with the artwork. I tried to tune the difficulty of the game but it might be a little bit on the easy side. I figured that was better than the alternative. Happy to have competed in my first Game Jam! It can only get better from here ;)

Day 1: (All times PST) [Jam started at 3 AM for me]
06:30 - Woke up and started programming and thinking about a storyline
09:30-16:00 - Had other stuff going
16:00-00:00 - Mostly art and some sporadic programming
Day 2:
10:00 - Late start, knocked out a lot of art and finalized my storyline
13:00 - Started working on some of the actual game
19:00 - Finally starting to come together a tiny bit
22:00 - Feeling bad looking at everyone else's epic looking games
Day 3
14:00 - Got started again
15:20 - Found a bug because I mixed up the sign for Y values for the third time...
00:30 - FINISHED

Gamejam Screen 1.png
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My My My, Charon-a
by Electros

Day 4:
-Right, think that's enough of this silliness - the basic mechanics work, no sound but time to upload.

Day 3:
-Ok, real life got in the way today, will see what else I can get done tonight & early tomorrow. Creating a bunch of corpsed soldiers seems to be the main achievement today.

-Putting together a title screen, probably need to get round to the score / transporting the dead part.

Day 2:

-Added boat wake. Perhaps lipstick on a pig somewhat, but every little helps!

-Character movement, level and flotsam in the river being built

-Brainstorming over:
Chosen idea :
-You play Charon, ferrying all the dead souls across the Acheron after a battle

Scrapped ideas:
-Holy angel, saving souls
-Nuclear war aftermath - you play a cockroach (called Bob)
-Saint at the gates of heaven, who to admit through?
-Only colonists ship to leave earth before destruction, must reach new world
-End of the universe, must jump start the next big bang
-Program a droid to replace humans

Day 1:
-Phase 1: brainstorming


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By Simon Milfred (aka Bless Hay Gaming)​

Development Log
Day 1: I have fleshed out the idea and made the introductory story-animation. I have also set up some of the behind-the-scenes structure for the game, and designed my main character:
No animations yet and no actual gameplay, but I do not feel totally left behind!
Day 2: Plenty of things I still need done, but it's getting there :)
Day 3: Almost done! Just need to do one more thing, and then I will upload. Next time I update this post is with a download link ;)

Edit: Which is now :D
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Territory Earth

Brought to you by Wraithious


have theme Idea and startroom pic, Starting on this new game in 3...2...1...NOW!

Got most of the graphics done, most of the objects are loaded, programming and additions in progress, taking. Beak for dinner lol

Game engine complete, storyline complete, working on text display, menu, sound, adding weaponry and character morphing transition

Allmost done!! 17 hours of programming today, minor things left to do and adjust, then test and upload the game!!
was thrown back an hour while making some graphics and encountered the new blue screen of death, you know the one, DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION what a pain that thing is :(

I'm tired, see you guys tomorrow!

My project is finished!!! what a gruling 50-60 hrs that was but I'm psyched!!! hope you guys enjoy it!!
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Title.png by
by miner7365

Day 1:
Devlog 1: Made the base sprite for the main character and i'm now messing around trying to get movement to work. 2:00 P.M
Devlog 2: Working on Jumping, basically was scrambling around for a hour trying to make it work until i relized my mistake. 4:00 P.M
Devlog 3: I think i finally got a handle on the jumping, idk, but i'm just going to work on it a bit more, then i'll get to work on other stuff 6:00 P.M
Devlog 4: Basically all i did was a bunch of art, i got the jumping mechanic under control and things should be going good from this point on. 8:00 P.M
Devlog 5: got the menu set up and a background for the first scene of the game, as you can see above. 10:00 P.M
Day 2:
Devlog 1: sorry for not updating this, i forgot since it's bascially crunch time for me, i'm trying to fix bugs right now and it's hell, i'll update when i'm done. 4:30 P.M
Devlog 2: got the box bug done, going to work on adding two more base mechanics 5:30 P.M
Devlog 3: Almost got all the sprites done, feeling like it's crunch time so it might be awhile until another update. 6:20 P.M
Devlog 4: got a door, pressure plate mechanic up.... Had to scrap the vine mechanic due to time constraints, and i'm going to be working on some levels now, i hope everything doesn't blow up in my face. 7:00P.M
Day 3:
Devlog 1: Basically the bug with the boxes popped up again but i fixed it.... so i'm going to focus on adding the levels and polishing up the game. 2:40 P.M
Devlog 2: Forgot to update this the entire day.... but it is done, you can go play it if you wish, i'm setting up a gamejolt page for it...
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Grim Reaper's Last Job

(click on image to download)
by @Ehrgeiz and @Mortalo

1. Project created using my template (note to self - add global initialization, room initialization and local variables initialization scripts to template, cause instead of making hero walk I was making that behind the scenes stuff already done in other projects).
2. Wall object added.
3. Hero is moving, is colliding with walls ( :bash:), falls down ( :eek:, yeah, that's awesome :D).
4. Yup, no time to devlog...

Ok, here comes our (@Ehrgeiz's and mine) entry: shiny link. Not enough time to make levels, so only three easy one, and no music :( We didn't had as much time as we would like. I hope you will like it, though :)
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By trg601

This game is a remake of WHEN THEY COME, which was my first ever GMCJam entry! (Gmcjam #10)

Aliens are invading earth, and everyone is pretty much screwed because the aliens are invincible killing machines. Is there any hope?

~ Download "When They Come" (Zip file)
~ Download "When They Come 2.exe" (Executable file)

Other downloads: (If those don't work, or you want to download the original game)

Time is all in CT (Central time)
Started late, thought the jam started at 7pm instead of 7am.
I'm doing this one all by myself, which is not normal for me, so I will have to make some graphics.
I decided to remake my first every jam game, since (spoiler) everyone dies in the end.
Graphics take time! And they don't even look that good...
Started coding, finally, I made some basic movement, and a few simple special effects.
Created an alien enemy, which is kinda creepy looking:

I have an enemy attack, which is actually kinda crazy, but I like it, so I hope it is fun.
Coded in the enemy attack, and added health (for the player, the alien is still immortal XD)
Made a death animation, so the player can actually die, but the player clearly doesn't want to die:

Added some sound effects into the game, and one background music piece.
I made another human character, which has one small purpose.
Added an acid pit level, with some simple sfx for the acid bubbles.
I'm not sure if I am going to be able to get as far as I want to with this game, but that's the jam I guess.
Working on a powered-up player, their power is a little overpowered, and not in the easy-to-kill-things way, but in the way-to-hard-to-control way.
Okay, I nerfed the attack, but now I'm finding balancing the difficulty and fun very hard.
Added in a few more levels, and a lovely tractor beam to get sucked into.
Made the final boss level, and an epic end/credits thing.
Making a menu, and tweaking a few things, but after that I think I'm done!
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Noalle's Ark
by shadowspear1
A post-apocalyptic survival game about reverting the apocalypse. Fight to defend your base as the last human alive, and cleanse as many of the afflicted as you can in order to aid you and your cause.

========== DOWNLOAD HERE: ==========

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

Taking a break in town
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Super duper devlog:
Day one:
12:00 - Enough time wasting, let's start!

13:14 - I'm going to reuse a little bit of engine code from another 3D game I was making (raytracing, terrain, model loader, and physics), please don't murder meee!

18:58 - I did some models and textures and a basic draft level design!

Day two:
11:52 - Made the first weapon viewmodel!

13:36 - Energy shotgun and ghost thingies I guess!

14:56 - Optimized my vector math and collisions so now each shot doesn't lag the game!

15:45 - Improved particles and recoil, time to make some kind of AI and health system!

Day three:
1:38 - Made basic enemy stuff and began adding a spawner class.

17:44 - Did general bugfixes and optimizations and made a couple new enemies and other changes. I'll start finishing up the game soon.

23:58 - Created a new world and did some work on score and death related stuff

Day four (technically):
2:08 - I'm gonna stop here and upload what I have. It's missing a little but I'm going to faint and not submit at all at this rate if I continue any longer. I've pretty much worked 3 days straight with very little sleep or water. I'm getting sick, even...
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GMC Historian
Maybe I'll do a devblog this time...

(Note, my timezone is Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)



12:30. Woke up

Stumped on theme.


6:50. Finally came up with idea. I'll do a single-room platform adventure. I wonder if I can get a graphics person...

Had to run errands for the next few hours :(


9:00. Finally got around to making engine. So much easier using one room!

lol. Forgot


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They are all DEAD, Unless....
by RustyShadow

This is a collaborative game. Work together with other players to solve for the passcode! You are only given 3 random letters of the 10 letter passcode, and every other player is also given 3 random letters.

Use this forum to share the letters you have:

(HINT: Each letter is only used once in the passcode)
Day of Submission:
Made a MAJOR pivot in the game design yesterday when I decided that what I was originally creating was not the style of game I wanted to make. And it would have taken FOREVER.
This new version is much simpler and I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think!

40 hours left - First Update:
----Early concept of the main player limping along.

---My wife snagged a picture of me while I was programming at a coffee shop. The name of the coffee shop will remain a mystery. Please disregard the coffee cup hint in the corner. :)

---Concept of the main character that my wife kindly drew. She is wayyyyyy better at artsy stuff than I am!

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Um, do we have to reserve a spot? In any case, I'm reserving it anyway, to be wise.

Okay, so I'm adding another upload. The first file (uploaded 5 minutes before the deadine) has a memory leak issue. It also causes models to draw over everything and never clear from memory forcing the player to manually restart when they die on certain levels.
So I uploaded a new version. You can play the ^ original version ^ submitted before the deadline, in the spoiler tags, or you can play the late one that doesn't have a memory leak, \/ here. \/

Still can't decide what the name is of it yet.

--- EDIT --

Devlog from here.

Day 1 - Brainstorm. Think of about 30 different games, work on none of them, sit and let them simmer.
Here is a list if you care to read.
Killing game - too predictable.
Game where you blow everything up - too predictable.
So I though of a FPS game where you run around from ghosts. Easy to code, because the enemies don't
have wall collisions.
Therapist suggested to me a game where it is the apocalypse, and the goal of the game is to walk around and do nothing
for 1 minute, then die. Told me to just ignore all the bad comments this game idea of his would inevitably get.
Told him it wouldn't work, just too boring.

Started planning for the FPS game, you play as a ghost trying to possess people and get them to commit suicide, had to summon Jesus to turn ghosts into pigs,
then changed it to a Buddhist game where you have to mediate and escape your ego...
an Illuminati pyramid that went around spawning ghosts but the map gave me a headache.
Search for new ideas...

Cecil's as Cecil the lion come back from the dead...Guns are banned, leaving citizens defenseless, only to throw stones.

Or, game inspired by Carnivores Cityscape.

Family suggested a maze game in an Aztec pyramid...
Or murder mystery type game, mafia vs. serial killer. vs. randoms.

Or titanic would be too big

Or a game where you bump everybody off to collect their insurance...but as soon as you do so you become the target.

Decided on a game wher you have an AK 47 and you have to kill every One, but leave 0's and 2's and abc's alive.
Map should be like gridpaper reminesct of old tank games.
Then cancelled that idea.

Or a helicopter rescue game where you save people with IR goggles and have set time to rescue people.
Day 2 - Discarded every single idea from day 1 and started from scratch. Ended up making this fps thingy where the world was taken over by certain corporate entities and robots. Went to sleep, had a dream. Dream was a game about an oil town blowing up, mom saved me and was rescued by 4 handsome men.
Thought I should convert my dream into a game, escape the town before it blows up.
I was very close to making this game but decided the game had no structure compared to the game I already had going.
Here is some concept art from that game:
View attachment 1759 View attachment 1760 View attachment 1761

Day 3 - Crunch time. Ran into some bios battery is old and my date was off, GM STUDIO discarded my license keys and refused to open the program without an internet connectiion...Like obi wan kenobi vs. darth maul in the force shields, I took the time to make the best of a pickle and draw more high quality graphics for my game.
Had 5 hours before midnight and luckily GM STUDIO free has all the features....otherwise I would have been screwed...I forgot my old studio license email...I bow and am on my knees to Yoyogames for making GM STUDIO have all the good features in Free...

Long story short, I uploaded my game and it had some bugs in it...fixed the bugs but version 6 has some lighting issues, that is the version included in the Zip I think.
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[01/08/2016 - 01:59] Made some half-ass music in LMMS for the game (apologize in advance for the quality). It's late, so I'm going to wrap up the entry. If I have the time, tomorrow morning I'll try to add some voice overs for the intro (the last thing I really wanted to put in the game), but I won't make any promises.

[01/08/2016 - 00:03] Officially the only thing missing is audio! Now comes the hard part....

[31/07/2016 - 23:46] Finished making the highscore persistent!! About the mechanical keyboard: it's really cool, but I'm going to have to get used to it since it is on US layout, and I'm used to Portuguese keyboards

[31/07/2016 - 23:22] Back from going out and eager to try out my new mechanical keyboard :D nothing better to try it out than programming the last bit of my game

[31/07/2016 - 13:41] Only three things missing now! Persist the highscores, create an instruction screen and audio!

[31/07/2016 - 13:22] Ok, lunch is over and a few more tweaks are in! Enemies now increase their speed as well, and I've adjusted the different spawn ratio.

[31/07/2016 - 12:48] Higshcore, dynamic difficulty and some other tweaks done! Just a few more tweaks and it'll be finished, then it's full-on audio focus.

[31/07/2016 - 12:04] Finished the core gameplay for the God mode xDD Going to start working on the highscore system.

[31/07/2016 - 11:50] Back to the Jam, let's see if I can make it on time! Going to begin working on the God Mode gameplay

[31/07/2016 - 00:45] Tweaked a few things, intend to finish it up tomorrow without any major problem, since this is a simple entry (haven't used GM for actual game dev in a while).

[31/07/2016 - 00:33] Finished the bare core of the first game mode gameplay,


[30/07/2016 - 23:45] Started structuring the actual game screen, so far I have this:


[30/07/2016 - 22:33] Got back to Jamming! Changed the Easter Egg a bit, to something more meaningfull

[30/07/2016 - 20:43]
Worked a bit on the graphics and actual game mechanics, but now I'm gonna stop for a few hours to rest my head.

[30/07/2016 - 19:58] Finished the look on the Main Menu! Even added a little easter egg :p

[30/07/2016 - 19:18] Came back from dinner. Time to start working on the main screen

[30/07/2016 - 19:04] Finished the game logo!

[30/07/2016 - 18:43]
After a small break I'm going to start working on the game's logo, for the main screen.

[30/07/2016 - 18:31]
The intro sequence is finally done! Bad quality gif:

[30/07/2016 - 17:04] Halfway through the intro! Taking a bit longer than what I thought it would, but I think it's coming on reasonably ok.

[30/07/2016 - 15:56] Going to restart working on my Jam entry!

[30/07/2016 - 02:38] Prepared the first sprite for the intro screen:

Going to sleep for now since I'm very tired... will keep at it later today.

[30/07/2016 - 01:59]
Finished writing the intro text for my entry! The intro is:
In a world of ever-growing technology...
People start isolating themselves more and more...
Which leads to a deteoration of the heart...
Because unity and love is what keeps us alive.
People stop caring and slowly fade away into oblivion.
Feelings wither and people begin to die inside.
The world as we know it is dead, and only you have the power to revive it!

(intro subject to change)

All times GMT +01:00
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(cannot. resist. jam. joining.)
Now to come up with something...
12:39am EDT
Dynamic Music system has nearly KILLED SpiceIDE... lol!
Sounds... TERRIBLE! *hangs head in shame!*
8:04pm EDT
Screw dynamic - use old tune I made last year - add sfx to it
Finished design - really simple, really lame. Make it art - make it poetry - make it... obtuse and personal... starting work soon!
10:40pm EDT
First room is done, and 1/2 player controls. Music is done. Writing is 1% finished. I hate it!
Humorous first glimpse:

(there goes Aura... lol!)

12:45am EDT
Bad poetry is bad. LOL! Almost done with it... I wonder if it's spooky enough? Everyone is dead, so who cares?... Coming along too slowly - coffee break now - go faster later!
"The Wiseman On The Mountain Laughs
as the foolish below him fall,
he has always known
all are equal in death!"

4:09am EDT
This has got to be THE DARKEST I have ever gone!... it feels - bad, man. The text is done, the backgrounds are done, the controls are done, music is done, objects are 50% completed, just have to work on the puzzles next - lol!
Here is a screenie for all:

Man, am I bushed!

4:59pm EDT
My tummy's upset and I feel tired. I need some more sleep... can't think of puzzles and a 2D walking simulator isn't what I had in mind... nap time. :(

10:01pm EDT
Less than 10 hours to go. Feeling depressed about jam. Got Player sprite done... looks bad, lol!

03:15am EDT
Everything is coming together badly... the puzzle game portion had to be cut down bad. As it is, I'm having trouble with the board-set up... ARHGGHHH! I'm running on coffee now - I guess I shouldn't have taken that 5 hour nap. :(

6:10am EDT
I had to make do with the puzzle aspect... it's not all good, but it works. Now I must make th PDF Dox to go with it. So so tired... it's as good (bad) as it's gonna get. I learned alot tho...

7:00am EDT
Done! Whew! I'll never do that again! At least I made all the assets for the Jam by hand, as well as not using any scripts or code I made bfore! Ah, well... Now to upload and prepare to be laughed at! Time for more coffee and maybe some morning pie!
Good luck all!

some people may find the content in this experiment disturbing. Player discretion is advised.

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by Shadow_Lancer and Shameless


Screenshot -

Devlog - Day 1
Entry 1: Brainstormed for a bit. Came up with Ghost Butler...
Entry 2: Basic Stuffs added and such...
Entry 3: Shameless drew a whole bunch of stuff.
Devlog - Day 2
Entry 1: Shameless slept a lot...
Entry 2: Actually made the game work for the most part...
Entry 3: Drew up a bunch more things...

Should actually be able to finish the game...
Devlog - Day 3
Entry 1: Working on day 3 really sucked... so much more that could have been done.
Entry 2: Super rushed finish mode! 7 mins to spare!

Old Screenshots

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My Dragon Pal
by Zodaris


Log 1

Spent all day on art, and I'm very slow at that. The cottage above is my best work for this game so far. The dragon below is super ugly. And all the townsfolk are stick figures. Yay.
Log 2
Got most of the basic functionality in there! You can officially burn down all the buildings and peasants! I think it's coming together well.
Log 3
Finally finished it! Got the beginning and ending made, put in a timer so you know how fast you destroyed everything, and put in sound and music. Also added a couple little touches. Enjoy!
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Welcome to Page 2 of the Games Topic!


Bugs involving the boss, some enemies... bleh.

Controls: Return is your start button thing, 'X' is Fire, Cursors move you about. Holding fire locks your aim in the direction you are facing.

Some debug keys are still active. Ignore those. :p Oh and 'C' switches between authentic CRT filter and cheapass simple scanline effect.

It's not great but hey it's a sorta-finished-cept-for-some-bugs project by me! After 14 years or so of Game Maker usage... Oh and I ran out of time for the player death sequence and restart point so that's very basic. Sorry.

Some of the graphics were done by me years ago (player sprite, bug enemy, some tiles) and modified to fit this aesthetic. Sounds and ditties done in Arkos Tracker for the Amstrad/Speccy authentic AY sound (my first time using it so be kind :p )

I'd like to do an improved version of this game later on and add back in all the stuff I had to leave out due to time or delete cos it wasn't working. I enjoyed making it... I didn't enjoy my anxiety levels being abused like crazy in the final hour though.
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