GMC Jam Discussion The Post-Apocalyptic GMC Jam #1 Discussion Thread

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I'm not as organized as @Alice, so I can't set up a notification system, but follow the topic of the first OSG Jam and I'll post there the next one! :)
Thanks! I've been checking the GMC Jam, waiting for a mention of GMC Jam #2, and thought I missed something. Also, this specific game jam was mentioned by Mark Alexander in the YoYoGames Tech Blog. Congrats rui.rosario


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The discussion topic for the next Jam will be when it's due. Probably around 2 weeks before the Jam starts, give or take a day or two. Better not launch the hype train too early or it'll derail (plus the themes are yet to be collected).

In the meantime, I sorted out the first GMC Jam in the hall of fame/archive topic. You can read up on it here. A ZIP of whichever games I managed to download is also there. If anyone has any of the missing entries, I'd be grateful for uploading it somewhere and giving a link, maybe?

Furthermore, I started making a Jam statistics JSON, linked here. Basically, a nicely formatted collection of essential Jam data (entries, votes, etc.) ready for further processing for your data science needs. So far only Jam #1 is available, but it'll be updated as I keep adding other Jams as well. If there's some data you need that is not available there, please tell.
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