The Pool Room

here is my first physics based game and i thought why not try a pool game. the rules are simple there isnt any. Play as you normally play pool, by YOUR rules.

UPDATED VERSION now includes a sandbox table editor which allows you to lay out the table as you desire.

The game is downloadable at

please try the game and tell me any feedback you guys have.
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looks cool. only thing I see is are the balls stripes and solids?
This is based on a standard UK pool table which features reds and yellows and not the american stripes and spots.

its something i could look into but i thought in a 2d game sometimes it might be too hard to determine a stripe from a spot.
Introducing version 0.2. Following on from the "play your way" theme im happy to introduce a sandbox editing mode that lets you lay out the table as you wish and also create trick shots if you feel the desire.



You can add cue animation based on power. I do not know much about pool, so I do not know what to add more, but it looks nice. Maybe more tables and cue customization.