Discussion The PM Penpal Thread



(This is the revival of a similarly titled thread from the old GMC by @Yal!)

Making games is serious biz and a massive task to take on your own, but who said you had to spend all the time hacking away in the basement? There's a lot of people like you out there, so why don't take the chance to meet some new people, and maybe make some new friends? This topic is made just for that! Tell the world you'd like to meet some new people, or find someone interesting in the list and start spamming them with PMs! :3 Sure, you'll not make friends with everyone on the first try... but you certainly won't make any new friends if you don't try!

Rules & Guidelines:

  • All actual discussion should be done via PMs, posts that don't cohere to this will be removed. Posts made in this topic are basically done to tell people you want them to PM you.
  • You may make only one post per person in this topic where you describe yourself, what sort of people you'd like to meet, and so on. When you feel like the post has aged, or that you don't have time or energy to meet any new people, please edit your post to erase the content or report it and request deletion.
  • Be careful about sharing personal information such as your real-life identity, age, or location with people you don't know - people can misuse it. In particular, don't include personal information in your post in this topic . (Photos is acceptable if you feel like it, but remember that this isn't primarily a dating site and your looks are irrelevant)
  • This topic is not for team requests, it's for meeting new friends. Posts that are too "business-oriented" will be removed. Sure, nothing is stopping you from making a game with your new friends after you get to know them, but this topic isn't just another way to find personal slaves for your next big project.
  • When taking contact with people, display common decency and don't treat people in ways you'd not like to be treated yourself. You're here to make friends, not enemies.
  • Nobody should make you feel uncomfortable. If you get PMs from someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, harasses you or similar, be aware that you can add them to your ignore list by going to their profile and clicking on the Ignore option. You can block PMs from that person completely. If you get seriously offended (such as sexual harassment or being told to kill yourself), you should do a report on the user and quote the offences in the report.

If you can't figure out how to send somebody a PM here, go to their profile >> Information tab >> Interact section >> Start a Conversation.