The Pine64 PinePhone - Pretty Cool Device!

Samuel Venable

Time Killer

The full list of OS's currently supported here:

Ubuntu Touch is currently the most stable OS to go with. The only thing that doesn't work with any PinePhone OS is the camera due to the software side not being able to communicate with the hardware side (I'm just guessing). The manual has VERY tiny text so you might need your reading glasses or a microscope to read it lel. But yeah, I haven't tried the calling or text because I still need to get a SIM card, so no comments I can make on that right now other than other people have gotten it to work from what I've read on the internets. On android you'd normally root your phone, on iOS jailbreak, or in either case void your warranty. The PinePhone allows you to install from quite a selection of Linux based operating systems running ARM64 architecture, and due to the nature of it not being able to run AMD64 executables sadly no support for GameMaker Studio exported games with the Ubuntu Module. They simply won't run. Thus why I put this in the off topic discussion.

Be sure to remove the plastic tab from the battery or you'll have problems and think it's broken. I uploaded a backup of a version i found of KDE neon plasma mobile that was published today, and it's a lot more stable than the first time I tried plasma mobile, I'd say roughly almost as stable as Ubuntu Touch, which is surprising. The only problem i had is the on screen keyboard was refusing to come up but i hope that it temporary as i have very low battery life and that very well could be why. Here's the backup of that stable image if you ever get a PinePhone or test on a VM:

UBports Ubuntu Touch (#1 best in stability - based on an outdated version of Ubuntu)
KDE neon Plasma Mobile (Specifically the one from the google drive link above ONLY)

NOT recommanded:
Manjaro Mobile Plasma Mobile (Plasma Store overheat. Almost bricked my PinePhone)
I haven't tried any other ones but a dud version of neon that was broken, so be careful

Get a PinePhone, but beware, they get out of stock quicker than you can say Yabba Dabba Doo Doo !!!

With Qt you can create an HTML5 container app for the PinePhone, that way you can mimic a native app using the HTML5 export module.
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