Released The Pathfinding/Puzzle game : OneWayy


OneWayy (with two Y because OneWay was already taken :() is a pathfinding game available on iOS and Android. It's pretty simple, the algorithm generates a level, and you need to solve it. You must only go once on each cell and fill the whole grid in order to complete a level. Just swipe to move your little ball and fill everything !


Some screenshots :

1242x2688_Bleu.png 1242x2688_Vert.png

Solving level 936 :

Test it out by yourself (link will redirect you directly to the store) :
If you are on your computer, just type OneWayy in Google Play or App Store and you'll find it.

Google Play link

If you like the game and/or want to help me, consider leaving a feedback on the store and sharing with your friends, compete and see who can solve the more levels ?

Every feedback is welcome, being here or in PM.
Thank you :)
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