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    Jun 26, 2019
    The Lost Artifact

    Genre: Roguelike
    Version: Game Maker 8.1

    This is a very retro looking game, you can think on this as an attemp to make a Roguelike but avoiding the rude gameplay of some of these turn-based games. Turns flow really quickly here. It's more like an action game.

    There are many obstacles as you can imagine: enemies, doors, altered states, traps. But also items, spells and shops are there to help in your adventure. Making a quick & fun gameplay was the focus and my main intention here.
    Graphics are quite outdated, so it's on you if you accept that. While I didn't put to much effort into technical aspects, I focused on fun and quick gameplay.

    As soon as it starts, go into the door and stand a second, then main scenaries are generated.
    Inside, look for a guy in order to buy spells. 2 pieces of gold needed.
    Press F1 => more help.


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