Free The Living Box (First finished game)



Hey guys! I had a lot of projects that I never finished, but I learned some things from it and finally made my first game! :)

Download link :

It is called "The Living Box" where you are a little box that has awesome power: It can swap between 2 WORLDS to reach goal. The story is not very important but it is there :) It's made to be a bit difficult but some levels are just too easy xD

It contains:
  • Changing between 2 WORLDS
  • 20 very difficult levels
  • Funny "story"
  • Traps and a lot more!
It is of course free to play!

Don't give up easy every level can be finished! If you are standing in front of any block you cannot swap between worlds! More levels are maybe coming in future updates!

Try it and let me know what you think! :)

TheLivingBox.gif TheLivingBox.png TheLivingBox2.png

Andrew Tidey

Yeah, liked the mechanic, the third level is pretty brutal if you fall near the end haha


Nice, I like it.
Kind of Super Meat Boy feel, with the hardcore difficulty too ^^
Got to level 7 or 8 (actual level, not counting story rooms).

Actually, I think it's not that difficult, but some controls feel a bit clunky and you feel like it's the reason you fail.
Also I don't like the very small jump height :( but it's personal i guess.

Nice work overall, congrats !

Oh and yes, it could have an easier level 3 to curve the difficulty smoothly !